Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 1 Chapter 94

Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 94 Pavaka Unleashed

"Well, is this how it feels when a daughter grows?"

Nik muttered, seeing Ignit actually purring happily while she walked with her three goons in tow as she rubbed her scaly head against a shirshu, large snot, blind mammal with the brown furry body of a wolf while sharp teeth that seemed to be able to tear rocks in half.

"Hehe, well, at least, Nyla won a battle on my behalf."

June chuckled, her body leaning against Nik while a startled Karna immediately jumped in between them while Yue immediately grabbed Nik's left hand and sticking her tongue towards June.

"Hands off him!"

Karna hissed, with the roof of the caravan opened, Katara was quite embarrassed by her peers' actions while a noticeable bulge popped on her forehead when she was Nina, the redheaded harlot cooeing while nuzzling her head against Sokka's chest.

'I hate being eighth wheeled!' Admittedly, Katara even counted Nyla June's partner and Ignit, the other couple who had a wild night while their masters played against each other in their bed.

"Have it your way!"

June shrugged and stood from her seat and bypassed the stunned Karna and sat on Nik's laps, ignoring the weird gazes sent towards her.


Karna hissed!

"Shameless?" June raised her eyebrow and chuckled, "I call it an efficient use of resources. I love his laps, and I'll be accompanying him for a lot of time, so why must I chose the seat of the caravan when his woman-maker can grind against my man-maker?"

She questioned haughtily. But even now, Nik hadn't actually partnered-up with her. Due to his drunken stupor, he failed to get her and only thought of f.u.c.k.i.n.g her into partnership during their next session.

'Maybe a day or two...'

He thought while it would be a lie if he didn't enjoy such a perky butt against his laps.

Seeing Nik's action, Sokka's eyes brightened only to feel a shiver run down his spine while Nina Sokka's lovely partner shivered in fright.

"Don't you dare do that in front of your own sister."

Katara's cold voice broke Sokka out of his delusions, making him nod meekly.

To reach Ba Sing Se, the group needed to travel around the entire desert that filled the space of almost dozens of cities through various checkpoints that once were the famous tourist attractions, but now, reduced to plain rest stops with overpriced stocks.

Being the top mercenary, June had an updated map that marked all the remaining rest stops around the desert as she calmly planned the entire trip... on Nik's laps. The occasional grind did arouse his body's natural reaction but still, his mind continued pursuing Pavka's forgiveness relentlessly.

But even then, things between them didn't change, finally, making Nik huff in frustration.

"Pavka. I made a blunder. I am sorry. I truly am. No more practical jokes... or even the s.e.x.u.a.l ones, promise."

He continued the one-sided communication while Pavka remained silent the entire time. He could definitely feel her presence, but still, he couldn't help but wonder about her anger. After having tried almost every position, a simple bondage really wouldn't have much difference.

He knew there was something else that bothered Pavka.

But still, Nik gave one more try.

"If you think that this isn't enough, then tell me, what do you want?

There must be something that I can do to make you feel better, right?"

At his words, Pavka's dry sigh finally reached his consciousness.

"You really don't understand... it wasn't the bondage play, you idiot!"

Nik could almost see her sneering, yet, Pavka didn't give him much chance before she continued.

"It was the realisation. You are an outsider... you will leave. I felt that I could accept the fact, at first, I really did...

Not now. Hmph!"

Her snort rang across his turbulent consciousness while Nik contemplated her words calmly. Pavka's emotions once again brought out the pangs of guilt hidden deep within his hearts, making him wonder if the pain would ever lessen.

"Might as well come clean, huh."

He muttered internally, yet, he had no intention of hiding his thoughts from Pavka and kept his connection on.

"Pavka, I'll probably leave in a few months."

"I know." She replied with a snap as Nik continued.

"To say that I fell in love with all of you... you, Azula, Mai, Karna, Yur and June... that will be a lie. I might lie to others, but not myself.

Interest in you guys? Yes, I am deeply interested in you guys. But love requires a lot of time. It's a bond that can only be created after enough time is invested... and time is the currency I am short of."

He spoke calmly, letting Pavka know the truth without any deceptions.

"After I leave, I am extremely confident that I can take you guys with me."


Pavka asked out.

"But... I am not sure if you guys can actually live in the other world... at least, not now. So, taking you guys with me will immediately chain your freedom."

"So? What will you do?"

Pavka asked, finally making the turmoil resurface within the deepest part of his heart.


"Just let it out."

Pavka sighed while Nik nodded.

"I want to take you all with me... disregarding your choices...

I am sorry."

Pavka fell silent before mild chuckles escaped into his consciousness.

"Well, at least, we don't have a liar amongst ourselves."

Nik felt bitter and relieved at the same time. The conflicting realisation brought a new wave of understanding that no matter how much he proclaimed that he wasn't hypocritical, he still felt like one.

But his thoughts were interrupted as dazzling violet lightning sparked right in front of their caravan as the Salamanders and the Shirsu immediately stopped dead in their tracks, baring their teeth and letting out feral growls.

"Oh, hush!"

Suddenly, out of the voice created by the purple lightning, a soft and aloof voice immediately hushed the five beasts while a small figure slowly emerged out.

Dazzling blonde hair while a set of violet eyes that seemed to match Nik's pupils regarding the malice it could hold.

Yet, the innocent smile on her face brought waves of warmth that washed over the group.


Nik muttered, his expression couldn't cover his surprise as she immediately landed on the carriage with a 'plop'.

Her appearance had already enchanted every single soul on the caravan, yet, her chilly eyes fell on June, her pupils surprisingly covered in angry sparks of lightning.

"Move your loose ass!"

She hissed while a wave of pressure fell on June, who couldn't help but immediately jump on Karna's laps, making Nik's laps all for her taking.

"That's better."

Taking her royal seat, she eyed everyone carefully before the whole carriage fell into an uproar. Meanwhile, June and Karna immediately separated with an embarrassed flush on their faces.

And the smug smile on Pavka's face while she described the fact that she is the oldest in the group made everyone speechless. Of course, Karna and Yue were already aware of her existence, but never did they know that she would be so cute.

Cute as a button, sharp akin to a stinger.