Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 1 Chapter 73

Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 73 Increased World Root


The word Woah didn't even begin to express Nik's surprise.

Nik's jaws failed to close up as he looked at the restrained Mai with her eyes blindfolded and instead of restraining her mid-air, her x-shaped body remained restricted by elastic ropes bounded against the wooden pillars of the bed.

A black gag ball forced her mouth open while her slender body was forced to dress scantily while the remaining exposure of her body only increased her s.e.x.u.a.lity way above what her nubile form could present.

While Nik admitted that he did feel that Azula might have gone a bit overboard, he simply had to learn to accept that Azula is somewhat crazy. After all, if Azula is open-minded enough to accept his act of having many women around him, he felt that he needed to reciprocate the gesture.

Sighing as he turned towards the loosely robed Azula, he smiled wryly.

"So? Had a lot of fun, didn't you?"

Tiptoeing towards Nik, Azula simply landed a kiss on his cheek before whispering softly.

"I just thought that after peeking at us for so long... letting her go back to Zuko is quite a waste... after all, he is a trash."

Emphasizing the word trash Azula continued, "So, I took it upon myself to train an honest personality out of Mai."

"Honest personality, you say..."

Nik wondered aloud as his gaze fell of Mai while he felt his brother getting excited all over again. Since he wasn't properly clothed, with a crimson robe hanging through his shoulder, the slowly bulging c.o.c.k was fully exposed, eliciting Azula's hand to stand behind Nik while wrapping her hand around his waist and giving soft strokes to the general that would soon unite the four Elemental nation Little Dragon the title Azula bequeathed upon his capital D.

"Ready for another round?"

Nik asked with raised eyebrows, to which, a sore expression touched Azula's face.

"I wish... but even when I know that I have grown powerful... there is still a limit on how much I can keep on going.

In fact, it still hurts a bit..."

She trailed her words with a sad sigh. Never has she felt so helpless. While her mind was far from feeling satisfied, her physical body was already c.u.m.m.i.n.g wonders after a whole night of action. Even the act of walking posed a bit of difficulty.

"Yeah... well, you are just too hot..."

Nik smiled and placed his palms above her hands while tightening her hold around his body.

"That's quite a compliment..."

Just like that, the duo ignored the spasming Mai. Nik, now, didn't have the heart to stop Azula... after all, despite how wrong it looked like, she was doing this for him, at least, this what she said, but deep down, Nik also felt that she wished to take her frustration s.e.x.u.a.l one, for not being able to continue on Mai.

And for that, Nik won't stop her. He was nothing more than an acquaintance with Mai. Sure, she was beautiful and if given a proper situation, Nik would take her in a heartbeat, but the fact remained that his relationship with Azula was more intimate.

Issuing a silent prayer for Mai as he looked at Azula taking out a rather disturbing dildo, Nik moved out of the room, dressed himself and made his way towards his students. It was time for an actual session of enlightenment.


Nik couldn't help but chuckle internally as he felt his steps growing quicker.

This morning, Zuko and Iroh were forced to leave the destroyer while Azula also sent her envoy once again to initiate a contract with the Water Tribe.

According to the water tribe, one of their own Nik had attacked the tribe, meanwhile, he made Azula describe the attack under Brian's name. Since he wasn't here, Nik fully intended to use his name to reduce trouble.

And with his disappearance, there was no one to refute.

With that said, the water tribe didn't have any problems with the envoy of the fire nation, in fact, due to their own palace collapsing, the tribe was already quite de-spirited and an agreement under Azula's name was soon established.

With this, even though temporarily, the Fire Lord could direct his complete attention towards the Earth Kingdom and with the addition of one of the most powerful Generals of the Fire Nation Iroh the world was soon going to experience a major shift in power.

And due to Nik's contribution for such major changes, he himself received quite a bit of source this morning.

[You have altered the record by 7.4%

World Root: 7.7/100%]


"Look! Isn't this wonderful!"

Holding a metal pipe in her hand with a reverent expression, Yue looked at Karna with focused intent while pushing the pipe towards her face.

"Calm down already!"

Karna glared while snatching the pipe from Yue's hands, "It's just a pipe! No need to claim it a divine object!"

Frowning while placing her thumb and index finger on her chin, Yue gazed at the rest of the room with a ponderous expression, her pupils waving left and right and finding anything that could attract her interest.

Seeing Yue in this state AGAIN Karna groaned in frustration. She now really wished to deal with Nik's shamelessness than to bear Yue's wondrous ignorance.


"It's just a candle! Heck, we had these stuff in the tribe, too!"

Karna screamed while throwing a pillow at Yue's face, smashing towards Yue with a muffled 'oomph' as she fell back on her bed.

"Ugh... what was that for?!"

Yue shouted as she sat up with a groan.

Giving her a sidelong glance, Karna simply snorted.

"Just trying to fix your screws."

Yue frowned and then picked the pillow in her hands.

"This is so soft, spongy and yet firm... heavenly indeed..."

Seeing the same spark growing in her eyes once again, Karna was ready to unleash a flurry of pillow strikes only for Nik to enter. His slightly longer hair swiped back while his stubble shaved neatly. Seeing him in the armour-like clothes in the colour scheme of blackred and a bit of gold, Karna couldn't help but exclaim internally while Yue's gaze turned towards Nik, the glint in her eyes growing further as she nodded in approval.

"Heavenly indeed." was all she had to offer.