Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 1 Chapter 90

Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 90 Scarlet Street

"So cool~!"

Stars decorated Min's eyes as he looked at the scaly beasts that could destroy a human with a single breath of fire. Behind Min, his childhood goons also shared his passion, but unlike him, the trio goons also feared that the salamanders might roast their own little group.

Min, the humble young master that paid for today's lunch wore a luxurious jade-green robe with a golden-bear embroidered on its surface while a gold-green hat covered his head.

"See? Aren't they cool?"

While Sokka did not share Min's passion, he was supposed to be tonight's guide, so, Sokka decided to throw him a bone but still refrained from touching the scales of the salamanders.

"Extremely! So, your name is Nik, right? Thanks for this afternoon, man. Every afternoon, my crush passes that street.

Sorry if I got a bit rude, but that is the only time when I can look at her."

Min bowed deeply while Nik had a hard time comforting the Salamanders to not bite Min's head off for his rudeness of touching their prized scales. Only Nik was allowed to touch them, not anyone else.

"No problem. Why don't you hop up, I would need directions to reach the Scarlet Street."

Min nodded excitedly while Sokka and the Three Goons entered the carriage.

With a gentle tap, Ignit immediately growled to gain the attention of her own three goons and soon made way within the streets of the Omashu while enjoying the terror-stricken expression on the faces of commoners.


Every now and then, Ignit would even let out small puffs of fire that would be immediately followed by screams of terror only furthering Nik's headache. Min, on the other hand, seemed to be enjoying their faces.

He was rotten, Nik concluded while only sighing happily at how much fun Ignit was having.

It was a hypocritical thought, Nik admitted, but with him staying in this world for only five more months, he wanted to indulge Ignit into all her desires. If she wanted to scare humans, Nik would dress Ignit as a mummy to increase the impact. If Ignit wanted to eat a Dragon's meat, Nik would immediately cook a fish to satiate her hunger and knocking her head for having such a suicidal thought.

Soon, the sight of the commoners grew less while rich and lavish people took the spots of the street, but all the money in the world couldn't stop then from screaming like a little girl when Ignit actually nudged the back of their heads before grinning, showing off her impeccable set of teeth.

"Min! I swear to god Aaaghhhh! It's coming here!!!!!"

A youth immediately screamed while leaving a group of girls, the youth seemed to recognise Min, but even then, he ran away in terror.

"Nik, would you be interested in selling"


Nik immediately shrugged and soon found a parking spot of the caravan. The shop that actually allowed such a notorious caravan to park happened to be one of the many chains of Min's father Nim.

Ignoring their naming sense, for he didn't have the right to judge Min's father's name, Nik and Sokka followed Min's lead and soon entered a lavish establishment with an actual pink-pigmented stone. Nik couldn't read what was written on it, but seeing Sokka's expression and a huge blush on his face, Nik concluded that it could be anything but ordinary.

"Welcome to the Earthen Swamp Hole!"

'Well, the name isn't THAT inciting...'

Nik thought as the burly man who could only be categorised as the jumper of the place greeted the group and made way for them after his trained eyes fell on Min standing beside Nik.

Unlike the plain entryway, the place, no, the bar was barely lit with many earthen platforms erected with sturdy poles placed on the centre of the platform. The moment they stepped in, the calm environment was broken by loud cheers and whistles, somehow, the bar had managed to level-up the game of traditional music as the volume of the rocky music was way comparable to the modern music system.

And there they were, lithe bodies, barely covered rolling around the poles while dexterous hands pocketing each and every coin thrown towards them. Not to mention the sweepers that would regularly collect all the coins that adorned the platform itself.

Somehow, Nik's group managed to stand out as most of the occupants of this place could be categorised as old, rich type. Some obese, some so thin that Nik had to wonder if they even had enough vitality to make their little brother enjoy the lap dance that the individual enchanters were performing for a higher tip.

But there was something that Nim had to agree with. This place was definitely amazing.

A full buffet with a tipping system for alcohol, not to mention the sturdy bartender that refused to have any unsolicited activities in the bar itself, keeping the place carnal, yet professional.


Sokka whistled while whispering to Nik, the damn guy couldn't even understand for the fact that if Nik couldn't even hear him in such a loud atmosphere.

Bringing his face closer to Sokka's ears, he finally shouted with frustration.

"Speak up, will you?!"

"Right, sorry! I was saying that I don't think that I need to have any games to find a hookup, right?"

Nik nodded as he already found several gazes on their group. Partly because of the fact that Min's luxurious robes and young age made him one of the most desired customers and the other that Nik was hot enough to enter their eyes even without any visible show of money.

"You don't need game, but coins. I promised you a hookup." Nik grinned at Sokka while Min had already made his way towards one of the platforms, his fist clenching a lot of coins, ready to be thrown the moment the darling showed her bits while his other hand already munching on meat.

"Here you go!"

Nik threw him a pouch of coins, and as if Sokka had become the most beautiful man the lonely girls had ever met, they immediately flocked him akin to moths crowding a flame.

Smiling at Sokka's foolish expression, Nik could only think that this night may as well be his most memorable night.

"Any local speciality?"

Nik took a seat and tapped the table while speaking loudly towards the bartender, the dark-haired middle-aged man smiled and nodded. Putting up four of his fingers, he then proceeded to prepare a drink in one of the earthen cups that seemed to be laced with a drug that increased the potency of the alcohol.

Placing four coins, Nik waited for the drink while Sokka had already disappeared into one of the private chambers.

'Isn't he the chosen one?'

Nik chuckled at his own dull-humour, in such a place, what else could he do? In fact, even though he might look all freshened up, but such a rowdy place brought memories that Nik didn't want to recall.

Replace the old obese and thin old men with a similar type of women and then, replace luscious women with studs, and there you have it, Nik's nightmare.

A nightmare he lived every day from 11 in the morning to 8 in the evening before he was scheduled to private chambers.

Plural, yes.

Sighing heavily, Nik gulped the content of the cup and felt his throat sting with the spiciness as his face recovered a bit of its natural color, but due to the dim lights, nobody managed to find out his anxiety.

Well, the lovely lady that sat beside him had a whole different mindset, though.

Brushing her long black hair behind, the woman looked at Nik with a rather bold gaze, her crop top and long battle skirt pointed out how she wasn't affiliated to the place, and yet, the woman managed to spank one of the plump asses walking past her and grinned at the bartender and placed a pouch on the counter.

Smiling, the bartender immediately went into motion while the surrounding men, what Nik presumed them to be merchants and administrators gave way to the woman, fear visible in their eyes even in such an ill-lighted area.

"Yo, handsome? Is that disgust I smell?"

She grinned at Nik before tapping her nose with her index finger, attracting Nik's attention towards arm sleeves that reached up to her supple biceps her crop top started.

"I am June, what's your name, handsome?"


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