Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 1 Chapter 91

Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 91 The Strongest Mercenary

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"I am Nik, looking good, June!"

Nik replied in an equally loud voice, causing June to smirk and gulp the contents of the cup as quickly as it was filled.

Passing one of the many cups slowly being filled in front of her, June raised her cup towards Nik before gulping the drink in one go, once again.

"This place has booze and women! So? What happened? You definitely look sad."

Nik pondered while gazing at the cup before matching June's pace and drank the contents in one go. Unlike the previous spicy drink, the current alcohol immediately made his mouth go dry before his throat caught fire that soon heated his body.

"Nothing much, some bad memories. What about you? This place has girls and booze, not guys.

What are you doing here?"

Smiling at Nik, she winked before pointing at other old and obese men.

"Who said there aren't men? But this time, I think I finally found a nice target."

"I am flattered!"

Nik and June raised their cups before draining the contents. Of course, Nik has been supplying a steady stream of coins to cover his part of the tab.

It was also at this moment, the traditional music stopped while the lights slowly grew brighter. As if understanding what was going on, the center of the bar was soon emptied and the all the girls, as scantily dressed they may be, started serving each and every customer a part of the buffet.

Of course, those with a large number of pouches were also served personal lap dances with round butts moving and grinding their crouch seductively, their bosom exposed for everyone to witness them jiggle.

Meanwhile, in the centre of the bar, a rowdy man soon smacked the table and sat on one of the two chairs, his eyes scanned the crowds before his gaze fell on June.

"Oi, June! Get your ass down here! This time, I'll be the one to take the victory to my babe!"

He winked at the dark-skinned woman, whose hands were running across the exposed chest of a middle-aged man, who, in return, gave the man a disgusted look before cooing to the bald obese merchant.


June rolled her eyes and stood up, a large part of her hair covered the right side of her face. Giving a seductive wink to Nik, she moved her h.i.p.s sensually while taking a seat next to the burly man, whose biceps, allegedly, housed wriggling veins that were thick enough to become a young child's fingers.

They both rested their right elbows on the table before gripping each other's palm, and instantly, the crowd started chanting.





June and the burly man put their strength in their arm only for June to push the man's arm down easily.

She won, instantly.

Even Nik was surprised, but all the people present seemed to be unimpressed, as if they are used to such loss of muscular men.

Taking another shot of whatever the drink was, Nik finally felt a bit light-headed and looked at the scrawny Min approaching him.

"Where's Sokka?"

He looked at him with a quizzical expression only to find Nik pointing at one of the particular chambers, making Min smile widely.

"Good for him! He seemed quite pent-up. Though, I wonder with your group, shouldn't you guys be much 'refreshed'?"

At his words, Nik couldn't help but shrug. During their travels in the wild, Nik, Karna and Yue did some crazy things. Things that he was proud of, but the same thing couldn't be said for Sokka and Katara.

Sokka wouldn't touch his sister and Nik's presence made it so that he wouldn't even dare to think of Karna and Yue even in his dreams, making him quite frustrated, s.e.x.u.a.lly.

Now, by taking three women directly, it seemed that he wanted to relieve himself and also empty as much as he can to not feel the same torture in his future journey.

"Well, I am refreshed, but Sokka's sister is in our group, so he had to hold up."

"Sad. Well, this is one of the many specialties of this place. The One Woman Arm Wrestling."

Min spoke while pointing at June, who was already locking her hands with a scar-faced man who seemed to be glaring at June with hatred.

"Oh, so she defeats guys in arm wrestling?"


He nodded while pointing at the rich merchants cheering loudly.

"And, she also laps up customer interested in her strength. This way, she soon took the title of the strongest mercenary in the entire Earth Kingdom."

"The Strongest?"

Nik raised an eyebrow while walking towards the table.

A natural, yet rare flush touched his cheeks while he patted the shoulder of the fallen man while sitting across the table placing his right elbow on the table.

"I don't know if I should call you gutsy or foolish?"

"Just call me Nik. Either way, let me have some fun, too."

Nik smiled and grabbed June's hand easily, their stature was almost the same with Nik sporting a muscular frame while June being a lean woman with curvaceous assets.

Licking her luscious red lips, June grinned and waited for the countdown to be finished.

"Alright, have it your way, Nik. Although, I don't take losers home with me."

As the chant finished, Nik grinned and immediately pushed June's hand downwards, disregarding the astounding strength that forced many men to cry under her grip.

"Well aren't you lucky, I don't distinguish a woman based on their victory or loss... I just take them."

The entire bar fell silent while even June looked at her own arm in astonishment. She couldn't understand what was going one.

Her arm failed her? She, who has ruined man and women alike. The slayer who hunted wildest of beasts and richest of humans alike, taking their heads as a trophy to exchange for money.

How could she fail?

The only reasonable explanation that came to her mind was that Nik was stronger than her.

And looking at his lazy expression, he seemed to be way too strong.

She could fail a stinging sensation from the back of her hand that was slammed against the table and even then, her hand seemed to be gripping Nik's hand tightly.

"So? What happens when a man wins? Does he gets the fortune to witness your home?"

His dry chuckle brought June back to reality as she slowly left Nik's hand and took a deep breath. The merchants and strippers alike stood in their tracks.

One particular old man, who was sucking at the generous bosom of a paled skin teen seemed to forget the action of sucking and simply kept her teets within his mouth.

"Nik... won."

Min had a hard time believing while he immediately thanked all the gods and spirits that graced him this afternoon for keeping Nik reasonable. If they had really fought over a seat of a restaurant, Min didn't know how many broken bones he would have taken back to his home.

"Holy!" The old man immediately removed his face from the teen's perky b.r.e.a.s.ts and shouted out loud, causing a chain reaction within the bar.


"Eh? Everything is silent?"

Sokka exclaimed as he immediately grunted, taking a fistful of the redhead's hair, he immediately slammed his rod deep within her warm snatch while the blonde and the brunette licked his chest, their hands massaging his butt while the redhead's soft and mellow m.o.a.ns slowly riled Sokka further.

'Oh, shit! I didn't know s.e.x felt this good!'

Sokka exclaimed inwardly when he felt the tight p.u.s.s.y clamping onto him, almost making his c.u.m deep into her w.o.m.b while his thoughts slowly spiralled across every woman he had ever met during his journey.

Sadly, due to Aang and his destiny, Sokka was forced by Katara to travel, missing on such a wonderful opportunity.

'I really wish Aang also tried s.e.x before he disappeared.'

He thought of the disappeared Avatar one last time before starting to enjoy his time with the trio. The night was young, so was he, and he now decided to make every single moment of his life fun.

With girls, of course.

'Should I also find a girlfriend for my travels?'

He couldn't help but think like this, after all, Katara and Sokka knew what and when the trio did during the journey.

Their m.o.a.ns and the sound of flesh hitting against each other was quite easy to recognise, making the siblings feel awkward.

'I really should get a girlfriend.'

Sokka grew determined.


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