Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 2 Chapter 124

Volume 2: Run It's A Demon Chapter 124 Back To System

A/N: Hey guys, I just a big oopsie (channelling the inner PewDiePie) So, after ozai is killed, Nik should gain appropriate World Root and medallion.

And as embarrassing it is, I forgot it during the last chapter. So, Nik will still have the medallion and will show the total World root (including the root gained after killing Ozai). Think of it as a loophole or something.

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Opening his eyes, Nik found himself in a dimly lit room furnished with a plain bed and two distinct doors. One was for the bathroom/restroom and one was the exit, that would lead him to the main street of the System.

A wave of exhaustion hit him as he immediately swiped away all the dialog boxes around him and went towards the restroom before having a refreshing bath and then slumping down on the bed.

While sleeping with the girls was definitely a quality experience, he finally felt a bit relaxed when he had the entire bed, no matter the size, for himself.

There was no concept of time for Nik when he woke up. The room was devoid of any clock so he simply opened the system interface, which was quite different within the system space.

At the top of the dialog box, a small countdown kept on going, allowing Nik to understand how much time he had left.


(A/N: Hours/Minutes/seconds)

After each trip, the host had a brief period of four days aka 96 hours within the system space to digest their gains before they are called for another round of adventure. Looking at the notification tabs, Nik rubbed his head in distress and started going through each of them.

[Chain Quest II

Status: Pending

With the defeat of Ba Sing Se, the Fire Lord has finally unified the entire world. But, his tyranny is against the wishes of a few important beings of the world.

Defeat the Fire Lord and appoint a rightful ruler as the first unified king of the world.

Rewards: 30000 SO, 3 SP]

After swiping away the window and collecting the rewards, Nik looked at his world root.

[You killed fire lord Ozai. You gained 13.48 world root.

Total: 34.17/100]

[Total SO Gained: 41500

Total SP Gained: 7]

Reading till here, Nik felt his headache vanishing while he chimed happily.

"This does put a smile on my face..."

He grinned. This was a windfall. Not to mention

[Total Number of Partners 10

Total Stats (Excluding LUK) 117

Stats Gained (10%) 12]

[World Root Converted.

Grade: C


SO 14181

SP 2

Stats: 4]

A total of 55681 SO, 9 SP and 16 Stat points and that coupled with the stat points he had from before arriving at the avatar world (the one gained from Mitsuko and others), Nik had a total of 19 Stat points to be distributed.

After taking a few deep breaths, he calmed his joy and then continued going through the various notifications that congratulated him for his successful adventure before he stumbled upon a strange notification.

[Host 378991 Sent you a message? View?]

Mentally willing to view the message, Nik finally understood who the sender was. Actually, it wasn't that hard. Nik had only given his contact number aka Host Id to Brian.

[Hey, man! If you read this, then I must congratulate you.

This is the invitation to my new guild that could become ours in no time. Before you accept it tho, let me make some things clear. For the sake of getting the most out of your bodies, the moment you accept my invitation, a restriction will be placed on the administrative level members that they won't be able to use supplements to reduce the pain during stats update.

If you do join the guild, I'll let you in on many exclusive info as you will be my Vice-chairman.

Oh, one more thing, once you join, be sure to stop by the Golden Coffee Day in the recreational center.



Guild Name Extinction.

Position Offered Vice-chairman.]

Frowning, Nik swiped the notification away. He could think about this later.

Next, he looked at his inventory and took out a Dark Green Medallion.

'A higher level than Green-Tier Items?'

Nik raised an eyebrow. This was his loot from killing the Fire Lord, his own Father-in-law.

"Be sure to give me something awesome, Father-in-law... for Azula's sake?"

Nik whispered before the Medallion floated in front of him and started rotating while letting out a bright light.

In no time, a red scroll fell on his laps. Picking it up, Nik gazed at its description.

[Skill Book (Dark Green)

Name: Fire Eagle Art

Type: Single Use

Any person with affinity to the fire Elemental can learn it and wield the fire present in nature in a specific method as described in the skill.


Sighing, Nik placed the skill book in his inventory. He had no intention of learning it as every skill requires skill points to upgrade and he didn't see himself putting his previous skill points in this skill. Wearing his clothes, Nik pushed open the door that led to the main street of the system and immediately found himself transported near a bustling street with people of various races.

In fact, the truth was the system allows anyone to disguise in the market to not form needless grudges. But still, Nik decided to keep his own appearance. In the street full of disguised hosts, his own appearance will work as a disguise, and honestly, he didn't wish to pay 10 SO for the disguise...

The market itself was divided into many sections. This allowed the sellers selling high-grade goods to sell in a specific location and gain appropriate customers while the lower-ranked hosts like Nik could sell their wares at the beginning section of the street.

The Street itself led to various recreational centres. Heck, in Nik's knowledge, there was even a beach within the system to allow hosts to take vacations at a high price.

Walking along the path, Nik saw many goods and skill books. There were even some eatables that cause Nik to raise an eyebrow. He would definitely check the market before leaving. Meanwhile, as he went up the street, the fewer goods he could identify.

Since Nik had only discovered wares till the Dark Green Tier, he was unable to recognise the higher coloured goods, making him sigh as he observed the enthusiasm of the various hosts checking out the goods invisible to his eyes.

Finally, at the end of the street were three huge building that formed a semi-circle around the end of the street as many hosts could be seen entering and leaving the buildings.

The one in the middle with the statue of a gorgeous knight in silver armour was his destination.

The Hall of Glory!

The only place where hosts can update their stats and 'digest' a part of their gains.

The Hall of Glory was constructed out of pure white marble-like material with a glittering golden hue that sported a mediaeval architectural design with a huge dome above its main body and a tower-like construct extending out of the dome.

Entering the huge, door-less hall, Nik found his vision blank out before he stood in a small chamber with a piece of high-tech gadget, that looked more like a bondage chair with injections as decoration, placed in front of him.

A dialogue box popped open in front of him that described the process of updating the stats. Which was surprisingly simple.

Step 1, sit on the chair.

Step 2, let the chair bind you.

Step 3, select the parameters you wish to update.

Step 4, select if you wish to supplement your status update with a pain reliever.

Step 5, Enjoy your increased strength.

"Straightforward enough." Nik sighed before sitting on the chair calmly. The moment he placed his arms on the hand rest, the cuffs locked his arms in place as multiple syringes entered the long tubes that extended out of the pitch-black cuffs.

Once again, a screen popped in front of him, asking him to allot his stats, making him open his own status box.


Name: Nik Faran

Age: 19

Affiliation: Incubus Society (Member)

Bloodline: Carnal Demon

STR: 3

AGL: 5

VIT: 4

ENG: 11

CHM: 6

LUK: 2

Stat Points 19


3 Elemental Unit=1 System Energy (ENG)


Thinking for a moment, Nik smiled and alloted his stat points while selecting the [No] when asked to have a tranquilizer shot.

After that matter was settled, Nik looked at the brilliant blue liquid flowing through the clear pipes that were connected to the base of the syringe. The moment the liquid entered his body, he felt pain.

A pain greater than getting his balls cut and shoved in his ass.

A pain greater than his torso getting crushed by a truck.

A pain greater than giving birth from his own brother.

A pain

Before he could think further, Nik passed out as his body kept getting transformed and optimised.