Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 1 Chapter 83

Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 83 Bandit



Nik felt that he wasn't a world-travelling host, but a Bandit.

After all, within a matter of a few hours, he had taken two lives, looted treasures and bedded women continuously.

If he wasn't a bandit, then who is?

There was still a bit of time before his last enlightenment session, sitting on his own mattress, Nik absent-mindedly caressed the top of Pavka's head. The feel of her soft blonde hair was a luxury in its own that Nik dared not take for granted.

"Why cannot all the spirits be as cute as you?"

"Hmmm! That's nice! Continue! Praise me more!"

Pavka chuckled, her back nuzzling against his lower torso while her cute butt comfortably placed with the gaps of his laps.

"Aren't you a wonderful treat!"

Nik smiled and kissed the top of her head, making Pavka's expression extremely pleased. A wide smile on her face as she sighed.

"This feels nice."

She softly whispered.

"It does."

Nik's gaze flashed gently, his hands continued to massage her head.

"Nik?" She slowly straightened her back and tilted her face sideways, barely making eye contact with Nik and continued, "How long till you leave?"

"A little more than five months."

Pavka nodded before nuzzling back, she didn't speak for the rest of their duration before her soft snores marked the end of their massage session and Nik scooped her over to let her sleep more comfortably.

After pulling a blanket over her, Nik shifted a bit sidewards and then took out two medallions from his inventory.

White and Green.

The white one was offered by Zhao's death while the green medallion was gained through the death of the Avatar, the bald boy.

Picking the white medallion, Nik willed to open the treasure as a soft white light touched the medallion before it floated above his palm while rotating.

Soon, the white light condensed and the medallion had already turned into three fiery red crystals.

[Fire Crystal x3 (White):

Description: Alchemy material used in the process of creating fire-related products.]

Sighing in defeat, Zhao's life and death, both were now proved to be useless.

Gazing at the green medallion, Nik could only hope that the higher grade medallion (White---> Green) could bring him something better.

The same situation occurred as the medallion glowed while floating mid-air, just that, the glow was a bit more intense, making Nik hold his breath in anticipation.

Soon, a small helmet carved with various colours fell on his laps.

Picking up the helmet, Nik could make out a soft green sheen as he calmed himself down and gazed at its description.

[Elemental Helmet (Green): 9

Description: Part of the Elemental set, can be equipped with other sets to increase the overall resistance to the elemental attacks.


13% Damage resistance towards the head.

20% elemental damage resistance.

Equip: Yes/No]

Pressing [Yes], Nik couldn't help but sigh at the irony that a bald boy would end up being a helmet. But he wasn't the type to complain.

Since he could hide the equipments over his body and only fill out the equipment space to have more mobility and get the bonuses of the equipment, the odd-looking helmet immediately vanished and he finally slicked his hair back... just like a mafia... wait, no, just like a bandit.

'Destruction of Ba Sing Se...'

Nik then started to recall all the information he had on Ba Sing Se. Since he had decided to take up the chain quest, then this meant that the other hosts are most probably dead or they were transported back after the completion of his mission.

After all, if he was given a death penalty as a failure in the condition of killing the Avatar, then the others might be also given the same condition with the requirement of saving the Avatar.

Not once did Nik think that the others might be alive because the Avatar wasn't dead in the truest sense and would definitely incarnate back.

Since the death of the baldy boy marked the success of his mission, then this meant that the quest wasn't an execution type mission but an event type mission where the physical death of a particular Avatar was needed.

'But... there might still be some alive... just like Brian. Who knows what I'll face...'

Nik sighed as the whole situation was too stressful for him. While Nik admitted that he had thoughts of returning to Mitsuko and the others' embrace, he also knew that the longer he lives, the harder the missions and quests will become.

So, he needed to get as much benefit he can during his early travels. In Nik's words Instead of accounting for an immediate hug from Kyouko and Amano, he should be accounting for years of sessions with them.

And to have years of sessions with his beloved babes, he needed to have the required strength to stay alive and live well.

With these thoughts in his mind, Nik's conviction to destroy Ba Sing Se only grew intense.

"Sorry, Ba Sing Se, but daddy's got to pound his chicks!"

He muttered before laying on the bed and resting his mind, spirit and the body for his upcoming battle tonight.

Of course, his method of recharge was hugging the cute little Pavka while taking a deep breath of her enchanting scent.

Yes, now he felt calm and happy, just like Pavka, who was completely pleased with the sudden arrival of warmth and coziness.

Just like that, the duo rested in each other's embrace. Somewhere in between the rest, Pavka was already facing Nik and had her arms over his neck.


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