Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 1 Chapter 96

Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 96 Squashing Pest

The girls finally emerged in thin attire that stuck over their curvaceous body. Due to the merciless heat, their bodies did sweat a lot which made their outfit all the more attractive.

"Hey, baby doll... is there any lucky man to have you?"

Sokka whistled and immediately took Nina's waist, who, giggled with a dreamy expression. Whatever Sokka did to her last night seemed to have worked extremely well for she gave an even more cringy reply to such a cringy question.

"Well, there's this one stud who just f"

"Alright, that's enough."

Katara immediately produced an ice spike that whistled across Nina's ear.

Even Nik looked a bit weirded out by such a strange couple. While Nina was a definite beauty, Nik simply couldn't bring himself to believe that the previous harlot had no ill-motives against their group.

After all, if a girl wanted to follow him just after a night of passion, he could easily believe it for he wasn't a human anymore. Sokka, on the other hand, actually paid the remaining amount entrusted to him to pay for Nina's freedom.

But still, Nik refrained from butting in between their relationship, whatever it may be. Who knows, maybe he was simply being a bit paranoid while Nina might have a thing for Sokka?

"But this will be a bit bothersome."

Even though the group would be travelling on the caravan, soon, the beauties in his group would definitely attract unwanted attention, not to mention they will be staying at such a rundown place for a few hours, gaining more than necessary attraction.

"It's not all that bad."

Pavka spoke while shrinking and entering Nik's tunic, then letting her face out of the neck of the tunic. Her size-changing ability garnered a little attention due to the fact that there already are many spirits known to humanity that have some unique abilities.

She then gazed at all the women gathered together before looking at Nik's chin and pulling on his stubble.

"On another note, things may get out of hand."

She replied while Nik rubbed his chin calmly. Finally deciding that he may as well bulldoze over any pest that may trouble him for anything besides a restaurant seat, Nik smiled at the group.

"Alright, we will be soon travelling towards the outer area of the desert. While the journey will take less than half an hour, we need to prepare some items for our pets. Their paws won't help us in the raging sand and we might as well buy some padded covers for them."

Nik looked at Yue, who was looking particularly exotic with her wavy silver hair flowing towards her h.i.p.s gently.

Of course, aside from Yue, even Nina looked quite exquisite. But he kept his stare to himself. While he may not truly feel remorse for bringing more girls and taking them right in front of Yue and Karna, he also wasn't overly fond of hurting his girls when there was no need to.

Nina attracted his attention because she was a redhead, and Nik was absolutely sure that one day, he would shackle up with an otherworldly redhead.

With his thoughts cleared, he didn't even give Katara much face even when she was clearly the most 'thirsty' one out of the group.

His girls needed his attention at the moment. Especially Karna. She tried to doll herself up in an attempt to reduce the age difference between herself and the group. Although her mature body increased her attractiveness, Nik wasn't going to be the one and discouraged Karna from trying to wear awesome clothes.

"Heh~ I never knew you had such a side of yourself. Your grand-teacher is definitely happy."

Nik immediately took Karna's slim waist that extended out to mind-numbingly curvaceous h.i.p.s and planted a soft peck on her lips.

"Hmph! Now you find me attractive? You are shallow and selfish."

Karna's flush betrayed her excitement while she softly punched Nik's shoulder. She was definitely happy as she felt her choice to wear a thin half-sleeves tunic alongside slightly tighter pants worthy for all the trouble.

"Not to mention the beauty of the day. Dolling up nicely to finally start bending the Gravity?"

Nik's free hand latched on Yue's waist and gave her a deserving pek, making her sigh in contentment while nodding happily. Her cheerfulness couldn't by impeded by her bashful nature, not today. She felt that she was finally returning to her slightly more confident self that used to demand Nik's laps and chest whenever she felt like it.

"Gravity bending... hehe."

She grinned foolishly while Nik also remembered to rub the tip of his index-finger over Pavka's tiny head.

"Don't go all envious now. You are the one that decided to go tiny."

"Whatever. I'll just sneak past your belt and give your tip some special treatment."

Pavka admittedly raised her voice to garner envy from others but never left Nik's collars.

"Can we please start moving already?"

June rolled her eyes in exasperation. What was the big deal? Truly, Nik was a man enough to go through each one of them for an entire night. As a mercenary, she found the notion of fighting over the abundant 'resource' complete astonishing.

"Yeah, let's move... my head is screwing me up."

Katara muttered and boarded the carriage.


Nina smiled cheerfully while she pulled Sokka's hands and entered the carriage.

Soon, the ground entered into the unbounded resting spot and went through the shabby gates of the Oasis turned into a city.

Since the girls wanted to look at the area, Nik didn't mind their appearance at all. Even if they did get some pests ruining their mood, he would diligently play his role and squash each and every pest

"Hey! Stop the caravan! We need to do some checking!"

A rugged man immediately stood in front of the Ignit's, Nyla's and the trio goon's way. His eyes measuring Karna, Yue, and Katara in a similar manner he did. It was just that unlike Nik, the man did not have a shred of elegance and looked beyond ugly.

Sighing, Nik didn't stop and simply rolled over the man as he was immediately squashed under Ignit's feet and then followed by the stampede of her goons... literally.

"Quite a fiery one."

June chuckled while Nik shrugged.

"Last night should have already pointed that out."

Nik's words made her smile wider. Not only was he handsome beyond belief, but his actions were also unorthodox... and well, his bed skills were outstanding enough to hire the strongest mercenary on her own accord without sharing any monetary benefit.

In June's words, hiring herself out for Nik's Caravan was definitely the expression of Finding pleasure in business.

The group soon bought the necessary padded stuffings for their beasts partners and soon made way for an uneventful warm meal aside from the fact that Nina left the table for an awfully long time before returning with a manly stink from ger crotch that only Nik could smell.

'Yeah... she is definitely cheating.'

Nik did a mental-shrug before keeping the thoughts to himself. They were just going to leave for the desert and he wasn't going to be the party pooper. Aside from that, Sokka just rescued a trained harlot... another man's stink should be expected if he didn't assert himself properly and from what Nim knew, Sokka was definitely a v.i.r.g.i.n since yesterday.

So, there was no way Nik could believe that Sokka could impress Nina even if he had a godly size. In fact, even Nik held years of practice before he was confident enough to use s.e.x as a tool.

But since her actions didn't bring any harm to the group, even when she had the chance to, Nik let her own escapades pass under his nose.