Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 1 Chapter 74

Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 74 Bending The Waterbender 1

Nik smiled and entered the room while looking at the lightly dressed bodies of Karna and Yue. Since this world has just stepped towards the era of industrialisation, the advancement of fashion was still quite far.

While Nik would definitely relish the sight of Yue and Karna in a short, translucent lingeries, the sight of bandage-like blue cloth wrapped around their bosom while they were in some sort of weird position did look extremely enticing.

Now that Nik was given a chance, Karna's lean and mean frame was finally exposed. The lines of muscle across her thighs running up to her abdomen while extending to soft, yet, firm abdominal frame, Nik couldn't help but take a deep breath.

"Anything wrong?"

Karna asked with an overly sweet voice as a vein popped over her forehead, making Yue retreat with a fearful look.

"Well... if I have to mention..." Nik looked up and down her body, measuring every single curve of her carefully crafted body and gulped, "There is still a need for me to"

Nik immediately tilted his neck as a pillow shrilled past him while Karna was looking at him while covering her ample bosom using her left hand, a deep flush enchanting her face accordingly.

"There is a need for you to? To do what? Hmm?"

She asked out loud, not a single semblance of her previous cheerfulness remained as she glared at Nik with an exasperated expression.

"Look, Nik, you are a sweet boy... but"

No giving Karna any chance to say anything, Nik crossed the distance between the two held her by the shoulder, staring into Karna's eyes extremely seriously.

"Karna... you have already taken my... ehm... not-so-first kiss... you have to take responsibility for that!"


A kiss cut short Karna's surprise. While they did have a moment back at the tribe, Karna wasn't actually that willing to jump in a relationship just after leaving the tribe. Alas, Nik wasn't willing to consider any of her hesitations. If there was a small chance to bend... ehm... take her, he would immediately choose it.

His hands slid across her lean arms, holding her hand while parting her lips, eliciting soft m.o.a.ns in tandem with short and bathed breaths, making Nik realise that while Karna may have said a bit of truth, her body simply wasn't in control of her own mind, not after going through such a vulnerable phase in such a short time.

"..." Wide-eyed, Yue placed her hand above her open mouth, shell-shocked. Did she look just like that when Nik changed their position in the tribe? Did she also flush just like Karna is?

While Yue could still recall the semblance of his touch, the kiss was short and sudden for her to fully process the act of passion and remember it through her skin.

Yet, the curious blue-eyed princess gazed at duo intently, not ashamed of their passionate exchange as a somewhat sweet-bitter feeling encroached her heart when she looked at their hands holding onto each other.

God! She hated being left out!

A simple gesture of holding hand turned into a full-blown exploration of their physiques. Karna's hands rested on his pecs, returning the kiss in her own inexperienced, yet, loving manner. Her frustration with Yue being her roommate was forgotten, as a matter of fact, any existence besides Nik was forgotten for the moment.

Her right thigh immediately clung onto Nik's legs, letting her body lean on Nik while standing, pointing her belief that there was no way Nik couldn't handle her weight or pressure.

Taking the opportunity, Nik, too, reciprocated by letting his left hand finally checking out the fine thighs that have been carefully trained till now.

"Hey, guys... maybe... I should leave?"

Yue asked, but still believed that her presence was already unnoticeable to the passionate duo. Before she could fall into her usual depression of self-crisis something, she would take a bit longer to come out of a crystal clear voice rang within her mind.

"Why don't you give them a bit of privacy? In return, I'll be willing to keep you company.

Tama's successor."

"You Spirit!"

Yue asked with a gush of excitement streaming through her chest. Sure, she could get her due of sugar later... but a chance to chat with a spirit was too rare. Not to mention that this particular spirit knew much about Tama, the previously acclaimed Moon Spirit.


A groan leaked through Karna's lips, that only made Yue leave the room faster as the shuffling of clothes made her face and admittedly body hot before she closed the door... albeit, reluctantly.


On the metallic floor, the long bandage-like underclothing was quickly thrown followed by the removal of Nik's tunic and a leather belt that held his baggy, yet, standard Fire Nation pants.

Karna's half-lidded enamored gaze fell on Nik's torso, a familiar sight, yet the stream of expectation slowly building against her metaphorical dam was too hard to suppress. A strange scent touched the scene, making Karna want, no... making her need Nik's touch.

She immediately placed her cushion-like meaty butt on the bed while she waited for Nik, who happened to be gazing at her with a look of appreciation and thinly-veiled l.u.s.t, his boner speaking volumes and representing his desires.

Slowly, Nik transversed the distance and placed his right knee beside her h.i.p.s, tilting his body downwards as he slowly took his lips, gently, unlike his previous bawdy and ardent version. His hand pressed against her neck and a slight part of her collarbone, gently caressing the side of her neck while pushing her back.

But still, he left a bit of space, allowing Karna to pull her body up, finally lying on the bed comfortably as Nik's mouth made a descent southwards. He needed to make swift, yet, ample preparations to allow Karna to feel the best possible first-time.

The v.i.r.g.i.n scent was quite heavy... not in the manner of 'scent' but 'responsibility'. While he used his own Pheromone Illusion to simulate Karna's senses, there was still a need to make further... strokes to allow Karna to feel less discomfort during the early phase of their session.

This was the least he could do for her.