Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 1 Chapter 85

Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 85 Borders

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"Who's a good girl! Yes, you are! You are!"

Nik smiled while patting the splendid scales of the fire-breathing salamanders. Right now, Nik was no longer dressed as a Fire Commander, but a simple Earth Kingdom citizen. A green band covered his forehead while he gently smiled as the said salamander narrowed its vertical eyelids.


"Aww! Aren't you a cutie!"

Nik continued patting the head of the foremost salamander, his body carefully placed behind the salamander's back while the other three salamanders only looked at their boss with deep envy striking their heart.

The trio salamanders had already experienced Nik's masterful hands and couldn't help but let out soft, mournful howls.


The boss immediately let out a threatening growl, squashing the uprising at its infancy.

"Wow... is he really Nik?"

Yue pointed at the youth while Karna shrugged.

"I share your shock, too"

Karna and Yue were garbed in loose-fitting green robes, meanwhile, their 'prisoners' were still in their blue robes.

After understanding the true situation of the Northern Water Tribe, Katara had immediately removed the thought of settling within the tribe, but, she was still titled a prisoner.

Since she had already lost her backing from the tribe, the Fire Kingdom, or namely, Azula couldn't stop the kingdom from torturing Katara and Sokka for insiders information.

But it was against Nik's wishes and that created quite a lot of troubles for Azula.

Not wanting his crazy babe to suffer from more mental tasks, Nik simply smiled while destroying an entire battleship before 'deserting' with the prisoners and the water tribe guests, much to the shock of 'Princess'.

Of course, Azula was scheduled to return to the Earth Kingdom within a month and then, he would be able to meet up with her and the lovely Mai and engage in their daily night wrestling.

"Ah! Look, that weird smile again."

Yue pointed out while Karna sighed heavily.

"Nik, are really alright?!"

"No, he isn't!" Before Nik could even reply, Pavka's disgruntled voice struck within Nik's consciousness as she continued with her own anger, "He's a pervert who does not respect racial and species boundary! If this Salamander is hot enough, she will definitely get f.u.c.k.i.e.d!"

Rolling his eyes internally, Nik shook his head.

"You don't understand! Look at her shiny scales! She has been taking care of herself for so long, she deserves some of my attention."

Nik smiled and then diverted his attention to Pavka before groaning.

"Oh, come on! I didn't think that you won't like it! It's already been 3 days!"

Pavka and Nik were going through a bit of a rough patch. The only reason was that Nik actually decided to bind her, just the way Mai was bound while she was sleeping. Though, Nik understood that this was a major invasion of Pavka's privacy, he was just trying a little bondage in good health.

He didn't even touch her sensually after she was completely gift-tied. But Pavka's reaction was opposite to her usual casual and cheery self. Not only did she stop sleeping with him, but she also didn't even show herself for three days, only letting her snorts transferred to his consciousness.

In this manner, Nik lost an extremely awesome body pillow.

"Ah! I can't hear you? Is some dumb boy calling for my esteemed self?

Maybe, if he prostate, then this esteemed spirit might show herself."

Nik shrugged.

"Alright, I'll kneel." After all, his own actions caused this situation, he should at least be a man enough to face the consequences, disregarding his pride and other conscious concepts.

"Ah! I remember, a little birdie told me not to talk to a horny boi for four days!"

And that was the last of Pavka. After whispering praises and some more sweet stuff without getting any reply, Nik finally sighed deeply and finally jumped back towards the seat.

While discontent, the leader salamander continued the journey.

"Heh~ And here I thought you had a thing for scales!"

Yue snickered as her head immediately fell on Nik's laps while she yawned lazily, immediately drifting to a wonderful dreamland. Karna, on the other hand, gazed at the pig and only cursed internally.

"So? Is Pavka still upset?"

Karna questioned, to which, Nik only raised his shoulders in a shrug. With the partner's list accessible, the other four Azula, Mai, Karna and Yue, were already told about Pavka's existence. Of course, it took a few days for the girls to digest the fact that Nik's c.o.c.k was kind of spiritual since he could f.u.c.k a transcendent existence.

"Well... let's say that instead of 'spicing it up', I'll try to be a bit moderate."

At this moment, Yue shrugged and spoke from below.

"Well, in Pavka's defence, she hates her sleep getting interrupted, not to mention, waking up bounded."

"What do you know?"

Nik snorted while Yue giggled.

"Pavka is speaking to me and telling me things, you know!"

"Right now?"

"Right now!"

Nik sighed in defeat.


"Katara, you really alright?"

Sokka frowned as he looked at the flushed Katara.

While controlling her voice, Katara looked at her brother before her gaze started to drift southwards, almost instantly, she snapped her head up and smiled, albeit, painfully.

"I... I am fine, Sokka."

Meanwhile, Katar wanted to scream that she was feeling hot! Her n.i.p.p.l.es were twitching and her thighs were wet! But she couldn't, not to her brother!

'Maybe I should ask Karna about this...'

Katara thought internally. She felt that this was some sort of effect from learning waterbending. After all, Karna started to instruct her after they 'escaped' from the destroyer.

While Sokka and Katara were still unaware of what really happened, they were quite grateful for Nik for their escape. But of course, they still remembered how Nik fought against the Aang before he 'disappeared'.

'And... what a good scent!'

Katara took a deep breath to hide the act of her whiffing the scent deeply and almost instantly, her body started twitching all over again.

It was due to Nik's pheromone. While the girls that are already marked by Nik's s.e.m.e.n will only feel comfortable under his scent, to other girls, his scent works like an aphrodisiac that Katara didn't know about.

All the time as the group travelled, Katara has been under the effect of diluted aphrodisiac.


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