Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 1 Chapter 71

Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 71 Possibility Of Group Enlightenment

"Um..." Yue gulped while looking at the panicked faces of her tribesmen as they rushed towards the gradually crackling palace with a hesitant expression. Right now, Yue and Nik were standing outside Pakku's house as Karna was having a small talk with her mother.

"What did you mean by changing our position?"

She finally found the courage needed to ask the question who just... destroyed the top 5 strongest members of the tribe. Even though she did feel a bit sad for them, deep down she also felt quite guilty that she simply did not place the tribe that much within her heart even when it provided her with shelter and food.

Smiling, Nik gazed at Yue's hesitant expression before looking her up and down with a deep invasive gaze that almost made her hide her face.

"Of course, by that, I mean that from now on, I'll be the one sleeping on your laps, or touch your stomach or poke at your n.i.p.p.l.es.

I recall that you enjoyed doing the last part to me a lot, right?"

Nik smiled as he crossed the distance between the duo and just like Karna, brought her into an ardent kiss. By now, the outer layer of the tribe was almost empty and there was no-one to witness the sight of their princess' first kiss stolen.


Yue immediately struggled, her hands fell on his broad chest, wanting to push him away, yet, his hands tightly wrapped around her waist while keeping her into a tight embrace, even when Yue had tilted her head backwards, Nik only had one option push further!

Her helpless tongue was already getting ravaged by Nik's masterful technique while his tight hold over her waist created a different feeling... a new feeling.


"What... what's going on?"

Kanna, Karna's mother, looked at Karna with a bewildered expression as she saw Karna placing Pakku down using thick tendrils of water.

"Karna You shouldn't"

"I read your diary, Mom." Karna suddenly spoke up as Kanna immediately paled and staggered backwards.

"You wished to leave the tribe, yet stayed back for Dad, even when you knew that it would only serve to limit your future... a week ago... no, a day ago, I might not have agreed with you." Karna sighed and smiled at her mother cheerfully, "But I think, I kind of understand your decision."

"So just like you wrote in your diary, I am willing to be a bit restrained by... oh what the hell, I ain't gonna call him my master..."

Karna muttered thoughtfully while Kanna wasn't sure what was happening.

"Hmm... well, mom, I do feel happy that my future doesn't lie in the tribe. Sorry for not being able to support you during your old age..."

Karna's eyes flashed sadly, her gaze swept past Pakku and she was definitely sure that her father and mother were better off without her. At least, without her, Kanna wouldn't have to live under Pakku's constant pressure.


"Can we really leave? Just like that?"

Karna raised an eyebrow as the trio hurriedly moved towards the titanic gates of ice that covered the tribe.

"Well...". Nik trailed his voice before sighing. "We either leave now, or stay and fight those five off... even though they might not harm you guys, but I don't like unnecessary troubles."

Nim flashed a smile while Yue exclaimed.

"They aren't?"

Eying her carefully, Nik couldn't help but explain with a somewhat strange sigh.

"I just threw some huge chunks of ice on the top waterbenders of the tribe... they are definitely hurt due to the element of surprise, but dead? That would be a negatory."

In a few minutes, Nik had already craved out a short path within the huge wall and easily escaped the tribe, something, which left him with a slight feeling of loss.

"Now that we are out... what next?"

Karna and Yue were already huddled together with a few bags around them as Nik kept on controlling the water beneath the surface of the boat.

"Have you guys ever seen a destroyer? The huge sh.i.p.s created by the Fire Nation?"


They replied simultaneously, creating a sweet yet strange voice that induced Nik to make a mental note on... enlightening them together once he gets the chance.

"Hmm... I see. Well then, I guess today's your lucky day.

Not only will we break into the destroyer, but we will also seize it for ourselves!"

He proclaimed as a huge wave slowly raised their boat, as if to portray his excitement.

"I hate to break your bubble, Nik, but how are we supposed to do that?"

Karna sighed and stood up, moving in the same pattern as Nik as the waves only grew higher, a small smile of excitement soon plastered on her lips as Yue started to dread her future along with these two.

"Hmm... I have... another disciple, waiting for enlightenment within the Destroyer... you guys may know her as the Fire Princess."

Before the expression of shock could settle on their faces, Nik shrugged and continued.

"Of course, Azula being my disciple, usually refers to me as master... and sometimes, even give me the position of her father by referring to me daddy during our session of enlightenment."

This time, Karna was almost sure what Nik meant. How he did it, she didn't know, but what she did know was...

"Nik... you're a sc.u.m!"

She hissed with a red face while even Yue simply looked at the expansive ocean with glittering eyes and a flushed face.

"Of the highest calibre!"

Nik nodded with a grin. Somehow, he just felt that this was right! Taking away beauties from a heavily guarded place not only brought a feeling of extreme satisfaction, but also made him want to take care and spoil the duo exotic beauties further and further.

It was at this time, Karna suddenly recalled something.

"Wait, didn't you say that you were beaten by the Fire Goons?"

Nik nodded in affirmation.


"Then, how?"

Shrugging, Nik replied calmly.

"I just took the revenge on the whole nation by converting their Princess... I think, if they beat me a few more times, I'll still be satisfied with the result."

This time, Karna really didn't know how to reply. She was caught speechless, but the feeling of openly bending the water overshadowed such awkward encounter as Nik soon lead the duo to the destroyer with excitement filling his veins!

He was way too eager... to enlighten them together...

'I must find a way to convince Pavka to show herself... that way, it would be even better!'

He strengthened his resolve to add the legal loli in a physical display of passion.