Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 1 Chapter 72

Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 72 Open Minded Princess

"Laughable! You believe him?!"

Zuko roared in indignation, his pupils lit in blazing fury while even Iroh couldn't cover his discontent.

"Yes, I believe him, more so than believing in a trash's spy. If Nik said that Brian was the one who attacked Bhiman then it is true.

Now then."

Azula frowned and looked at the kneeling Zhao with cold rage that wished to burn him alive, soak him in water to save him and them burn him once again.

"Moon Spirit? Fulfilling the Nation's destiny?! You moron, did the research of 'Push and Pull' wave past your impregnable forehead?!"

She didn't even show any concern for his status as his slight had been too 'large' to be left unpunished. Even Iroh had to suppress his own discontentment before Azula did something permanent.

"Azula... instead of wasting our time on things that can be dealt with later... how about we try and stabilise the situation? And our guests..."

Iroh's voice lingered in the small chamber while Zhao simply kept his head down, his body covered in cold sweat while he could still feel Azula's unnerving glare on his back.

"I don't need your help any longer. I'll deal with this matter on my own. Now then, Fire Lord has asked you to cover your part of the deal.

With Zuko allowed to enter the Fire Capital, you are to return to Ba Sing Se and complete the nation's conquest."

"But the Avatar"

Zuko gritted his teeth only for Azula to look towards him with calm indifference.

"Or, I can slay you alongside Avatar. I don't have the patience to indulge a trash for a single second longer."

Azula snorted coldly as she stood up, but before she left, she immediately extended her left arm and shot out a bolt of lightning towards Zhao.


Iroh wished to step forward and save the insufferable fool, but emerged a step too late, with lightning already running amok within Zhao's body as his innards were scorched.

"Now... this does put a smile on my face."

Azula smirked as she looked at Zhao's body spasming, barely holding onto the thread of life as she walked out of the room. Even Zuko felt completely horrified by her actions. He knew she was crazy... but this was on an entirely new level.

"Uncle... she"

"Not a word, Zuko." Iroh cut him off with a stern express as under Zuko's shocked eyes, Iroh placed his hand on Zhao's body before a weak bolt of lightning shot out of his other hand.


"I did as you asked me to... but I really wished that you don't cause so much trouble..."

Azula whispered softly as she immediately positioned herself and gently sat on Nik's laps with a satisfied expression on her face. Almost instantly, she could feel his flaccid, yet, large c.o.c.k against her butt, making her want to grind against him further.

"Oh? You are asking me to cause fewer troubles... really? You?"

Nik smirked, his hands easily coiling around her abdomen, pulling her into a soft embrace while his lips grazed past her left cheek, making her smile warmly.

"Of course, not... but, it would be better if you don't cause many troubles just for sake of some lowly water tribe women..."

Her smile transitioned into a pout as she averted her face to the opposite direction, resisting Nik's touch.

"Oh? You know... even if you say that, I can easily smell Mai in the room... so that means, you don't have a problem with other girls, but other nations, correct?"

"Of course." Azula stated with confidence. "The women of Fire Nation are fair-skinned, supple and well-proportioned!"

She raised her voice while shifting her h.i.p.s, as if to prove her theory, she even started to move her soft butt against his crotch with a savage expression slowly growing over her face.

"Hmmm... well... let's not discriminate others based on color, shall we?"

Nik smiled wryly as he gently placed his lips against her neck, taking a deep whiff, filling his senses with Azula's scent as his hot breaths slowly caused Azula to return to her previous state to have her needs 'scratched'.

"I know you can already see Pavka's name... aren't you the least bit curious?"

Nik suddenly spoke out, his hands immediately turned up and seized her ample bosom. With her armour stripped, the soft and warm cloth covering her b.r.e.a.s.ts only simulated the duo.

"Not in the slightest. Isn't it natural for a man to have many women?

It would be demeaning to my title as the most talented Fire Bender to ever bed the man who can't even score other girls...

But for sure, hnngh! the numbers need to rise."

Letting one of his hands to finally break Azula's pretense, Nik turned her face through her chin before engaging in a passionate kiss as her arms flexibly turned back and latched onto the back of his neck, pulling his face further.

With her lips already seized, Nik's hands immediately unclothed the beautiful princess, leaving her black pants on and only sliding them down by a small margin alongside her loincloth like private cloth, revealing her soaked assets.

M.o.a.ning into his lips, Azula immediately struggled out of his hold before breaking their kiss for a short moment and turning her body while gazing into Nik's eyes seriously.

"So... you will increase your number, right?"

"Most definitely."

Grinning, Azula asked no further. Immediately pulling down Nik's pants, Azula still kept hers while she immediately placed his rock hard c.o.c.k against the entrance of her p.u.s.s.y. It would've been hard had Nik not supported her back while she gently rotated her h.i.p.s while spreading her entrance and rubbing her inner slit against his almost bursting c.o.c.k.

Most probably, she would have fallen on the ground, but what kind of man Nik would be if he couldn't even control and lead the scene?

With one hand on her back, supporting her posture and the other one grabbing her right butt cheek harshly, squeezing it within his palms while slowly pulling her towards him, slowly entering her slit, Nik enjoyed every single moment and touch of her wet exterior.

No lubrication was needed, no discussions were required, bringing his hand behind her back towards the nape of her neck, Nik gently pulled her face into an ardent kiss as his c.o.c.k pierced deep into the familiar, extremely hot p.u.s.s.y.

Azula's eyes immediately grew hazy, dazed with no sense as she immediately clamped against his c.o.c.k and let out a masterful squeal within his mouth while her entire body twitched and trembled.

She immediately came the moment Nik had thrusted deep within her, her arms hung around his neck loosely while Azula relished the dominating hold of her ass cheek that didn't grow weak even when she came.

God she loved it!

Instead of making Nik move, Azula simply wished to remain in this position forever, within Nik's arms. But she also needed to milk her man. Not only for the purpose of her growth, but also to assert her own right as her mate.

She immediately started to grind her h.i.p.s while twisting her butt, sending waves of pleasure to Nik's stationary c.o.c.k as her insides wrapped and twirled around his c.o.c.k, squeezing the gentle curve of his c.o.c.k as much as she could.

Taking a breather, Nik immediately moved his h.i.p.s back slightly before pistoning further!


A mindless m.o.a.n shook the room as Nik's mouth descended, taking care of Azula's nubile n.i.p.p.l.es while he let go of her ass cheek for a moment before smacking her butt harshly, the sound ringing across the entire room.

"You are one nasty princess!"

He hissed while immediately turning his body and pushing Azula down, his body large enough to cover her own body like a blanket while her legs still remained straddled over his waist, not willing to let him go.

Smirking, a lascivious glint soon appeared within Nik's eyes as each pump within Azula's impossibly warm p.u.s.s.y only brought carnal pleasure to the duo.