Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 1 Chapter 81

Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 81 Hidden Quest Champion's Netori 1

Even though it was slightly darker outside, actually, it was a little over the afternoon. The death of the Avatar alongside Zhao's death didn't even take him more than two hours.

And yet, here he was, having to go through yet another s.e.x.u.a.l session. It was already his second time and it wasn't even evening yet. Not to mention that he already had his plans for the night.

Not that he was complaining or anything. After all, Nik had already removed his tunic and immediately picked Azula up before throwing her on the bed, eliciting a playful yelp.

Of course, Nik wasn't going to stop himself from taking Mai now. He had already denied himself of the chance two times in a row, and as a popular quote states third time's the charm.

So, being a considerate man, he didn't deny Mai the chance to observe one more time by simply picking her tied body up unceremoniously. No thoughts were given as his hands immediately grabbed her butt and tested the products she had to offer.

'Definitely top quality...'

Nik graded the meat he would soon be devouring as the poor Mai could only squirm in shame and passion, her body trembling with his touch as Nik even tugged on the ribbon that ran across her slit, stimulating her clit further.

"Hoo~ Already ignoring your princess, commander?

This does fill me with sadness."

Azula whispered as she slowly spread her legs and seductively placed both of her thumbs at her fleshy entrance, stretching her labia to expose her generous p.u.s.s.y that's been accommodating Nik's equally generous girth.

Seeing her already oozing slit, her soft pink interior and that gaping hole that lead to her twitching interiors, Nik felt his mind buzz. The scent spreading across the entire room was growing too heavy, his own scent only elevated the situation as he used his free hand to gently give his little brother a stroke to calm its anxiety and gently placed Mai on the bed.

"My Princess, how can I ignore you? At the end of the day, I will always give you a great session, you know that, sweetheart."

Nik smirked while Azula's fingers plunged within her gaping hole.

"I don't need to hear words from that mouth, O'honorable Commander."

"Oh? Then," Nik placed both of his hand on the sides of her thighs and pulled her h.i.p.s up, closing the distance between her warm slit and his equally hot mouth, "I suppose we can use my mouth for other stuff, too."

"That's what I'd love to see."

Azula smirked as she slowly took out three of her wet fingers that promptly received a gentle kiss from Nik before his mouth plunged into the hot abyss of writhing flesh, his own tongue lapping juices that permeated throughout her p.u.s.s.y while his thumb took the task of stretching Azula's p.u.s.s.y while the enamored Princess found her hand gripping onto Nik's hand, not wishing for the mouth made to please women leave her slit alone and cold.

Her h.i.p.s bucked up, her crotch touching Nik's nose as his deep whiffs and hot exhales made Azula tremble, his tongue stroking her weak spots, again and again, to moisten her flower further meanwhile, the awestruck Mai remained still, he pants morphed into grunts while her hands struggling to free herself, her motioning h.i.p.s already pointed out to her thirst.

"Hmmmgh! Just like that!!"

Azula groaned, feeling something coming, she immediately pulled on Nik's head, not wishing to stop him as her torso quivered every now and then, making her modest peaks tremble alongside. Her clenched jaws gave was to an enchanting trail of drool as her eyes slowly grew dazed and hazy, her pupils rolling further northwards as she finally squirted into his mouth.

Meanwhile, Nik diligently drank his share of nectar, not a drop wasted.

"Alright, Azula. Time for the main event."

Nik smiled and he gently let her h.i.p.s back on the mattress, her still twitching p.u.s.s.y would occasionally leak a thin trail of nectar that slowly moistening her inner thighs while Nik looked back at Mai and immediately removed her gag ball.

"Hah! hah!"

Groans morphed back into pants as Mai heaved heavy breaths, still, her open mouth was immediately sealed by Nik's mouth, his christened tongue sharing a taste of Azula while finally enjoying Mai's tongue that used to verbally demean him.

And to be honest, Nik enjoyed every bit of it.

His hands didn't please her body, there was a time and place for everything, but after warming Mai's mouth, he grinned and harshly grabbed her hair bun, pulling her face back while her hazy eyes snapped open, looking at Nik with righteous indignation.

Before words laced with hypocrisy could leave her mouth, Nik immediately turned his back and spoke loudly.

"You better watch this carefully, it's your turn next."

His words made her shudder in fear, yet, Mai stood where she was. No words left her mouth as Azula's constant attention left her body in severe need to release all the pent up stress. While Mai used to come while peeking at Nik and Azula, with her hands tied and knees forced apart, there wasn't much she could do as her physical anticipation oy grew extreme.

Sitting behind Azula, Nik gently picked the slob-like tyrannical princess and let her back rest over his chest, his left hand caressing his neck and upper torso before cupping her left b.r.e.a.s.t, pinching her soft pink n.i.p.p.l.es while nibbling on her ear, his right hand, meanwhile, spread her thighs and positioned his c.o.c.k before piercing without many thoughts.

A deep and loud m.o.a.n immediately emerged out of Azula's lips as she was woken up from her dazed state, her p.u.s.s.y immediately tightened around Nik, yet, to Mai's eyes, she could only see her friend's tight slit spreading to a mind-boggling proportion. It felt physically impossible, yet, here she stood, watching Nik's balls kissing Azula's crotch while a smacking sound of flesh echoed within the room.

"Oh... my god."

Mai whispered as she found herself leaning forward, much to her embarrassment, but with all the things she had gone through in a few days just because she showed support for Zuko, much of her shame receded while her gaze only grew bold.

"Lick it!"

Azula suddenly screamed as her hands extended quickly, leaving flesh-colored blur as she pulled Mai's head and made her fall over the bed, front faced. Since she was tied, she couldn't even move much as she was only a few millimetres apart from where all the magic happened.

Her nose whiffed a heavy scent, that wasn't particularly unlikable, and it seemed to be riling her up, meanwhile, the back of her head was still clamped by Azula, straining her neck in the effort to keep her head up with a support below her body.

"Wa wait! It's"

Again, not a single consideration was give to Mai's yelp while Azula slightly raised her h.i.p.s, getting it close enough to make her crotch touch Mai's nose as a growl escaped her lips, interlaced with raunchious m.o.a.ns.

"Lick it! Who the f.u.c.k cares about anything else!"

She pulled further, making Mai's cheek press against her incomparably hot crotch while Nik's ball actually struck her face continuously.

Seeing that Mai was still resisting, all the dams that restricted his scent were opened, his Pheromone illusion worked wonders as Mai slowly stuck her tongue over Azula's clit, making the latter howl in the sudden bout of pleasure.

"Ohhhhhhh! I'm I'm!"

Azula's strained groans were interrupted by yet another squirt that impacted Mai's face. Azula's body shuddered while her hold around Mai's head loosened, yet, much to her fortune, Mai was already straining herself to lick around the edges of her flesh while also cleaning Nik's shaft by positioning her tongue right beside Azula's entrance.

Pounds grew rougher as Azula's whole body moved up and down in rhythm, her m.o.a.ns weren't suppressed while both of Nik's hand tended to her soft bosom. N.i.p.p.l.es were pinched, b.r.e.a.s.ts were massaged and a p.u.s.s.y was creampied before Nik let out a heavy sigh, looking at his next target while his little princess found herself in a blissful unconsciousness, her head lolling sideways and a pleased drool leaking through the corner of her pink, plump lips.