Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 1 Chapter 89

Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 89 Worries

After a relaxing bath in Karna's and Yue's company, Nik and the duo practically glowed as they immediately slumped over the bed with a synchronised 'Oomph'.

No action took place during the bath because aside from being a horny teen, Nik was considerate enough to understand the difference between his own physical limits and his partner's physical restrictions.

Karna and Yue's bodies needed a nice long sleep to fully relax their entire system and get refreshed completely before starting another session. Of course, Nik really wanted to go a few rounds nonetheless, but still, barely managed to keep his own body in check.

If s.e.x was the only thing he wanted from his partners, he didn't have any need to find and interact with the girls like he does now. All he needed was to spend a few coins on a local 'd.i.c.k-bender', charm her through his s.e.x.u.a.l prowess while use his mind-altering pheromone to seduce her into a partnership.

That simple.

There was no need to stay away from the seven women he started to truly care about and he could easily manipulate the feelings of other women he meets during his adventures.

But if Nik really walked down that path, how different would he be from his previous self? The self that was willing to ignore Megumi's cries while forcefully taking her within her own house, the self that still lived in the shadows of his own past.

The answer is Not different at all. While Nik did manage to let go of his obsession over his father, if he really started completing the Affiliation Quest at the expense of the emotions of other beings that are willing to put their trust in him, then maybe, he would have stooped even lower than his previous self.

The thought itself was quite conflicting for Nik. On one hand, he really wished to use his skills and be done with it. At the end of the road, Nik knew what he would be facing. His time in this world was limited, so was his interaction with the girls.

And there was no way Nik could sleep peacefully after leaving his girls in am entirely different planet.

While the sudden introduction of the Harem really solved Nik's most prioritised worry, this led Nik to understand that rounding his girls up wasn't the most difficult task.

The most difficult task of all was to convince them to leave with him.

No, Nik wasn't sure that he could actually allow the other girls to transport to a different world, yet, he would have the means to keep them with him, even if they don't move or actually stay close to him physically.

But that would require the girls to lose everything. Convincing them to leave with him meant that he would be asking the girls to give up on everything, their families, ambitions, dreams and most of all, their freedom.

And the thought of satiating his own worries at the expense of their freedom made Nik disgust himself.

There was quite a lot of time before their appointment with the thin young master while Karna and Yue immediately slept the moment their body touched the bed. Of course, in their sleep, they did slowly twisted their body to become more comfortable.

By now, Nik had categorised the girls into two kind of sleepers The digger, the blanket.

Yue, being a digger, would always end up pushing her limbs below Nik's body, making him quite uncomfortable while Karna, on the other hand, was the blanket. She would always end up placing more of her body above him.

But Nik didn't have it within him to wake them up. And honestly, once a person gets used to the digger's actions, in this case, Yue's antics, Nik's body itself would want Yue to push her hands beneath his back while pushing her feet through the underside of his knees.

Somehow, even Nik started to feel drowsy.



Nik grunted as he felt Yue and Karan clung onto him, vertically, one below and one above, as he finally realised that he himself fell asleep.

A silent yawn immediately touched his lips, opening his mouth wide as the unruly knocks only grew more and more restless.

But even then, Nik took a moment to realise that how a single nap had actually refreshed his mind to a great extent and even relieved him of his moral conflict. He already came to an answer Instead of worrying of the future, might as well complete the ten hookups before actually gaining the harem.

After all, if he doesn't obtain the harem, all his worries would have been for naught, since, instead of taking the girls with him, he would have no other choice to leave them behind him and Nik was absolutely sure that it would be extremely difficult to return to the same world once again.

After all, each successful world travel brings quite a lot of benefits, but it also raises the bar. Since Nik had already completed the main mission and the fact that this world was only a Rank 1 world, he was sure that once Nik returned, the system would send him to a different, challenging world.

After all, even at rank 1, there are quite a few differences within the same rank.

Slowly pulling Karna over Yue, near enough to make both, the digger and the blanket, interact with each other, Nik jumped up from the bed, still, with his upper body exposed, Nik opened the door in annoyance only to find an anxious Sokka.

"Dude! Why aren't you ready yet?"

Sokka immediately tried getting into his room in anxiousness only to get stopped by Nik with his hand on Sokka's shoulder.

"Just wait a minute, I'll get ready in a minute."

Nik replied while covering his mouth as another yawn opened his mouth wide.

"Fine! Just hurry, we're already a few minutes late."

He grumbled into an agreement, in fact, Sokka did consider leaving Nik and enjoying the night alone but the revelation that he had no 'game' made it harder for Sokka to actually leave Nik's side.

Even now, Sokka was quite embarrassed to admit that not only Nik's face was quite handsome, but even his body could many people to shame.

After washing his face and covering Karna and Yue, Nik put on his greenish tunic before combing his hair back.

'Damn... I really need a barber...'

Nik thought while looking at the condition of his hair and his facial hair.

'Well... a beard is always a yes.'

He rubbed his chin before a few knocks made him sigh.

'Can't a man appreciate his own beauty? Sokka needs to learn patience, after all, nobody loves a premature ejaculation.'

Nik gave his whole outfit another look before he left the room with the excited Sokka.


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