Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 1 Chapter 67

Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 67 Another Invitation

With midnight approaching, the trio finally broke off. Though, Yue did cast a pitiable look towards Nik's thighs, she still sighed and rowed her boat towards the palace, while, Nik and Karna moved towards their boat before promptly leaving the valley.

"So? How was it? Have I been a good master?"

Nik asked while chuckling, to which, Karna did smile cheerfully.

"Yeah... though, I had my misgivings. But, it was a good experience. I couldn't have ever imagined that you could move water in such a manner."

"Told you..."

Nik shrugged with a smile. Now, Nik motioned her to place the wooden pedals back on the boat before standing up and grinning at Karna.

"Let me repay you the favour of showing such an awesome sight that day."

"You mean?"

Karna frowned, but a sliver of expectation rose within her consciousness.

Even though Nik wasn't a proficient water bender, he still recalled the sight of Karna's moves, how it came so natural to her, how she easily conveyed her thoughts to the river by moving her body in an absolutely tantalizing manner...

Taking a deep breath, Nik let his energy convert into the elemental energy before the numerous slivers of elemental energy revolved within his body, actively connecting with the river beneath the surface of the boat.

'Like this...'

Nik thought as he slowly extended his hands while raising a huge patch of water, making Karna hold onto the edges of the boat.

"Nik, stop that! It might be dangerous!"

Karna immediately bit her lips and snuffed away the sliver of excitement slowly growing within her heart and spoke anxiously.


His eyes opened, a beautiful violet splendor exposed to her vision as a calm smile made his answer clear.

"Call me master."


Karna could her the shrill air as the boat was instantly raised while a huge wave of water was created, attracting the attention of other water benders training in the area.

But the wave did not stand still, after all, to control such a huge volume of element, even Nik's energy was hard-pressed and he immediately kicked up, though, his actions might not be as practiced as Karna, he still continued controlling the water from his own understanding and the basic training.

Alas, their trip was once again cut short, Karna was forced to return to reality as the waves soon died down and a harsh shout broke her out of her thoughts.

"KARNA! What do you think, you are doing?!"

Karna visibly felt distressed while Nik couldn't help but frown, too.

Is it that terrible to bend water in the water tribe?!

In front of the duo, Pakku stood with a furious expression as he gazed at Karna with unveiled hostility, disregarding the fact that she was his own daughter.

"Ehm... master? I was the one moving the boat..." Nik took a deep breath before a disturbing expression soon emerged over his own face, "So... WHAT THE HELL?!"

If Pakku's rage only garnered fear, then Nik's outburst attracted the stunned gazes of many... and by many, it meant, all of the water benders present.

"W- what?"

With a huge position comes a huge ego and Pakku's ego failed to comprehend the sudden outburst. Was it him that Nik was shouting at?

Was it him that Nik was looking with an angry expression at?

Pakku, speechless for a moment, tried to process everything, before a vein popped over his balding head, an expression of calm cold slowly taking a cover of his face as he spoke up.

"What did you say?"

Now, there were quite a lot of options through which Nik could convince Pakku to stop bothering him and his new disciple Pakku's daughter so that he could bond with her happily and teach her the art of bending thighs... water.

He could either beat the living shit out of him, cause he was capable of performing that feat, or he could try and be understanding, or he could simply take over the tribe and take charge... but, none of them were long term plan, not even taking over the tribe, after all, he was due to return in seven months.

So, Nik simply utilised his remaining elemental energy coursing throughout his body and controlled yet another huge volume of water before molding it into a shape of a huge wave with its concave side facing towards Pakku and his remaining disciples Nik's senior apprentice brothers.

"I said... WHAT THE HELL?!"

A grim look appeared on Pakku's face as he turned and faced the already pale Karna before looking back at Nik, a hesitant expression finally emerged on his face.

"You... you were the one moving the boat?"

With a twitch of his lips, Nik looked back at the huge wave and then smiled at Pakku.

"Do you see anyone else with a huge wave behind his back?"

The situation came to a standstill once again.

"I see."

Pakku nodded naturally and slammed his foot on the ground, almost immediately, the control of the wave was easily snatched up by Pakku as he gazed at Nik calmly.

"Think of this as another lesson, when bending a huge volume of water, your control is equally diluted, which makes it quite an easy task to counter your attack."

He paused before looking at Karna and a brief hesitation took root within his eyes, yet, he continued nonetheless.

"It is due to this reason we continue moving small volumes of water and even keep on spiralling the contents so that our control is not bested so easily."

With his hands extended, the huge wave of water slowly descended as Pakku eyed Nik with a cold light.

"And understand my words, even if it is not against the rule to bend the water of the separation stream, it is not taken kindly by other waterbenders.

I expect you to be punctual tomorrow morning, you may leave."

Under Nik's narrowed eyes, Pakku slowly stepped back and continued teaching his other students.

"Let's go..."

Nik sighed and recollected his thoughts as he sat down with a grumble... there was no point in continuing and stretching the argument and Nik did feel quite embarrassed that he let his mood get ruined and let himself get controlled by his emotions other than l.u.s.t.

The remaining journey was completed in silence as Nik stood up from the boat before taking the rope and jumped towards the river edge, pulling the rope and bringing the boat closer.

"Well... at least, we did have a good time with Yue... we meet here again at dusk?"

Nik looked at Karna, who nodded with a bit of hesitation as they both started walking towards the mess with a bit of a tension around them. Honestly, they both did feel that they were growing closer, all the more when Nik actually copied Karna's own moves and wormed the wave.

Just like Nik, she felt quite enthralled by Nik, the glint in his eyes and a beautiful smile while kicking up the wave.

But all had to fall back due to her father's interruption.

Even as composed she was when it came to such sensible situations, Karna couldn't help but curse her father's actions. It would be a lie if she wasn't interested in Nik.

He was good looking, his strength and talents were apparent at a single glance and unlike the guys of her tribe, he didn't actually wish to restrict her freedom when it comes to bending.

Although, despite his open-mindedness, there was another glint in his eyes whenever his gaze trailed over Karna's body.

Something common with other guys of her tribe, and honestly, she couldn't blame him either.

As a grown woman, she herself held interest towards the opposite genders, but just the thought of having her hopes of waterbending snuffed out put a stop in her attempts to get close to any guy.


"Hey, Nik."


He immediately grunted out, causing her to roll her eyes as she continued.

"What happened yesterday... that didn't seem normal at all..."

She gazed at Nik with a frown and eyes burning with curiosity, but Nik simply smiled and shrugged.

"Why don't you visit once again to find out, disciple?"

"No thanks!"

Karna immediately replied, though, the tension around then did lessen quite a bit, allowing Karna to recall a few important... bits of last night.