Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 1 Chapter 76

Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 76 Agni Kai

Unlike Pavka, who actually had some miraculous ability to 'absorb' Nik's nutritional supplements, Karna was a human, a tired one at that.

Gazing into his eyes, Karna frowned, and yet, still kept her hands over his chest while leaning on his shoulder, their n.a.k.e.d bodies covered with a thin blanket while Karna could still feel her aching w.o.m.b secreting all of Nik's c.u.m little by little, a thin trail of white leaking through her slit, but fortunately, it was covered by the blanket.

"I am more than a decade older, you know that right?"

Hearing her, Nik couldn't help but chuckle. His hold around Karna's body grew tighter and his hand immediately squeezed her left butt cheek, making her yelp.

"Nobody likes an unripe peach."

"What do you mean?"

Karna frowned as she let her fingers gently trail across one of the various bite marks over Nik's torso.

"Hmm? Isn't that simple? Maturity adds a charm that no amount of strength or status could compete with."

"I'll grow older than you... soon enough, then what?"

"Believe me... age does not matter... you can always retain your 'young' body."

Karna pouted, immediately punching Nik's side.

"Yeah, right... but what's with this body... it's way too elastic."

She couldn't help but pinch further, making Nik smile as he turned sidewards, letting both of his hands fall on her butt as he immediately started massaging them e.r.o.t.i.cally.

"I should be the one asking such questions!"

He spoke while lightly spanking her butt.


Karna huffed while struggling, failing to evade Nik's lips, who seemed to have not grown tired enough of the taste as he would occasionally swoop akin to a hawk and land a few shots.

"Hey! You are not getting away so easily!"

Karna spoke, and even then, her arms wrapped around Nik natural, embracing his body warmly.

"What's with that... screen?"

Karna asked once again in confirmation.

"Yeah, it's called a screen. This will show you how awesome your man is."

He smiled as he looked at the partner screen of this world.

He already had three partners Pavka, Azula and Karna.

Seven more to go.

Nik sighed in his mind.

While he wasn't the type of guy who would 'hunt' for girls just for the sake of completing the mission, the reward given out was too great.

Even the word heavenly would fail to properly express its practical use for him.

Sighing, Nik could only engage in a bout of Pheromone Illusion to misguide Karna while giving a 'half-truth' explanation.


Leaving Karna's chamber to let her rest properly, Nik made his way towards the command centre of the boat, after all, Azula had just called for an emergency meeting while also sending a special summons for him.

Within a few moments, Nik entered the command chamber and his gaze immediately fell on the 'charred' Zhao, his expression grim and ugly... literally. A few features of his squarish face was burnt away, turning into spots of mangled flesh.

"Princess, please think this through. Even though the commander's actions"

"Enough. He isn't dead, that's his saving grace.

I didn't kill him again, that's his fortune.

His title is to be stripped away, this is the reparation of his blunder."

With her hair tied into a high bun and two familiar locks of her black hair covering the sides of her face, Azula looked at the speaker calmly.

Seeing this, Nik simply couldn't help but wonder what Azula actually thinks in such a situation. No matter how regal she makes herself sound, Nik knew she was bat crap crazy.

Not willing to delve deeper into the thought, Nik simply observed while kneeling on one knee before Azula waved her hands and made him stand to the side.

"Now, I just received the information that a particular flying bison is spotted a few kilometres away... prepare your troops.

I want that air carrier to be destroyed into a mash of blood and gore the moment our sight lands on the Avatar."

This time, the others really couldn't keep quiet about the matter.

"Your highness... if the Avatar is killed, then"

"Then what?" Azula shrugged, a confident arc touching her face as she looked at the speaker.

"The new Avatar will be a newborn... within a few months, the Fire Nation would have already prevailed over the entire continent, finally unifying the world.

Do you really believe that a newborn Avatar has what it takes to stop us?

Meanwhile, the current Avatar... Aang, was it? Reportedly, he has already gained some proficiency in waterbending.

He is an immediate threat to our goal that is only a few months away. Now, you either do as I ask, or you can get Zhao's treatment, too."

She spoke calmly, making Nik raise an eyebrow.

'She seems happy?'

Nik waited for the topic to steer towards him. After all, he was summoned here for a reason.

"With Zhao out of the picture." Azula gave one last look to the kneeling Zhao, Azula turned towards Nik and spoke lightly.

"Nik, my personal guard will take temporary control over the troop. He will be my eyes and ears and every soldier needs to help him. Any suggestions made to him will be solely considered by Nik himself and the decision-making power would lie in his hands."

With this, the group finally grew silent.

Smiling, Azula narrowed her eyes and then gazed at Nik.

"I want to see Avatar blasted apart just like the firecrackers of our festivals. Make him rain blood."


The old envoy suddenly spoke up.

"What about the two water tribe members tagging along with him."


Azula replied calmly.

"But the Northern Tribe only agreed"

"I know the conditions of the agreement. Hmm... let's do it this way... instead of heavy artillery, I want the best fire soldiers to guide the Wind Bison towards the gates of the northern tribe.

A brief period would be given. Ask the tribe to get the two water brats but don't let the Avatar land, or it will be considered as the act of betrayal against the Fire Nation."

"Yes, your Highness."

"You are all dismissed."


Zhao suddenly spoke with his jaws clenched.

Gazing up and looking at Azula with a look of hatred, he turned his face and the spat at Nik hatefully.

"I challenge your toy to an Agni Kai!"