Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 1 Chapter 97

Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 97 Desert Library

"This is slower than expected."

Nik commented as he gently squeezed the bottle while filling Ignit's mouth with water. Even while the distance wasn't too long, the beasts needed regular hydration stops, this was even more prominent for Nyla as he was covered in fur.

"Well, we should have expected this much."

June nodded while tending to her partner's needs while squeezing a bottle over his mouth and snout to relieve the big guy.

"Either way, Pavka, what are we even looking for?"

Ever since she demanded a trip into the desert, Pavka hadn't given a straight answer as to what they are actually looking for. As the group grew closer to the destination, Nik simply couldn't hold his curiosity anymore

Is it an Oasis?

No, if there really is an oasis within the outskirts of the desert, it would have already been marked into the map and updated.

"A library."

Pavka smiled as she chortled.

"The world's greatest library that contains knowledge about everything. Due to Tama's reckless nature in the past, he did cause a lot of turmoil within the physical world until the Avatar of the generation finally eradicated all the corrupt gravity benders and negotiated with... the eldest of the unique elements."

Pavka looked high in the sky before sighing.

"Well... if there is no mention of gravity bending in the library, then there is nothing we can do.

Of course, we can always meet the eldest sister and plead for her guidance."

She continued while gazing at June.

"By the way, the library definitely contains a lot about your physical mutation. I guessed that the information might just be the right compensation aside from the expectations you have for the reward."

June nodded gratefully, Pavka's words failed to incite any other reaction from her as she gently rubbed Nyla's face before looking at Nik seriously.

While she would've loved to flirt around, the conditions of the desert couldn't help but take the priority and fill her mind with a swirl of thoughts that seemed to be formulating the worst-case scenarios and the method to counter each of them.

From the top of the list, June had already removed the problem of adequate stock and rest. These two points were given the highest priority during their journey and now, there was no need to fear the sudden lack of refreshment supplies.

But, there was one more thing that continued to trouble June.

As she jumped up and sat on the saddle strapped over Nyla, she gave Nik and apprehensive glance before speaking.

"I have faced the sand benders on many occasions. They strike when we least expect it and that is due to the fact that they can always spy on us using their bending capabilities.

So it will be far more productive if well all start getting a bit serious."

As June spoke, her gaze passed the front row and fell on Sokka, Nina and Yue.

"Don't worry about me. Though I might not look like much, I have my fair share of experience."

Sokka spoke seriously while Yue apologised in embarrassment.

"Sorry about that. I'll remain attentive from now on."

Nina, on the other hand, shrugged plainly. It was painfully obvious that aside from s.e.x, the redheaded beauty has almost no experience in other things. But still, she decided to stick around Sokka, even after her healthy afternoon escapade.

Her decision to not run away even now did manage to impress Nik.

But as they journeyed, Nik found one more problem that should have been equally obvious.

"Ignit and others cannot breathe fire."

"Yes, it is already hard keeping their temperature in check. Once they actively breathe fire... they might just get cooked internally."

Nik's expression grew somber while he suddenly felt a soft tingling sensation on the base of his neck, right between his collarbone.


Nik looked down at Pavka, who simply smirked at his worries.

"Didn't I tell you about my eldest sister? So don't worry about some troublesome Earth Benders, just keep moving."

Nik sighed heavily as the group continued their journey. Due to the special landscape, they had already replaced the thin wheels of the caravan with wider ones to prevent their means of transportation to sink into the desert.

After a couple of stops, the group finally saw a small tower that could barely be considered as a library, but it was still an artificial construction that gave the group a bit of hope.

"Huff! Now? Where is the library?"

June asked while wiping the sweat off of her forehead. With the entirety of her hair tied into a bun, he beautiful oval face was completely exposed and unlike her ravenous and devilish charm, June simply exuded a brilliant allure and coupled with her luscious lips and tightly stuck clothes, she was a sight to behold.

"Focus, Nik!" Pavka grumbled and God she wished she had such a body...

"That is the library itself." Pavka pointed at the tower and continued.

"The sand just kept piling on top of it, so there you have it."

She shrugged and immediately floated out of Nik's tunic, returning to her original size before her eyes immediately sparkled violently while her loud shout rang.

"Eldest sister! It's me, Pavka! I need your help!!!"

"Alright... seriously... what's going on?"

Karna stole the question that touched the lips of everyone present when the group suddenly found the sand below them rapidly turning into ice?

"No... its glass."

Sokka muttered, his eyes already threatening to pop out of his eyes while Pavka looked down towards Nik and pointed at the small window at the top of the tower.

"Go, you guys. I'll take care of Ignit and Nyla."

Hearing her words, June couldn't help but frown.

"Nyla doesn't listen to"

"Nyla is already prostrating... geez, pay attention, strongest mercenary."

Pavka mocked with her words oozing with sarcasm as she looked at the remaining girls.

"The Eldest doesn't like coming in from of physical entities. So, you guys should take your time in the library."

She waved at the group dismissively while keeping her body afloat in the same position until the group got out of the caravan and started getting closer to the tower.

"You'll be alright?"

Nik asked Pavka mentally only to get a chuckle from her.

"I am meeting my eldest sister, not a sworn enemy."

Nik wanted to point out how strange her actions actually were... and did convey them to Pavka. He wasn't going to keep his questions to himself, not after coming clean with Pavka.

"I have to worry. Who calls for their eldest sister in such a manner?"

"Ah, it's the spirit culture, don't mind it."

Pavka gave a mental-shrug to Nik before she spoke out.

"The only reason I am keeping my eldest sister a company outside is that, after Tama's actions, she deeply abhors any and every gravity benders...

So I may need to brief her about you... and the dangers you possess."

Nik scoffed.

"I am not a threat to any women."

In return, Pavka snorted.

"We both know that you are. So cut the chat. Oh, by the way, no matter what you find out, never let your mouth speak the words that may convey the fact that you are willing to use the knowledge gained from the library to create more chaos."

Nodding at Pavka's words, Nik ran up the rapidly melting slant of ice that connected the base with the window and finally slid down an icy slide, standing near Yue.