Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 1 Chapter 68

Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 68 Trouble

"Hmmm! Hnnngh!"

Muffled, bawdy m.o.a.ns rang within the heartwarming igloo as Nik and Pavka continued with their, what they liked to call Enlightenment Session as the combination of their fragrance slowly spread across the area.

Her body tilted, Nik positioned his knees to let his body intersect Pavka's, akin to a scissor while supporting her left leg over his shoulders.

His c.o.c.k struck deep within her, continuously pushing the soft bulge above her crotch as his left hand gently caressed her cheek, his thumb playing with her lips before sticking at the corner of her mouth and pulling her cheeks.

Her h.i.p.s bucked wildly while a thin trail of off-white spunk could be seen emerging from her back door and spilling on the bedsheet, despite her efforts to keep all of his nutritional nectar inside her body.

Yes, after continuing for more than ten days, Nik finally found another fact about his body which kind of allowed him to connect the dots on how Azula and Pavka actually 'grew' wild after multiple sessions.

His s.e.m.e.n was medically nutritious.

It was a cold hard fact that Nik couldn't deny anymore. This conclusion was even more apparent when Pavka's lightning of purity not only stung like a bitch, but also healed and suppressed the tiredness of the muscles, acting as a temporary relief agent.

"Ohh! Dee hnngh!"

Before Pavka could even whisper her needs, Nik pounded right within her wet p.u.s.s.y, making her face roll back. This position allowed them to easily connect with each other to their full extent and as much Nik liked to enter her perfectly molded interiors, he did feel quite frustrated with the slow development with his disciple and the perverted princess, who had touched most parts of his body, but still denied him the chance to return the favour.

Deep pumps followed by Pavka's body squirming against his shaft pointed out that they both were already nearing their orgasms. Nik returned his attention to Pavka, his body bent downwards as he supported her back while bringing her face closer to take her lips into a fervent kiss.

His c.o.c.k throbbed, sending massive waves of pleasure that no other spirit is capable of feeling while he perfectly glove-like p.u.s.s.y clamped down, preparing for the white nectar and keeping it within herself until all of the energy is digested.


"Hey! You were way too rough!"

Pavka pouted as she laid on Nik's chest while giving him an aggrieved look. Softly ruffling her dazzling golden hair, Nik smiled apologetically.

"Yeah, forgive me... I kinda lost myself for a bit."

Pavka shook her head and let her right cheek nuzzle against his chest while she wrapped her arms around his back.

"Still... frustrated?"

"I know I shouldn't be. There is no reason to force them, too... but yes, still frustrated."


Suddenly, Pavka raised her forehead before smashing it on his chest, albeit, playfully, but Nik could then see a soft mark on her forehead, making him wonder if their sessions also changed her mentality.

"Student! Where is your previous vigor?! What happened to my passionate student who straightened that rotten bimbo of a princess?!"

She hissed while scrunching her nose, not the least bit affected by the fact that their relationship had already passed the stage of Teacher and Student gaining enlightenment to two passionate couples enjoying each other's touch.

"W- you alright?"

Nik frowned and rubbed her forehead, to which, Pavka shook her head intensely!

"Hey! Focus! That Yue won't be purring over your laps if she wasn't the least bit interested and my grand student would have smacked the living shit out of you if she, too, didn't have some feelings for you!

So man up!

If they are afraid to take the next step, then what are you here for?!

They may have pussies, but what about the pride of your balls?!"

Her voice rose to higher note while her expression seemed filled with conviction and self-righteousness, all the while leaving Nik speechless at how her vocabulary was turning into... Ball's pride?

What the heck?!

It didn't take long for him to get ready, after all, Pavka had quite a habit to clean his shaft after their session, in her interpretation I don't like wasting anything beneficial!

Thud Thud Thud

Rough knocks passed through the ice-glass door as a gruff voice attracted Nik's and Pavka's attention.


"Nik Faran, it's FBI! Open Up!" Author's Joke, don't bother


"Nik, the Chieftain requests your audience!"

While the word request failed to present its expression due to the commanding tone, Nik still planted a swift kiss on Pavka's forehead before walking up the door, which failed to brighten up under the morning sun and Nik soon knew the reason of this anomaly.


When Nik's eyes traced past her face, he easily recalled the broad-shouldered Amazonian woman one of the beast masters while the sight of the pale and frightened Karna was something he didn't like to see first thing in the morning.

Recollecting his bearings, Nik looked at the woman who was two heads taller than himself with arms thicker than his thighs... truly an exotic beauty, sadly, she didn't match with Nik's tastes, making him sigh ruefully.

"Lord BeastMaster, good morning."

Nik bowed politely then nodded at Karna with a smile, who still didn't show any visible sign of growing comfortable to the situation while the Cat-Seal Leader only raised an eyebrow at the response while nodding without any expression.

"Good Morning to you, too. Now, let's not make Chieftain wait any longer."

She placed her large right hand over his shoulder, just like how her left hand clasped around Karna, who was looking at Nik apologetically.

"I suppose, we won't be informed of what's going on?"

Nik questioned while feeling the pressure of her hand pushing him alongside towards the ordinary wooden boat as the Amazonian shook her head in response.

"You got balls... I'll give you that." The moment she spoke, Pavka snorted within his mind while Karna's expression grew even more ugly and apologetic.

"Well... just hope that you can get an exception... that's the best-case scenario."

While there was definitely no need to become pompous at the moment and show his true strength, Nik did feel quite uncomfortable being pushed around like that... but still, he kept his composure. He still didn't have an inflated ego that would get affected by getting treated in such a manner.

Keeping his polite smile, Nik sat close to Karna and smiled at her before inching closer and placing his hand over her hand while remaining silent the entire way as the Amazonian created cat-seals made of water that pushed the boat towards the palace.