Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 1 Chapter 8

Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 8 Take My Hand

"Uhuu... Nik... don't lick..."

Kurumi slowly hugged a soft pillow while the crystal clear drool leaked from the corner of her lips as she felt sore all over her body. But somehow, the strange, refreshing feeling was hard to get rid of.

"Ahh... Nik, right there~"

When a mature voice landed on her ears that muttered the name of her own Nik so lovingly, Kurumi's eyes snapped open as she saw her own mother sleeping with her without any clothes while a thin trail of drool managed to escape out of her full lips.


Yelping, Kurumi immediately sat up as she felt her head go off with a bang which lead to a momentary burst of dizziness. Her nose scrunched up while the deeds of last night slowly resurfaced within her mind as the first thought formed in her mind was...

'I really need to brush my teeth...'

Ignoring her sleep-m.o.a.ning mother without any filial consideration, Kurumi ran off to the bathroom with her inner thighs feeling slightly uncomfortable due to loads of s.e.m.e.n drying off. Sure, she loved the feeling of warm c.u.m soothing her tummy, but the dried off, grossly smelling substance received an opposite reaction.

Meanwhile, due to the ruckus caused by Kurumi, Mitsuko's eyelids parted slightly as she immediately moved her hands around the bed only to find her glasses near her head. Wearing them, she looked at the time while lazily stretching her hands in the air.

Even though she remained n.a.k.e.d, the soft rays of sunlight made her mature body look dazzling.

"Ara~ it's only 6 am?"

Smiling lazily, she picked a pillow and slumped back on the bed. Not being a morning person, she usually liked to sleep for long to have enough energy for evening activities, but, as her hands grazed part yer smooth and supple abdomen, a gentle arc reached her full lips.

"Well... mama needs some sleep. We'll find daddy later."


"What's going on?"

Sayako looked up as she heard the sound of hurried footsteps while Nik was too busy feeding himself.

"It must be Kurumi. She is always so energetic when she wakes up."

"Whatever." Sayako replied with a gloomy voice as her eyes looked slightly darker. Evidently, she had a long night completing her studies.

As Nik noted, Souko looked quite different when sober. Her body hugged by an official black skirt suit as her bright red eyes observed each and everything was at complete opposite to her drunken self. Of course, in such a condition, her cooking improved greatly, too.

"Do you like it? Want me to cook more?"

Souko removed the apron with a smile as she wiped her hands on the apron once again.

Immediately nodding, Nik let his intentions clear only to see Souko narrow her eyes while bending towards his face.

As he gulped, his lips were immediately sealed by Souko's before she stepped back with a light giggle.

"Then be sure to use all your energy on Sayako. I'll come by your place to cook for you."

As if remembering something, a light 'ah!' escaped her lips as she seriously gazed at Nik.

"Don't you dare try Okusan's cooking. She... she likes to fatten her prey before striking, you understand what I mean, right. Unlike our generous family... she is extremely nasty!"

Practically hissing, Souko packed lunches for everybody while explaining.

"Eh? You mean she gives food and s.e.x?"

Nik spoke in an oversimplified manner that petrified the duo.

Shaking her head at his words, Sayako replied with a groan.

"You don't understand until you see her... it's like she is made to devour men and women alike..."

Shivering, Sayako prayed before getting up and helped Souko out.

"Oh, Nik. I won't be relieving myself at college after my exam. I don't mean to sound extremely invasive, but Souko and I happened to hear what Mama said yesterday.

So, as a common courtesy, I will let you have one chance. If you live up to my expectations, I can assure you that I will leave the life of placing my s.e.x.u.a.l burdens on others and depend on your c.o.c.k for the rest of my life.

And believe me... a promise of a s.l.u.t like me is far more valuable than a saint's."

"That's right!"

Souko immediately verified Sayako's words while Nik couldn't help but shrug at her words.

"Sayako, like I said yesterday. If you plan to give me a chance, I have every intention to make you mine. And, I believe that a s.l.u.t's word is far greater than a saint's, because, as an experienced s.l.u.t myself, I promise that you can depend on my c.o.c.k for your entire life."

"Wow... Souko... I think, we really have found the most shameless gem."

"I know right. But Nik, believe me, you don't want to have fun with Sayako until she is completely frustrated. I'll drop her off in the car.

Meanwhile, you should wait for Kurumi. She'll introduce you to Okusan on her way to school."


Nik nodded while he joined his hands together to thank for the food he was fortunate enough to receive and then passed on the plate to Sayako.


"Hmph! Don't you think that I would day anything like I like you or something!"

Since Nik did not have any clothes, Kurumi found some of her dad's clothes before he went on and became obese. Meanwhile, his clothes would be washed after Mitsuko actually wakes up.

But Nik had to admit that even when Mitsuko was asleep buck n.a.k.e.d, her charm only attracted a kiss on her cheeks as Nik couldn't help himself. Though rash, Nik had actually i.m.p.r.e.g.n.a.t.ed a woman.

His and Mitsuko's relationship changed the moment his seed laid a foundation of new life within her. So he wasn't much embarrassed to display his affection. Of course, the thought of screwing his own soon-to-be baby's siblings made him feel... let's go with complicated.

"So... I was that bad, huh!"

Muttering, Nik placed his hands on his head while Kurumi gave him a sidelong glance before rolling her eyes. Dressed in a navy blue skirt that reached a little over her milky thighs while a white sailor's top covered her upper body. Not to mention the blue ribbons that tied her twin tails.

"Of course, not! Even you know that!"

"Eh? So that's it."

As if coming to a great realisation, the base of Nik's fist touched his open palms as he smiled, but still, he didn't speak at all, making Kurumi frown as she really wished to hear what he had to say.

"What is it? Say it!"

"Don't wanna!"

"Say it!"



At her words, Nik simply grinned before extending his hands towards her.

"Say, Kurumi. Want me to truly walk you to school?"

Looking at the hands that overlapped with a certain hand from her dreams, Kurumi hesitated slightly.

"It's fine."

Suddenly, Nik spoke as he himself grabbed her hands and brought it closer to him, while pulling Kurumi.

"Even if you hesitate, I'll be here for you. So why don't you trust me for once, Kurumi? We already appreciate each other's taste. Let's also try to appreciate each other's warmth. What do you say?"

At first, Kurumi felt a wave of warmth spreading over her body, her cheeks unconsciously blushed as she simply pouted.

"Stupid... talking such things in public."

But of course, she didn't leave her hand anymore. There was no need to.

After a few turns, Kurumi finally led Nik to Okusan's place. It was a slightly larger apartment building with two floors that allowed almost thirteen rooms. But unfortunately, Okusan wasn't back yet. At that, Kurumi nodded towards the attendant, one of the renters of the placed, and looked back at Nik.

"So, you have to wait for Okusan to return. She usually returns from her gym by 8 am. Meanwhile, you can look around a few places. And here, Souko Onee-chan told me to give this to you."

Bringing him to a corner, Kurumi presented Nik with a few bills of currency. To which, his lips twitched in response.

"Ah! Flashbacks! Flashbacks!"

Muttering, Nik still accepted the show of kindness while Kurumi nodded with a satisfied expression.

"There's a good brunch house near the homestay. You can try that for your lunch."

"Oh, okay."

Nik spoke while taking Kurumi's hands once again.

Almost instantly, various thoughts filled her head.

'Eh? Is he going to do it here?!'

'But... wouldn't that mean I will have to attend the school while his c.u.m stays inside... but... but... that isn't so bad...'

As the swirling thoughts came to an end with a tap of her nose, she looked at the smiling Nik.

"Didn't I tell you that I'll walk you to school? Or... do you want me to 'take' you in school?"

Whispering, Nik's face grew closer to Kurumi, who immediately averted her eyes while her other hand knocked on his chest lightly.

"Let's go..."

Muttering, she dragged Nik, who kept chuckling until he was finally introduced to the huge building that schools the students of this civilisation.