Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 1 Chapter 80

Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 80 Chain Quest 2

"There, all done..."

Karna looked at Nik's body before wiping a little spot at the back of his armpit connected to his back before smiling satisfactorily.

"Now, all done."

She then placed the towel over Nik's head and let him dress.

"Really? You couldn't find the Avatar?"

Yue questioned as Nik shrugged.

"He was too deep into the water."

"That's a bummer..."

Karna muttered, feeling a bit of loss at the hyped Avatar's sudden disappearance. Nik smiled and stood up before coughing softly.

"Alright. I expect the two of you to be ready when I return." Nik smiled gently, but still, Yue felt her spine tingle.

"This time, it will be a group study."


[Initiation/Main Quest: 2

Title: Victory

Defeat the threat of the fire nation. Hunt down the current generation of the avatar and kill him.

Duration: 7months

Rewards: 7000 SO, 3 SP (Skill Points)

Penalty: Death


[With the main quest complete, the host is eligible to take part in the Chain Quest during the remaining time.

Do you wish to take part in the Chain Quest?]

Nik stood in one of the many hallways of the destroyer and agreed internally.

[Chain Quest Initiated

Chain Quest I

Description: With the Death of the current Avatar, the balance of the world has changed. To appease this world's Gaia, start restoring the balance. Infiltrate and destroy Ba Sing Se.

Rewards: 4000 SO, 1 SP (Skill Point)]

Penalty: Forceful departure.

[You have initiated a hidden quest.

The Executioner of Champion

Completed: 3/100%

Rewards ?]

[You killed one of Avatar's incarnation. You have altered the record by 12.99%

World Root: 20.69/100%]



Nik muttered as he looked at the screen. The only reason he stayed back was to complete his affiliation quest and get his reward. But the sudden appearance of the hidden quest really pleased him.

But he did feel that it was quite stupid that he couldn't utilise his own rewards before returning back to the system.

Heaving a deep sigh, Nik continued walking towards Azula's chamber without knowing what she had for him wrapped as a present.

"Coming through..."

Nik spoke casually as he opened Azula's door only to be struck speechless... once again.

There she was, bent, carefully binding Mai's hand behind her back in a ceremonial red ribbon while this time around, Azula went a but lax and did not blindfold Mai, instead, with her mouth gagged, Mai was positioned right in front of the door, on her knees with her thighs and knees spread.

Her extraordinary body exposed while her long hair tied into a single bun behind her head to expose everything.

By everything, Nik meant, EVERYTHING!

From her modest bosom to her wide, accentuated h.i.p.s that extended down to smooth, pale thighs that held their own charm. In between, a neat, slick snatch awaited, pink flesh of the slit throbbing while a peculiar jewel stood erect, as if taunting Nik's own manhood.

But still, he needed to ask one question to an equally n.a.k.e.d Azula who held a perverted smile as she gave Mai's hands a final knot.

"Don't you ever fear... if someone else opened the door beside me?"

"Then they'll get zapped to death!"

Azula looked up and grinned, there it was, her crazy self was slowly recovering, forcing Nik's unifying rod to slowly return to its peak and satiate the crazy within her.

'Well... it's not like I am not crazy, too... to find such a scene hot... I am definitely a crazy one, too.'

Nik's eyes were attracted to Mai's, seductively narrowed eyes, as she tried to wriggle out of Azula's hand. This time, there seemed to be no apparent fear within her eyes, or if there was any, it was already suppressed by endless l.u.s.t that had blinded Mai.

Now he knew why she did not need a blindfold anymore.

The blindfold would have been counterproductive.

Grunts, that would have been m.o.a.ns if Mai wasn't gagged, escaped the narrow spaces that the red ball couldn't cover and her struggles grew further.

"So? What do you think? Didn't I say that I'll make her honest?"

Smugness evident in her voice, Azula and completed the knot, beautiful crimson ribbons zigzagging through Mai's body as a neat bow tied above her wrists.

Straightening up, Azula walked towards Nik, her h.i.p.s attracting his gaze while her hands gently nudging his chest, her head leaned forward as her lips almost touched his ears.

Heavy, hot breaths stroked the side of his neck as her other hand cupped his balls ready to burst and show who's the boss.

"So, my beautiful commander, let me ask you this.

What do you do when you achieve a victory."

Gazing at her beautiful figure, his hand spanked her raised butt harshly, following with a grab of her lower cheek and grinning.

"Of course, a commander feasts.

Let's get this party started!"