Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 1 Chapter 95

Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 95 Mystic Palms Oasis

"No need to be scared of her."

Nik smiled as everyone were definitely shaken by various facts that they discovered today. His hands gently massaged the top of Pavka's head, making her lean on Nik's chest while sighing contently.

And there it was, fear being replaced with envy.

"Let's move. We cannot waste much time on Ba Sing Se."

Nik was definitely happy. While he definitely had a slight inkling on what Pavka wanted to do after hearing his answer, Nik didn't mind her actions.

Soon, the group settled once again. With June taking the reigns of the caravan while Karna and Yue finally sighing after Pavka's appearance. Not to mention Katara... who seemed to be even more attracted to Nik after watching so many beautiful women flocking around him.

Her gaze fell on Sokka, who also happened to be catering to Nina.


Katara was a mild and beautiful woman who didn't like to curse. But some circ.u.mstances forced her to curse. While she wished she could spit at her own brother's foolish grin, she was all too aware that she was only frustrated. Not even using the waterbending during the night could truly relieve her.

After all, there must be differences between a large and wide tentacle of water that stirred her insides and an actual rod of pleasure. If water tentacles were an answer to every problem, Karna wouldn't have allowed herself to fall for Nik.

She was a waterbender, just like Katara after all.

"Hmm, show me the map."

Pavka suddenly spoke and pointed at the rolled-up scroll tied onto June's h.i.p.s. Handing out the scroll, June simply continued manning the caravan. She could be considered the most experienced driver within the group so she easily took on the relevant roles.

After all, while Sokka and Katara only tagged along for the fact that they didn't know what to do after losing their home, the siblings did think of finding their father. But whenever they had the discussion and figured how much time their father has already left for, the siblings could only think of the worst possible situation.

"Mystic Palms Oasis... this one had a nice glacier created by the 54th incarnation..."

Pavka muttered while pointed at the outskirts of the desert.

"Let's go here..."

June looked back at the map and couldn't help but frown. Unlike other girls, she wasn't that disheartened about the appearance of such a cute woman. Nik already had two exotic beauties before herself, so it would be stupid to be surprised if more came.

After all, it's not like he shacked up with the Fire Princess, right?

But still, the spot pointed out by the acclaimed spirit happened to be one of the most dangerous areas filled with sandbenders and bandits.

What's more, not only did their group have high-quality beasts that the sandbenders would do anything to get their hands on, the demand for exotic beauties like Yue, Katara and Karna was also high in some of the shady markets June had visited previously.

"This place... will be troublesome."

June stated honestly. Even if she was titled the strongest mercenary, June wasn't the least bit delusional that a group of sandbenders could easily overpower her in a desert... a landscape filled with nothing but sand.

"Oh, don't worry about troubles... I have a friend at the place..."

Pavka shrugged before looking up towards Nik and stating loudly while pointing at Yue.

"That place might have a way for you both to train Gravity Bending."

Her words confused others, but not Pavka and Yue. The latter suddenly grew excited after hearing Pavka's statement.

"For real?"

She blurted out, picking Pavka from Nik's laps and immediately planting flurry of kisses on her soft cheeks and hugging her tightly.

"Aahh! Leave me!"

Pavka cried out loud, but Yue wasn't going to let go that easily. If previously she hugged Pavka out of excitement, then now, she just hugged her because she was way too huggable. Her entire body was soft and she smelled incredibly sweet. Meanwhile, Karna's eyes narrowed as she gazed back at June, who also happened to be staring at Karna.

Since Karna had taken the position to Nik's right, she was incredibly close to Nik.... 's empty laps.

Smiling gently, she winked at June and smiled smugly before her large and meaty ass found its way against Nik's partially awakened crotch.

Licking her lips, she gazed around with narrowed eyes.

"Oh? What happened? Did I just take the best seat with the best view, or what?"

She chuckled gently, her demeanor finally comparable to her mature age... and yet, all she garnered was glares from each direction.

Meanwhile, Nik remained a happy man.

Girls wanted to sit on his laps on their own accord, why would he stop them. Being the sensible man he was, Nik simply sat still and enjoyed the bumpy ride with his bulge already caught between Karna's perky ass cheeks.


He chanted repeatedly within his mind and controlled his hands from moving towards the source of Karna's scent and kept hugging her tightly.

But his crotch couldn't be controlled anymore. The little brother was already getting massaged from Karna's butt cheeks in a tantalizing fashion.


It took almost 7 hours for the group to reach the rest point Mystic Palms Oasis. While this particular Oasis possessed a rich history, due to the passing of time, it had already crumbled down to a small resting place.

Of course, during their journey, the shenanigans of the group was finally controlled as sitting on Nik's laps straight for a few hours was extremely impractical.

With all the stock they had filled in and the generous bandits that were lured out by the beauty of their group easily filled the group's empty pockets once again.

God, Nik loved stupid bandits.

They were like surprise ATMs that Nik could cash out with his fists instead of a credit card.

The reigns of the caravan were also cycled from June to Nik and from Nik to Sokka for a few times, leaving the girls with quite a lot of time that was filled with questions about each other's background.

While Katara didn't trust Nina due to her occupation, Pavka, Karan and Yue unanimously failed to trust Nik with two more beauties left 'unchecked' by him.

Not to mention that the trio started to feel the strange expression Katara showed whenever Nik became the topic of conversation after June pointed out to them.

This made Nik's reliability in such situations even less than a bandit's credibility.

Jumping out of the caravan, Nik glared at the ever-prideful Nyla while rubbing Ignit's head and started feeding them... even Nyla. It would be cruel to leave him out just due to Ignit's apparent infatuation with the blind beast.

Meanwhile, the group immediately threw Sokka out and pulled the roof of the caravan before changing their attires into something comfortable, except for Pavka.

She was just within the caravan to assess the competition.

Her eyes moved around wrapped bosoms and jiggling butts while a sensual scent soon spread within the caravan.

"Oh, this one is definitely nice!"

Pavka smirked and spanked Karna's butt, causing the mature beauty to yelp in surprise while what followed was a series of 'assessing' spanks to check the quality of each pair of butt within the Caravan. Even Katara and Nina were tested by Pavka's ruthless hands that left a small yet clear handprint on their very doable ass.