Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 1 Chapter 75

Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 75 Bending The Waterbender 2

Nik licked his lips, lapping up the remnants of Karna's nectar as he looked at her enchanted form.

Hands sprawled across the mattress weakly while her hazy eyes submerged in carnal euphoria pointed out her dazed status, her knees spread and the bedsheet right below her glistening crotch soaked wet with god knows how much nectar.

A heavy scent intermingled with Nik's soothing, yet, aphrodisiac scent, his touch bringing the level of pleasure that Karna didn't even know it existed while all her guilt and remorse had been suppressed temporarily.

Her thoughts filled with the sight of Nik's large c.o.c.k, a gentle slant that curved the upper shaft 'upwards' while the popped veins demanding every bit of attention the almost unconsciously maiden could garner.

Her gaze expressing her fear and awe. Never had she witnessed a pole of this much glory. She was almost sure that the bulbous pink head was so smooth that it could even reflect the early sun's rays.

Her thoughts were simply getting magnified by her own fears and expectations. Meanwhile, a deep sense of loss encroached her innards.

This is it, she thought.

Even though her body simply wished to submit, bucking her h.i.p.s and spray her nectar just like the time when Nik stuck his tongue into her slit while playing with her aroused clit, internally, Karna felt a sense of clarity that caused complicated emotions to bubble within her heart.

On one hand, she wished that the c.o.c.k the juicy one would fill her innards, stretch her slit, just like how her thoughts were filled by the various incarnation of his veiny c.o.c.k, meanwhile, on the other hand, she couldn't help but remorse over the fact that she would soon lose her v.i.r.g.i.nity.

Seeing Karna's current state, Nik couldn't help but look at his own member. Even though the moment he indulges his c.o.c.k inside her, his exclusive skill would activate and suppress the pain, he still felt an unnerving wave of apprehension passing through his body.

Suddenly, his eyebrows rose as he felt the uncharacteristic feeling appearing within him. He felt a bit connected to Karna and the feeling is just like how when he would connect with Azula and Pavka at a more primal and spiritual level... but the problem was, he hadn't even penetrated Karna yet.

Feeling her fears, Nik felt like dealing it akin to ripping a band-aid would be more sensible. After all, Karna already knew that it would hurt, not due to it being her 'first' time. She had enough practice with one of her mother's present.

The cause of the pain was simple Size.

Positioning the tip of his c.o.c.k against her soft slit, Nik rubbed his member against the entrance for a moment, eliciting soft m.o.a.ns from the half-unconscious Karna and felt the wave of fear growing greater.

Pushing his member inside, Nik let out a soft grunt when the tip was immediately squeezed, unwilling to let it move forward or retreat.

Bending forward Nik held Karna's powerless hands and let them hold over the back of his neck while gently caressing her cheeks, a warm smile on his face as he gently whispered.

"It will be slightly painful... bear with it for a moment."

It wasn't known if Karna could even figure out what Nik was saying, but hearing his words, her innards did loosen up slightly.

His lips descended as his h.i.p.s pushed in one fell swoop almost immediately.

A pink glow passed through his c.o.c.k and affected Karna's interiors while she squealed into his mouth painfully, a few tears also left her cheeks only to be soothed by Nik's thumbs gently.

The pain went as quickly as it came and alongside Nik's rhythmic thrusts, Karna's squeal of pain morphed into pleasured m.o.a.ns. No longer were his lips necessary to suppress her pain, instead, they were needed to fill her mouth, her hands miraculously grew stronger, almost returning to their former glory.

Her passionate hold kept Nik's lips attached to her lips, Karna's legs had unknowingly straddled across his waist while her hands covered the upper portion of Nik's back filled with scratches.

Their bodies rolled when Nik felt like switching the position, his hands now holding Karna's body, pulling her into a wild embrace while thrusting up with all his might, striking against her tight innards and knocking right into her second gate.

Her walls squirmed while Karna's own sweaty body started to move on its own, being led by his thrusts as she would raise her h.i.p.s by a small margin whenever Nik escaped the grasps of her tight walls and then slam her h.i.p.s down, her meaty butt vibrating intensely as the very act of her second gate getting pushed back, almost to the point of getting pierced filled Karna's body with endless heat.

A sense of freedom touched her movement as Karna would, on her own accord, rotate her h.i.p.s or grind against Nik's crotch while getting her fill of c.o.c.k. No longer did Nik feel any fear from Karna.

Only, endless exhilaration.

Azula was kinky, always wishing to experience the border that differentiated pain and pleasure while m.o.a.ning like crazy.

Pavka was simply a cute button that would demand utmost care while getting ravaged wildly, something she felt that she deserved after all her years of non-enlightenment.

Meanwhile, Karna was some sort of instinctual partner that, just like Nik, acted according to what she could feel.

The bite marks on his collarbone was a proof that Karna didn't like to be the only one to receive some sort of kinky pleasure. She was more than happy, no, excited to reciprocate the favour.

If Nik's hands would spank her buttocks harshly, making her ass ripple in pain and pleasure then Karna would bite on his lips, scratch at his chest while her innards would clamp crazily, making the whole session refreshing for Nik.

Soon, the wet 'sloching' sound of flesh hitting against each other filled the room intermixed with suppressed m.o.a.ns.