Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 1 Chapter 82

Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 82 Hidden Quest Champion's Netori 2

"Quite the licker, aren't you?"

Nik grinned at Mai, who was enthusiastically licking and eating Azula's c.u.m-soaked p.u.s.s.y. While Nik knew that due to the change of his species, the taste of his s.e.m.e.n must be quite different when compared to other men, he was still a bit surprised at how zealously Mai was lapping up the elixir formed from the mixture of Azula's and his own juices.

Then again, Mai just maybe the nasty type, who knows.

His smug sentence broke Mai out of reverie who licked her lips with a frown before she came to be, her hands still bowed and her face right in front of Azula's c.u.m-drooling p.u.s.s.y.


"I'll spare you the embarrassment, though."

Nik smiled and walked behind Mai, her heart shivering in a mixture of fear, anticipation and pure l.u.s.t.

What was he going to do?

Was he really willing to let her go? That would be somewhat... disappointing?

What if he is trying to take me from behind?! Ooh, yeaaa Wait! Oh, no! That's the right reaction!

Mai's thoughts grew blurry, the thin line that demarcated restraints and masochism slowly grew thinner, almost coalescing with each other, overlapping.

She wished to get f.u.c.k.i.e.d! After watching Azula's reaction, she was extremely interested. But admittedly, her thoughts were always preoccupied with her childhoods crush Zuko.

But now, after Azula 'womanhandled' her, she found herself believing that she simply wasn't interested in men. Maybe, her crush with Zuko, the publicly acclaimed trash was just a fail-safe mechanism to stop her from walking down the forbidden path.

And today, yet again, much to her embarrassment, after tasting Azula's c.u.m-soaked p.u.s.s.y, Mai felt that maybe... just maybe, all she needed was a hot white-wash from Nik and she'll be able to get her thoughts straightened out.

"So? Want me to untie you?"

Nik asked when suddenly, she knelt behind Mai and started spanking his c.o.c.k against her butt cheeks, crack included.

"Hmmmm~" Mai immediately suppressed the sudden m.o.a.n and felt a little speechless.

Did she wish to get her hands freed? Of course, yes. Then, she would be able to latch Nik's face against her own No! Mai immediately shook her head and Nik patted her round butt gently.

"That's right! You are one nasty girl, alright!"

"Wait I didn't mean that"

Mai immediately spoke, understanding that Nik might have misunderstood the shake of her head and yet, the touch of his warm, moist hand seemed to be resonating within her.

Looking at the beautifully wrapped Mai, Nik slowly let his index finger get into the underside of the ribbon covering her slit while playing with her fleshy entrance that was exposed.


Mai immediately bit onto her lips as Nik grinned.

"Allow me to please you, Mai. And of course, resistance is futile."

Nik gently slid the ribbon away and placed his lips, sealing her already moist entrance. Her fruity juices all for Nik to tasted while Mai bit on to the bedsheet, her fist clenched and yet, her eyes showing nothing but pure euphoria.

"All done!"

Nik smiled and stretched her moist entrance while revealing her dark-pink hole, in the end, he could even see slight twitches of her inner walls.

Without even warning, Nik pressed his c.o.c.k against her tight entrance, a quality of its own, before pushing his h.i.p.s deeper, slowly, enjoying every bit of her interiors while taking note at the points that elicited the most reactions out of the already twitching Mai.


Mai bit onto the mattress harder and yet, a strained groan still escaped her lips. Her h.i.p.s bucked slightly, but due to the ribbons tying her, she couldn't do much.

But that did not mean that Nik couldn't do things as well. Feeling Mai's p.u.s.s.y moistening at a breakneck pace due to his skill [V.i.r.g.i.n Lover], Nik picked her up, disregarding her attempts to struggle and raised his h.i.p.s before plunging in once again, knocking at her cervix.

But much to his surprise, he found that with Mai, he could take it up a notch. With her jaws unable to bite into anything, Mai's alluring m.o.a.ns now erupted akin to a suppressed volcano, meanwhile, she distinctively felt her inner entrance making way for the tip of Nik's head.


Mai's tongue lolled out as she was finally pierced to the deepest corners of her p.u.s.s.y, her cervix spread apart, her w.o.m.b took the hit as her head bucked back, wildly.

Meanwhile, Nik couldn't help but grunt a sigh of relief. He almost came and yet he resisted the urge. His hand gripped her hair bun harshly, while riding the fire mistress without any care. His h.i.p.s thrusted harshly while each full pump knocked at the end of Mai's w.o.m.b, deeply ingraining the taste of his pleasurable c.o.c.k within her, the occasional spanks that shook her bottoms only increased the intensity of her m.o.a.ns.

Her drool leaked through her clenched jaws, her hazy eyes rolled upwards as her b.r.e.a.s.ts jiggled rhythmically. Every single thought about her s.e.x.u.a.l orientation flew out of the window.

Her name is Mai, and what she needed is Nik.

She finally understood it as all of her pent up frustration unleashed in the form of massive squirt as even Nik was forced to stop with a grunt when her cervix immediately contracted and ruthlessly clenched against his shaft.

The pain happened to be the last attack that took down Nik's dam as Mai's squirt was immediately pushed within her own w.o.m.b through a massive ejaculation of white, hot c.u.m, branding a mark within her body that forced Mai to bow her head and raise her butt in servitude.

Once again, she reaffirmed her thoughts.

She was Mai and the only thing she needed was Nik and his hot, passionate c.o.c.k that can relieve her against her will and yet, create a space of passion that cannot be resisted.

With one last blissful m.o.a.n, Mai could distinctively feel a slight bulge just above her crotch as Nik's hot c.u.m simply refused to leave her w.o.m.b, and then, she slowly lost her consciousness. The last days had been quite stressful, but Nik happened to be the person who was caring enough to f.u.c.k her into oblivion and itch the scratch that even Azula failed to touch.


[You have activated another hidden quest related to your affiliation.

Champion's Netori

Completed: 0.3/100%]