Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 1 Chapter 98

Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 98 Knowledge Spirit

To Nik, it wasn't weird that every single one in the room stood in silence, even June. Their foreheads filled with cold sweat and their clenched hands trembling ever so slightly.

After all, in front of the group stood a pitch-black owl with a pure white face, it's beady eyes gazing at their group with what Nik liked to call curiosity, instead of hunger, and its almost 6 meters large body failed to reassure anybody in the group.

If the size and the predatory look wasn't enough for the group to freeze down, the moment Nik arrived, the owl tilted its head towards Nik direction unnaturally with its head elongating and moving towards Nik's face.

'Oh, boy...'

Nik's lips twitched as he immediately let the elemental energy flow within his body and focused the current of energy on his lower limbs, preparing to retreat at a moment's notice.

"I heard Pavka's voice? Why is she calling the eldest sister?

And." The owl's eyes happened to grow a little bit malevolent as a deep voice chortled out of his elongated throat.

"Why is her scent so prominent on you, human?"

Nik pursed his lips and suddenly frowned. Somehow, the malevolent expression, the fearful aura and the feeling of terror that gripped and squeezed on his heart faded as his own pheromones gave out the similar predatory feeling.


'It was an illusion...'

Nik confirmed as his Pheromones naturally countered abilities that affected the consciousness of a person and his scent seemed to grow even wilder, waking others from their thoughts. While the only male in the group only woke up with a fearful look in his eyes as he gazed on Nik, the girls' eyes bared any fear they felt and only looked at the straight-backed man with a look of desire.

"This is certainly interesting. Not only do you have Pavka's scent, but you also smell like a spirit, yourself."

The owl rotated his head... literally, finally giving the group mild nightmares that would definitely haunt them for almost a weak before the elongated neck receded and snapped back into its original place.

"Pavka said she will wait for us outside."

Nik stated before pointing at himself.

"She has been staying near me for our entire journey so of course, I would have her scent."

"Hmm? Journey? That sounds like a bother."

The owl spoke before his tone grew a bit calmer.

"I am the knowledge spirit Wan Shi Tong. The guardian of the library. The first library, to be precise.

I also happen to be the spirit who gave humans their knowledge of civilisation."

'Is that a smirk on his beaks?'

Nik wondered while he looked at others, who also relaxed visibly.

"Now, state your reason for arrival, humans."

Wan Shi Tong spoke calmly, it's yellow eyes narrowed down coldly.

"We are here to learn"

Sokka couldn't even complete his sentence as the owl snorted.

"Rejected. After the last incident where one of the Fire Nation Commander Zhao destroyed the entire section of the library, the humans are forbidden to lay their eyes on my knowledge."


Nik frowned while Sokka looked stunned.

Finally, Nik sighed and gazed the so-called Knowledge spirit in the eyes and walked forward. His entire demeanor started to change, from meek to ferocious. From helpless to dominant.

The reason was simple.

They didn't have enough time in their hands as the group needed to return back to tend to Ignit and the others.

"Look, we are on a journey because one of the spirits gave Pavka and me a mission."

The owl immediately snorted and hissed.

"I don't believe you."

Silverish light exploded out of Nik as Wan Shi Tong's expression immediately grew ugly. Since he has already materialized into the physical plane, he could get attacked physically and with the sudden increase of pressure, the knowledge spirit couldn't help but scowl.

"Tama and his"

"The Lion Turtle... the one who sees it all... He sent us.

To gain the knowledge of gravity bending.

Are you sure you want to stop us from completing his mission?"

As arrogant, the knowledge spirit was, his feathers couldn't help but tremble in apprehension as he heard Nik's words. With him being the knowledge spirit, he could easily claim that he has seen almost everything on the planet.

And unfortunately, this claim included his meeting with the spirit that ruled over destiny.

And was that spirit dangerous.

Wan Shi Tong still recalled the sight of a titanic beast slowly making its way towards the library while instilling fear of instinctual level within Wan Shi Tong's furry body.


Wan Shi Tong began, but he closed his beaks shut. He suddenly felt the arrival of a mind-boggling aura right outside the library, something, that even Nik felt. But he didn't wish to leave before getting the method of gravity bending.

"Eldest sister..."

The owl murmured and looked at Nik before nodding.

"Alright. But, to access my library, you must give me a piece of knowledge that I am unaware of.

Any forms are acceptable.

Secondly, you have to pledge that whatever knowledge you gain from this library, it must never be used to hurt or attack any living being on the planet."

Hearing his words, Nik frowned for a moment before nodding.

"I promise. What about you guys?"

He looked back and asked the group.

They immediately nodded. While the entire group knew that keeping this promise was almost nigh impossible, they weren't dumb enough to let go of such a golden opportunity.

With that, the group slowly started giving out the knowledge of their own profession.

Nik gave an 'idea' of telephone, it was considered an idea, but still a piece of knowledge that Wan Shi Tong had never thought of before.

Then, Yue shared an extremely detailed lifestyle of Tama. She had heard how the owl seemed extremely focused on Tama and did so to gain an easy pass.

Of course, Yue also felt a bit bitter that those two koi spirits always ignored her so she gave out some weak spots about the fishes, not out of spite, or so she claimed.

Then, it wasn't hard for June to describe a rare poisonous plant while Sokka actually took out his glove from his backpack and simply stated that he could present Knowledge in any form.

This left the group with Karna, Nina and Katara.

For Karna, however, Nik did take her place and gave another idea about 'Visual Projection', which seemed to please the owl spirit greatly.

"Ehm... will this scroll on waterbending work?"

The owl gazed at the furled scroll before waving his hand at the icy slide behind Katara, turning it back into the water.

"You see, I can bend the four natural elements and many more. So this won't work."

Katara felt a bit disheartened while Sokka immediately shouted.

"Just take out your gloves!"

The owl immediately snapped his head back 180, giving Sokka a scare of his lifetime before Katara fell silent.

"How about I describe the culture of southern water tribe?"

"To my knowledge." The owl spoke up, "The tribe has already been destroyed, yes?"


Katara deflated in response.

"How about I teach you a thing or two about s.e.x?"

Nina chimed in, making everyone's face go dark with thick black lines.

Meanwhile, the owl spirit seemed extremely calm.

"I already know whatever there is to know. Did you forget that I am the one who taught humans about civilisation?

I also happened to be their teacher on consensual mating, unlike their previous barbaric manner."

"Well, damn."

Nina muttered while rubbing her chin.

"Oh, well. I am not a fan of books! Sweety!"

She waved her hands at Sokka before giving him a wink.

"I'll wait for you, so come back quickly."

As if gaining a new understanding, Katara immediately shouted towards Karna.

"Sis, can you learn a few things about ancient waterbending techniques and their conceptual methods?"

As if understanding Katara's intentions, Karna grinned brightly.

"You got it!"

Katara nodded and sat back on her butt and laid down with an exhaustive sigh. The heat had been a brutal bitch to her and now, she simply decided to rest while the others moved out and started searching for the knowledge they desired.

Alas, rest she could not as Nina immediately crept near her and smiled before poking at her cheek.

"So? When are you and Nik going to be an item?"