Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 1 Chapter 78

Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 78 Attack On The Avatar

Now, Nik's tunic was covered in a soft, leathery armour with pitch-black shoulder guards that extended and curved outwards. His visage appeared to be calm while the people surrounding him the fire soldiers looked at him with nothing but fear and respect.

No longer was Nik called the trophy husband. He now holds the title of Beast Consort, of course, this title only passed along the ranks beneath Azula and Nik.

Behind Nik, a burly figure stood with a slightly bent posture. Even though the figure spectacularly failed to hide behind Nik, he still managed to express his submission.

He was none other than Ja Yin, the first to face Nik's punches yet fortunate enough to see the light of the next day.

'Even after becoming a commander... How can he be so calm?

He did not even use Fire Bending... is he like me? I haven't ever seen him bending, but he easily killed Zhao.'

Ja Yin looked at Nik's back with a bit of deference.

"Is he still looking at my butt?" Nik asked Pavka through his link.

Turning her head, Pavka saw Ja Yin's strange look before shuddering and immediately turned back. Even though Ja Yin couldn't see her, Pavka still felt uncomfortable.

"Yes, he is."

Pavka nodded grimly."


Nik cursed, yet, he still kept his hands behind his back, trying to cover his own butt.

"Who the hell stands behind someone so creepily while looking at their butt?!"

Nik groaned while Pavka looked at Nik and pointed out the hypocrisy.

"You do this kind of stuff... remember?"

"No, no, no! I don't sniff a man's ass! I am a heterogeneous, not that I have any problem with another person's taste... I would still like to stay away from such types!"

Pavka nodded thoughtfully before asking.

"Say, if you are interested in a student, and she is interested in other girls, will you stay away from her?"

"Nope!" Nik snickered and replied, "Believe me, when someone has a piece of me, I am the only preference left within their mind!"

"Sire." Ja Yin waved away one of the fire soldiers and called out Nik, who, immediately shivered at his soft tone.

"E Uh... yea?"

Nik forced a smile on his face and turned back.

"We just got the news that the Avatar and the two water brats will be flying past us shortly."

"Oh... alright."

Nik nodded and immediately walked past Ja Yin.


"Hey! Why's the Fire Nation's military stationed near the Water Tribe?!"

Sokka's face was completely pale, credits to the chilling climate and the fear bubbling within his heart while the young boy scrunched his nose and looked at the battlesh.i.p.s with disgust.

"Let's just quickly fly past them."

Katara spoke with a serious expression, yet, her voice betrayed her worries.

"Alright!" Aang's expression took a 180 and he immediately let go of his plans to fight it out with the battalion and shouted.

"Appa! Yip Yip!"


The Wind Bison growled loudly before its extraordinarily large and fleshy tail flicked mid-air, raising the altitude of their height!

Suddenly, Katara felt a feeling of dread appear within the deepest corner of her heart and she immediately looked down. Even though they were too high to expect a clear vision, Katar was sure that she saw a silver sparkle on the deck of the largest ship.

Almost immediately, accompanied by the Bison's pained roar, the group plunged downwards.


"They are increasing the distance!" Ja Yin roared before looking at the deck full of the fire soldiers and raised his hand.

"Soldiers, on my command!"

Since their target was to make the Avatar reach the tribe with some injuries, they weren't too panicked. But Nik had different thoughts.

Raising his arm, Nik silenced the hulk and his body immediately glowed silver! Almost instantly, the Wind Bison dubbed as Appa plunged downwards.


Even though Ja Yin did not know what was going on, he still understood that it was Nik's doing and his actions directly destroyed Azula's plan.

Nik turned back and smiled lightly.

"What are you guys doing? Attack now, when they are in your range."

Ja Yin hurriedly nodded and immediately commanded the soldiers to attack the falling Bison. Watching the rain of fire, the other fire soldiers on the surrounding battlesh.i.p.s attacked in tandem.

"Hurry! Shit!"

Sokka screamed as the afternoon sky was filled with the tsunami of fire rushing towards them while the pale Katara had already lost all of her hope.

She simply leaned back and looked at the sea of fire with dazed eyes, ignoring Sokka's and Aang's panicked screams.

"Appa! Dive down! Dive down!"

Aang immediately screamed. Since they couldn't rise, he immediately made Appa dive down even quickly, alas, even though Appa wasn't impacted by the sea of flames, his body was still burnt in some places, especially his tail.

Seeing the Avatar's pet taking the majority of the attack and injuries, Nik immediately frowned and stopped the attacks.


Nik muttered as he frowned at the gently floating Wind Bison while the three youths huddled together. The distance wasn't too great and Nik could finally look at the young boy dubbed as the current Avatar!

"That's Raava alright! Using people around herself for her own self-righteous actions!"

Pavka immediately hissed when her eyes fell on Aang and raised her fist!

"Let's gut them!"

Nik immediately shook his head. Not to mention the Avatar, there were other two travelers with him, probably, the lean youth must be Sokka while the beauty must be Katara.

"What are your orders, Commander? Should we open up the path for the Avatar to leave?"

Gazing at Ja Yin as of he was an idiot, Nik patted his shoulder and softly muttered.

"Just... capture them will you. The water tribe's guest will be escorted with respect, meanwhile, leave the Avatar to me."

"But the Princess"

"The Princess plan did not account for the fact that the Avatar would himself descend on his own accord." Nik shrugged and ordered a passenger boat to be prepared immediately while looking at Ja Yin.

"Since he has decided to deliver himself, why should we hesitant in slaughtering such a pure lamb?"

Nik smiled with Pavka whistled!


Two boats were immediately prepared. Meanwhile, a battle report was already sent to Azula. Since Nik was already outside, she didn't even care about what was happening and chuckled nefariously inside her own chamber, the sight in front of her pleased her to no end.

Soon, the boats made its way towards the injured wind bison while the trio youths simply looked grim. The youngest boy Aang, seemed to be especially determined as he stood in front of the two siblings with a wooden staff in his hands.

'Ah... I will certainly enjoy this...'

Nik smiled as he also recalled the titanic Lion Turtle's words.

There was no problem in destroying Avatar's physical body. It was his spirit that needed to be safeguarded from harm's way.