Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 2 Chapter 126

Volume 2: Run It's A Demon Chapter 126 Extinction

'Golden Coffee Day...'

Nik stood in front of a simple wooden cottage-like structure that was surrounded by a lot of modern structures. The honey-gold painted wooden board sported a childish ill.u.s.tration of a cup of coffee that was personified into an emote. Despite the strange mix of architecture and the visual advertis.e.m.e.nt, this particular recreational shop was quite popular as many hosts bustled within.

Opening the system window in front of him, Nik went to the Guild Subsection before clicking on Brian's host id that led to a message screen.

'Have you arrived?'

He sent his thoughts that were quickly morphed into words before Nik willed and sent the message while making his way to the side and waiting for a reply without blocking the entrance.

[Yeah, man! Been waiting for a few minutes.]

Sighing, Nik made his way to the entrance and entered the rowdy interior of the cottage that gave off a barn-like feeling before he saw a particular blue-haired youth sitting alone while sipping away on a cup of Coffee. It was either coffee or the ale in this particular shop was too black.

"No disguise?"

Nik made his way towards Brian and sat in front of him. He looked up and smiled but didn't reply as he looked dazed for a moment probably wielding his system window before the surrounding around the duo grew quiet as Brian finally sighed and nodded.

"First of all, you have my gratitude. Nik Faran."

He thought for a moment before speaking.

"As you might already know, the benefits of the guild are many, but most of those benefits won't be arriving our way anytime soon.". He opened up but suddenly, a pop-up window appeared in front of the duo that spoke

[Customers, do you wish to order something?]

Nik frowned after reading the contents as he looked sideways, finding a smiling waitress in a traditional outfit while her face was way too beautiful to be even real. She was literally glowing.

Brian looked towards Nik, who shook his head in return.

After Brian sent the reply, he looked back at Nik and smiled bitterly.

"Let me start from the beginning. Our situations needn't be discussed, so I will start from the purpose of this guild to find another one like us."

Nik kept his silence as he waited for Brian to explain.

"Unlike usual guilds, our guild will only constitute of three members whose lineages are at the verge of extinction. You, me and a..."

Brian trailed off while Nik sighed.

"And a succubus... but what makes you so sure that a succubus still exists." He placed his hands in a contemplative gesture as Brian nodded.

"Your existence guarantees that a succubus is alive and out there... somewhere." Before Nik could question, Brian continued. "A temporal demon and an incubus... two lineages affirmed to be extinct by beings that can easily be titled as gods...

I don't think that it's a coincidence that we both were left out of their scope of detection. Someone wants us alive... and I am willing to bet that this someone, or, the group of unknown beings wanting us alive will definitely secure a succubus."

"Infernal Bang..."

Nik muttered in comprehension before he frowned.

"Wait, the Fiend Ancestor is alive and so are other friends. Then why a temporal fiend?"

Nik looked at Brian with a narrowed gaze.

"I... don't know. But I met my ancestor... THE ancestor."

"Kaal Rakshasa?"

Brian nodded with a somber expression.

"Things are getting complicated by the second..."

Nik commented while Brian couldn't help but sigh.

"Don't worry. While I am already getting hunted by every Rank 1 Fiends, you will have the time to grow as I attract all the burden while helping you in your travels."

Nik nodded at Brian's words while continuing his statement.

"In return, I will be helping you in the future travels... a proper team, right?" Nik looked at his hands while Brian nodded.

"Yeah. To survive, I am willing to lower my defense when it comes to someone in the same situation as me."

"Quite ironic." Nik smiled, inciting a similar, bitter smile from Brian.

"Before I discuss a few things about our future partnership, I have to ask one thing."

"Shoot." Nik leaned back on his seat.

"Have you started gaining experience for level ups?"

Nik shook his head before divulging much information.

"No, that world was my first travel."

Brian sighed in frustration and Nik was all too aware of his brooding phase. The first travel is known as the initiation travel and only after the first travel can a host attempt further travel while gaining experience grades that would lead to level ups and them rank-ups.

Right now, Nik was a true-blue Rank 1, Level-1 Host with a maximum cap of 30 stat points for each stats.

"No matter. Encountering you has already been a great stroke of luck." Brian groaned and then took a sip of his coffee and to Nik's surprise, the sip immediately turned into a large gulp that led to one swift chug before Brian placed the cup on the table.

"Let's discuss the matters of the guild, shall we?"

"About time." Nik nodded.

"Like I said, until your true status is exposed, I will be keeping the guild off-limits to non-infernal lineages. Is that agreed?"

"Doesn't that takes away the essential benefit of the Guild?"

Nik shot back while Brian nodded.

"Honestly, I don't like to adventure as a team." He admitted, "But situation changes a man. I would need your power to survive in the future and in return, you will have my assistance for your survival.

If we can find the Succubus in a few travels before we reach Rank 4, then there will be no need for opening the group for others.

But if not..."

Brian exhaled loudly.

"In fact, we don't need to feel that helpless." Nik suddenly spoke up, attracting Brian's attention.

"You are already a bright target and I don't believe that my status can always remain hidden. Once I am exposed... the news will travel fast.

It will be this or..."

"Or..." Brian's eyes grew brighter and he grinned, "Or the Succubus will be exposed before you. Either way, we may end up finding each other after all."

Nik nodded and matched Brian's grin with his own wide smile.

"Since we can't expect a quantifiable advantage, then you must be betting on the exclusive items?"

Brian nodded as he narrowed his eyes.

"Yes. But there is something else. You do know of Guide's Hall, right?"

Nik nodded as Brian grinned before speaking a specific name and how Brian met the person and his true capabilities, making Nik's eyes go wider by the second.

After their chat, Brian also sent a file as 'homework' that was supposed to contain extremely vital information for every adventurer that is not made public. While Nik was definitely curious about the source of Brian's information, he didn't let his curiosity get the best of him.

"So? Aside from any form of emergency guild level raids, I think we should synchronise our timings."

Nik gladly agreed and from the initial one month vacation, that every host is granted to enjoy in their homeworld, Nik's vacation was cut short by two days, making it a 28-days vacation.

After bidding their farewell, Nik finally left the cafe and teleported back into his room before opening the doc.u.ment Brian had shared with him.

While he was itching for a go at the Guide's Hall, he felt that he needed to fill the gaps in his knowledge and this particular 'exclusive' guide was what he truly needed.