Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 1 Chapter 79

Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 79 Chain Quest 1

"Stay back!"

A burst of wind accompanied with a loud, desperate shout immediately stopped some of the fire soldiers in their tracks.

Shrugging off the pitiful and blunt wind, Nik smiled and raised both of his arms.

"Calm down! We aren't going to hurt you!"

Aang's eyes widened in fury before he screamed!

"I don't believe you! Stay away or else you'll pay"

Before he could complete, he flung back as a formless pressure crashed against his body.

"That's right! You shouldn't believe us!"

Nik shouted as he saw the Avatar falling into the water.


Sokka immediately looked back before tightening his hold over his blade. Even Appa groaned and started swimming towards Aang.

"Please, stay right there."

Nik whispered and tendrils of water immediately latched onto Appa's tail, restricting his movements. Almost immediately, a pained roar emerged from Appa's large mouth as it started thrashing its limbs against the water.

"Believe me... it hurts me more..."

Nik sighed sadly and made his way up Appa's back before standing in front of the two youths.

"You you're a waterbender!"

Even the fire soldiers were astonished while Nik simply shrugged at Katara's obvious statement.

"I assume that the two of you are unaware about the treaty signed between the Water Tribe and the Fire Nation?"

He asked calmly and the duo was struck dumb once again.

"We will be taking you to the water tribe. I insist that you do not resist."

Nik continued with a smile when suddenly, a certain patch of sea glowed luminescent blue, the water around the patch curved upwards, forming into a gigantic sphere of water with Aang floating within, his eyes glowing bright blue and his tattoo marks glowing simultaneously.

"Take them."

Nik pointed at Sokka and Katara when Aang's head snapped at his direction. An archaic voice emerging from his throat and his body slowly morphed into a dark-haired man wearing the traditional northern-tribe costume.

"Outsider... leave!"

No f.u.c.ks were given about his previous companions as the scene changed too suddenly.

Within his sphere of water, the body of the new arrival moved leisurely, a hint of laziness exuding from his actions as a humungous wave of water rose behind him.

"I suggest... that we escape as quickly as possible."

Ja Yin gulped and even Sokka and Katara couldn't help but glare at him.

"You think, genius?"

Nik muttered as he sighed.

"You remember that you can't kill him during his avatar state, right?"

Pavka's voice was heard within his mind as Nik couldn't help but feel sour. If he had completed his main mission, he could go through a chain quest while completing his side quest. This way, his time could be used kore efficiently.

Even now, he could kill the avatar, but the turtle's voice seemed to be ringing beside him.

The Avatar's spirit Raava, must live on.

Sighing as his task just grew difficult, Nik looked at the giant wave before looking at Appa.

"You guys leave now!"

Nik immediately jumped into the empty boat and let go of Appa, who almost immediately flung his tail and took off for the air, flying around the Avatar in circles.

"Why haven't you left, outsider?"

The man spoke coldly once again as Nik smiled.

"What do you want me to do? Shout up, up and away and leave by flying away?"

Not in the mood to humour Nik, the man's pupilless gaze seemed to focus on Nik before he spoke with slightly grimmer tone.

"Is that you, Pavka? Why are you with this outsider?"

Pavka immediately materialized over Nik's head and shrugged, disturbingly similar to Nik.

"I can ask you the same? Why'd you had to merge with a human? If you wanted to enlighten yourself, I have already found various other methods."

Pavka stated calmly while Nik sweatdropped.

"What do you mean?"

"I meant"

"Don't you know." Nik immediately interrupted, attempting to keep some secrets undisclosed and smirked at the long-haired avatar, "You can get electrocuted when in contact with the water."

Making sure that the escaping boat wasn't near, Nik took a deep breath and hoped that the Avatar wouldn't die with a bit of lighting and immediately pointed his index finger towards the sphere of water and Pavka's Purity Lightning shot towards the Avatar.

Nik still wasn't dumb enough to use normal lightning and completely kill the Avatar.

Understanding that the purity Lightning had more healing properties than destructiveness, Nik felt a bit assured when the man screamed while spasming within his sphere of water.

"What a dumb world...". Nik couldn't help but once again feel that the gift of basic knowledge would be too great for this world.

While one part of the civilisation had already reached the benchmark of industrialisation, the other part of the civilisation still chose to remain barbaric.

Not to mention the fact that this Raava seemed to be too confident and didn't even attack when it had a chance. Just keeping the giant wave of water behind its back while comfortably asking questions at its own pace.

Seeing the illusion of the man fade away, Nik smirked at Aang's unconscious body and muttered.

"Serves you right!"

And immediately, shot towards the Avatar who plunged within the water, disregarding the cold by keeping the water around him warm.

He was already getting low on his elemental value and he needed to finish this quick.

While still feeling a bit of guilt after hearing Appa's sad cry, Nik still hardened his heart and swam towards the floating Avatar, who to be slowly covering itself in ice unconsciously.

It didn't take long for him to reach Aang's body and without even hesitating for a single moment, he wrapped his fingers around Aang gently, afraid that he might wake him up and with a very beautiful and swift clench of his hand, Nik crushed his neck.

If they both weren't submerged in the water, Nik might have heard a grotesque crunch, but fortunately, he was saved of his fate and just like this, he had completed his first main mission, making him eligible to become a full-fledged host.