Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 1 Chapter 7

Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 7 Partners


Nik nodded and agreed readily while he looked at Sayako and Souko sitting in front of him. Even though their bodies laid buck n.a.k.e.d, their sombre expression prevented Nik to have any strange thoughts.

"In fact... I really wanna go now! But... I want you at your peak condition..."

With her eyes set ablaze, Souko muttered while marvelling Nik's n.a.k.e.d form herself. Even when limp, she is one of the biggest she had placed her lips upon.

Meanwhile, Sayako rubbed her forehead and sighed out loud.

"Alright, Nik, you can stay here tonight. But remember, nor to disturb me. I have an important exam tomorrow.

Either way, you be sure that I find you at your temporary stay during your evening, or else..."

Sayako wished to threaten but soon found how her own behaviour was getting twisted due to all the frustration building up within her and the fact that she actually didn't hold any leverage to threaten Nik. But still, Nik smiled and responded.

"Miss Sayako, I appreciate the kindness received from the family. The last thing I want to do is to upset you after your examination.

I hope that you clear them with flying colours."

Stunned at his response... a soft blush formed on her pale-white cheeks as she stood up, causing her b.r.e.a.s.ts to jiggle while Nik heard a soft whisper.

"Just Sayako is fine..."

As Sayako went back to studying, the intensely gazing Souko and the silent Nik that kept on gazing at her bare body created an awkward tension around them.

"Can I get something to eat?"

He finally asked out as the sudden rumble from his stomach attracted both of their attention.


'Unlike others, I am still not extremely strong. Sure, I can beat up a couple of normies, but what good would that do. With my enhanced stats as for successfully initiating with the inheritance of the Incubus Society, my stamina was raised. But with that slight raise in my physique and structure, the need for nutrients also grew exponentially.

Only now am I realising that while I can restore my stamina quicker than others, this form of energy needs to be transformed from the energy received by my body through food and other sources of intake.'

Deep in his thoughts, Nik clenched his fist as he gulped when a delicious scent whispered through his nose.

'But this isn't so bad either...'

Looking up, his gaze fell on Sayako's and Souko's beautiful butts as their n.a.k.e.d front remained covered in a light blue apron while their hands didn't stop moving. Spices seemed to be flowing through their hands as with each successive motion, the delicious scent only grew stronger.

God, how much he wished he could taste those amazing butts alongside the food. But having already gone through one of the customers with such very taste, Nik could assure that the experience is extremely terrible. Since the prerequisite of a delicious meal is the spices and ingredients, the said spices may cause itchiness on the crotch if one gave an oral treatment to their partner without their mouth finally diluted off the said spices.

"It smells delicious, Sayako, Souko-san."

Munching on the cookies they placed for the meantime, Nik's praises flew nonstop while Souko simply shrugged.

"You should see Mama's cooking! She is a legend. You know, one time, we saw her cooking while"

Before she could complete, Nik saw Sayako stepping on Souko's foot as she suddenly yelped in pain, but her complaints immediately died down when she felt Sayako's stare.

"While she was having s.e.x?"

Nik asked out as both of them flinched. Shrugging at their response, Nik decided to ease some of their tension.

"Well, Souko-san, do you remember that I still have some stories that I wished to share back then, right?"

"Ah! That's right!"

Easily riled up by adventurous stories, Souko immediately snapped while she kept an eye on the pan.

"Alright, this story takes place in my hometown before I was born. It's a story about a special inn at the redlight district near our town."

"A redlight district?"

Sayako questioned while slightly looking back as Nik nodded and continued.

"Back in my hometown, people crave for special experiences. Slowly, the ever-popular trend of exotic preferences finally led to the rise of a specific hotel that presented... slightly younger girls, barely legal in our law, to let customer experience their v.i.r.g.i.n butt."

Hearing till here, both of them raised their eyebrows in surprise. Even if they both had orgies, it is only in rare circ.u.mstances that they would allow someone to sample their anus. After all, that particular part is extremely sensitive and emotional for a woman, especially a v.i.r.g.i.n.

In fact, before actually accessing the butthole, the couples need to make extensive preparation by extended lubing alongside the use of plastic toys and even special cleaning soap to make the experience all the more desirable. Of course, by now, Sayako and Souko had butts that could suck a man's soul out.

"Soon, the word spread and almost all the men of the city went there to sample a hole for themselves and the results, as you expect, were satisfactory. Those little girls boasted anus far better than any noble harlot of the wealthiest p.r.o.s.t.i.t.u.t.e house. They could take up men of any size and shape while providing the best possible experience until a man named Brian Longia applied to sample a v.i.r.g.i.n butt for himself after getting tired of his wife's incessant nagging.

Prevailing from one of the better households, the man applied for a beautiful and pricey woman.

But the moment the man entered, a strange scream erupted from the room."


Sayako muttered as she surprisingly flipped the dish expertly and continued cooking.

"Yes." Nik smiled and then revealed the crux of the situation.

"It was later found out that this particular inn took 'exotic' training to another level as they recruited barely legal members that had nothing other than their anuses to offer. Of course, the condition was to have a face so beautiful and a body so soft that it could put any woman to shame."

This time, both of them were surprised and turned back with incredulous expression plastered on their face.

"Yes, the man who applied for the better experience actually became the client of his own son. So, of course, the situation got awkward."

Nik chuckled as he couldn't help but imagine what would the man had gone through after that. He could imagine seeing the man becoming the customer of his own daughter, but to apply to f.u.c.k his own son... that's bound to sting.


A surprised murmur escaped Souko's lips as she finally served the fried rice. The colourful vegetables decorated the dish as the brown rice gave off a dazzling hue that made Nik gulp even further.

Meanwhile, Sayako still wasn't finished, something that irritated her further.

"Hey, Nik. Not to invade into your privacy, you seem awfully experienced in pleasing the opposite gender? Got a bit of your own story to share?"

Sitting opposite to him, Souko wiped her hand off of her apron before smiling and picking another can of beer. Truly, it didn't seem that she would get drunk soon enough.

"Not to brag *chomp* but, back in my hometown *nom* *nom*, many women asked... *gulp* even begged to have me sleep with them for one night."

He smiled as he a breathed in the food without any wastage. Each and every vegetable enhanced the taste of the rice that itself was covered in the spices and well-cooked. His cheeks bulged as he had a bit of trouble gulping down the food before he took a moment from speaking and thumped his chest.

"So you are..."

Souko didn't complete her words while even Sayako sighed.

Nodding, Nik gave a brilliant smile.

"Yes, I am a male p.r.o.s.t.i.t.u.t.e. Born and raised into the redlight district of my hometown."


'It was truly funny... to see Sayako complain about her lack of cooking skill... pfft'

While rubbing his full stomach, Nik thought back at how Sayako left with a frustrated expression to complete her syllabus while Souko simply shrugged and cooked more for him.

'Well, I am a bit thankful that they decided to go easy on me. After all, even if my stamina is raised... it doesn't mean that I can keep going all night... not without a source of nourishment, at least.'

As he thought, he recalled the strange rumours about the true lords that governed the Incubus Society.

'It is said that their stamina is even greater than a true nascent lord while only setting their foundation... but the path of cultivation has long ceased to exist. Even the strange ruins only introduced me to this system.'

"Check partners."

[Megumi Amano

Mitsuko Souma

Kurumi Souma]

Looking at the holographic screen, his gaze lingered on Megumi's name for a moment before he decided to sleep. He severely needed to rest, at least, for a few hours.

1 Day passed, a total of three partners obtained.


"Back here again, huh..."

A beautiful, raven-haired woman with a slender build and curvaceous h.i.p.s looked at the mirror as her body remained covered in a snow-white dress while her hair was tied up and a white gauze covered her head.

Her honey-gold eyes glimmered with a strange sense of anticipation as her gloved hands slowly cupped her own cheeks before she lowered her gaze.

"But... what if its the same. What if... there is no one waiting for me on the stand?"

Kurumi muttered. Her face didn't look so young at the moment and she held the same charm her mother used to have. A gentle aura circled around her body as the lonely Kurumi shivered for a moment.

This dream... or nightmare, was something she was already used to. She knew that the moment she left this beautifully decorated dressing room, what awaited her wasn't a gentle environment of happiness and warmth waiting to congratulate her.

It was a hell filled with cravings of flesh that would strip her n.a.k.e.d before using her as a toy...

Taking a deep breath, Kurumi tried calming herself.

"This is all a dream..."

Whispering to herself, she slowly walked out with the sole hope that someone would wait for her on the other side of the door. That someone would hold her close, gently kiss her and claim her with a beautiful ring that could outshine a brilliant star.

With her shivering hand placed on the doorknob, Kurumi finally opened the door as her eyes widened in surprise.

Her gaze fell on rows of men and women seated together in beautiful dresses while the interior looked comparable to a church. The carefully polished wooden pillars and walls attracted her attention before she looked to her side, only to find her mother, dressed in a beautiful purple gown as she didn't seem to have aged at all.

Her hands interlocked with her own as the duo mother and daughter slowly walked up to the aisle where, Souko and Sayako waited for them in the same violet dress. Their grin held untold meanings as Souko's wink surprisingly managed to embarrass her.

But before she stepped on the aisle, the guest started to vanish while her own family disappeared while still smiling at yer encouragingly. The surroundings turned pure white as the man supposed to be her spouse stood in a black suit with his back towards her face.

A calm voice echoed from his side that managed to shake her heart.

"I have heard a lot of things about you, Kurumi... you aren't the type of girl that can attain happiness and satisfaction of getting a family."

'I know!'

"No man can trust you... so..."

As Kurumi sighed and waited for the same rejection she has faced for many nightmares, the man finally turned back as his handsome face held a huge grin.

"So... wanna be a s.l.u.t together?"

Stunned, Kurumi looked at the extended hand before her thoughts swirled.

'Wait... isn't he Nik? What is going on? He is accepting me? Laughable! It's a dream, right?!


Kurumi fell silent before she suddenly slapped herself and even then, the pain failed to wake her up.

'It's real?... Maybe... all of that... all of that hooking up was a bad dream... is this real?

If it is... then let me relish someone important in my life for a change...'

Taking his hands, Kurumi found her surroundings blur before a screen appeared in front of her.

[Partnership accepted.]