Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 1 Chapter 86

Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 86 Bone Of Enlightenment

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The Salamander's pale yellow eyes bore into Sokka's terrified eyes as the youth could swear that he saw a thin trail of drool followed by a small puff of fire out of the said beast's mouth.

"She just likes to play."

Nik chuckled, leaning on the side while looking at Karna, Yue and Katara practicing waterbending. Out of the trio, only Yue held a silverish glow as the movement of water tendrils was a bit awkward.

Of course, he enjoyed the sight of their bandaged bosoms and open hair, in some way, this scene could be regarded as a bunch of girls throwing water at each other, except, the moment the water struck, they would gain an additional whip-like mark.

"Woah! Bro! Are you sure that Miss Karna and Yue, both are your... uhmm?"

Sokka got closer to Nik and asked with a dirty smile, to which, Nik simply shrugged. Honestly, even though Sokka's personally was a bit refreshing, the only reason Nik tolerated the goofy dude was for the fact that he wanted to make him his brother-in-law.

"Well, yeah. If you play your cards right, you might end up lucky."

"For real? Just playing your cards right?"

Sokka frowned and went into deep thought before looking at Nik.

"I don't have any cards."

"You are 18, right?"

"Yeah." Sokka nodded before another Salamander approached the duo, this one much larger in size.

"Oh, Ignit is back."

Nik smiled and walked up to the salamander before placing his hand on the underside of its large jaws while rubbing the soft underside, much to Ignit's joy.

"Dude! Don't go off topic!"

Sokka immediately rushed, partly, to understand Nik's trade secret, and also, to get away from the annoyed Salamander that was obviously pissed by its leader Ignit.

"Tell you what, the moment we enter Omashu, I'll get you hooked up."

"You would do that? For me?"

Sokka looked at Nik, speechless, while his eyes slowly glistened.

"I really misunderstood you! Man, you're the best!"

He immediately jumped towards Nik and hugged him hard!

"Oi! Get away! Ignit, roast him real nice"

Before Nik could complete his sentence, Sokka had already jumped away and vanished into the caravan.

Nik made a weird expression at such a display. It wasn't like Ignit was truly going to roast you.


He tilted his head and patted the Salamander.

The trio continued their practice for two more hours before they felt drained. Especially Yue, since she wasn't using the Gravity the way it was supposed to be used. The main method of utilisation, according to Nik, was supposed to be more in the department of control instead of actually bending gravity to form 'tendrils' or 'balls' of gravity.

But Nik did not know the correct martial method to slowly accustom himself with attuning himself to gravity and control it. He was more barbaric in this sense as he simply utilised the elemental energy to control the Gravity.

Therefore, his assistance towards Yue was the least.

By now, all Yue could do was slowly grow more proficient in the martial method of waterbending while using her affinity with Gravity to control the water as much as she can. This caused the original two-step bending to be transformed into three-step bending.

"You really worked hard."

Nik smiled as he passed Yue a cloth and gently kissed her on the cheek. Did Nik ever mention that Yue was completely soft?

Like literally soft. He could squeeze any part of her body and he would feel refreshed. In this department, Yue could compare to the softest existence in the world Pavka.


Yue grinned, a flush on her cheeks, yet, such a display did alleviate much of her mental strain.


Karna coughed before looking at Nik with a blank expression.

"What are you looking at? You are the oldest, you are supposed to be hardworking."

Nik rolled his eyes as Karna immediately took the towel out of his hands and pulled him in, of course, Nik let her pull him, closing the distance while her expression demanded her cheeks to be soothed by his lips.

Planting one gentle kiss, Nik grinned before Karna's smile returned as she gave a short peck on his lips.

"Here's the sweet, honey. Keep me happy and there'll be more."

Karna whispered as her hands did grow bold and patted Nik's butt before winking.

"Then I'll be sure to service you a lot more. How does a midday session in a lake sounds?"

To this, Karna's smile finally turned a bit stoic before she pinched Nik's butt in retaliation, and honestly, he simply enjoyed it. After all the pinching he has done, he deserved a bit of attention, too.

Of course, all the while, Katara only looked around awkwardly. Since Sokka wasn't standing out there, for which, she'll surely skin him for, Katara could only smile at Yue awkwardly while Nik and Karna spent a few moments of affection.

"Ah! You're making Katara uncomfortable!"

Yue immediately shouted and pointed out, which only increased her awkwardness.

As Katara nodded at Karna before taking her leave, she did take a deep breath once again to hide the sound of her nose sucking in Nik's breathless scent. But of course, she didn't dare show any outwards reaction for she still didn't believe Nik completely.

In fact, from what she has heard while her short stay in the Destroyer, Nik had not only betrayed the Earth Kingdom to join the Fire Nation, he has also acted as a spy for the Fire Nation during his trip to the Water Tribe before he had betrayed the Fire Nation all together.

Of course, the moment the Water Tribe found out Nik's affiliation with the Fire Nation, it was rumoured that the Chieftain was removed from his position for he was the one who allowed Nik to gain affinity with Water.

But strangely, the treaty still stood strong. Of course, after Katara found how heavily she would be restricted in the tribe, she decided to accept Karna's offer and started learning the secrets of Waterbending from Karna.

But that did not mean that she trusted Nik, who had officially betrayed all the existing kingdoms/tribe.

In fact, Katara was already prepared if it was ever known that Nik had never betrayed the Earth Kingdom or the Fire Nation.

But... God that SCENT!

Even now, Katara had trouble walking and she was extremely thankful that she was currently wet from all the training so others couldn't see her other sources of wetness. But Nik's scent was akin to a cloud of drug that was slowly turning into an unhealthy addiction.

As a grown-up, Katara was well aware that there were ways to alleviate herself of such physical tension, but two out of three options were immediately crossed out.

'Looks like I'll have to fill my water bottle again tonight...'

She sighed heavily while living in the misconception that Nik couldn't find out about her moist thighs.

He could smell a horny woman miles apart.

After all, Nik was a simple, horny dog.

His strengths were his nose and his...

Bone of Enlightenment.


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