Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 2 Chapter 128

Volume 2: Run It's A Demon Chapter 128 In Their Arms


Okusan stretched her arms wide before scratching her head. One of the shoulder slings of her nighty had already reached down to her bicep, threatening to fall and reveal her generous bosom when suddenly, she heard a soft mewl.


Snapping her head towards the drooling Mitsuko, she sighed before getting out of the bed. Unlike the Souma family, she had the habit of waking early and preparing for the day before leaving for the gym and training for two hours, of course, so that she could eat anything she loved for the whole day.

Tying her hair up rather loosely, Kyouko tucked Mitsuko in while she stepped softly while making her way towards the bathroom.

'Sigh... it's already been five days...'

Kyouko thought with a heavy heart as she couldn't help but wish to communicate with Nik. But after Nik's departure, Mitsuko had actually made sure that everyone was clear that Nik would be adventuring in a dangerous place if he was speaking the truth and their sudden communication might disrupt him at the worse possible moment.

The thought of which sent chills to their spine, even Kaya was soon made to understand the situation.

Although Sayako and Souko and Kaya didn't truly have a strong relationship with Nik, there was something within them that kept on nurturing their feelings for Nik, something they were glad about, especially Sayako.

Although they had vowed internally to have a 'pure' relationship with Nik, it was easier said than done. While Mitsuko, Kurumi and Okusan had the liberty to spend some quality time with Nik, the same couldn't be said for the other three.

And the sudden abstinence from s.e.x was quite torturous for the trio. Deep down, they were glad that they had their relationship as a partner with Nik to force them to avoid strange men, else, by now, the trio would have lost their chance at a relationship with someone worthy enough to be a man in front of their eyes.

And honestly, the thought of leaving Nik... and his c.o.c.k for some worthless shaft made them sigh in frustration at their past selves' actions.

Back then, they had no way to tap into quality, so they sought after quantity. But now, after eating 'that' quality dish, even though they were still somewhat chained by their past urges, their actions against other men had grown quite tame.

Something, the trio saw as the sign if their own growth and maturity.

Meanwhile, Megumi... she was one step away from exploding, and Kurumi felt that the sight of Nik's face would be that last step.

Of course, due to Kaya's association with their... party, her youngest daughter, Gunta's sister also became a frequent visitor of the family after making acquaintance with the school bella Kurumi was.

As Kyouko stepped out of the room, a sudden scent grazed past her nose, making her shake her head immediately!

'I am even hallucinating scent? Wow...'

Kyouko mocked herself as she felt the soothing scent disappearing after she regained her bearings.

'Nik still isn't here... huh!'

She exhaled heavily before making her way to the bathroom and opened it without paying much attention.

The moment she opened the door, her expression immediately froze up as she saw a familiar figure brushing his teeth. Through the mirror, she could see the familiar face... albeit, he had a rather hot beard and his face seemed to have grown a bit more defined. His lips and stubbly moustache covered in the froth of the toothpaste while his violet eyes showed a reaction when their gazes met through each other's reflection.

'Snap out of it!'

Kyouko exhaled and shook her head while she failed to see the man immediately gargling quickly, but she could still hear it.

Her eyes snapped open and Nik had already turned back. The lower portion of his face remained wet, but clean while his eyes glowed brightly, a warm smile on his face as a soft whisper that shook Kyouko's body emerged from his lips.

"Yo! I'm back."


Kyouko gulped a lump of saliva before her eyes grew brighter.


Nik smiled as he walked forward. He had already returned for almost 2 hours but didn't have the heart to wake any of them up. And neither was he willing to enjoy Kyouko's exaggerated reaction. He truly missed her and he need Kyouko in his arms.

He immediately pulled her into a loving embrace, even though her bosom once again itched his heart, Nik made sure that no visible reaction remained for he simply enjoyed her warmth and the feel of her back.

Meanwhile, Okusan's head was already buried into his chest, her arms encroaching up his back as her hold grew tighter. The soft sniveling sound slowly grew prominent, but Nik made no effort to console her.

He had returned, it was a fact. And now, Okusan needed to release her pent-up emotions, too.

Their embrace continued for a few minutes before Nik finally started stroking her back when he felt her breathing calm down.

"I missed you, too. A lot, to be specific."

Nik whispered while Kyouko nodded silently. After an entire minute, she finally whispered.


Her face was lifted up by one of his arms as his thumb and index-finger rested against her chin, her face stained with tears while her lips remained bitten, so as to prevent another round of waterfall.

"You still look beautiful."

He smiled. While Kyouko wanted to retort that only five days had passed, she had to stop after understanding that for Nik, it might have been longer, as evidenced by his facial hair. Not to mention, if she opened her mouth, she would end up crying.

A gentle flash passed Nik's gaze as he lowered his head and finally kissed Kyouko, his tongue parting her lips as her innards were finally being soothed by his warm tongue. Itches were scratched but Okusan's tears started rolling out as her hold around his back grew up to the nape of his neck as she indulged herself to the kiss, her toes pushing her body up for a more comfortable kiss.


"Hou... so you can control elements?"

Kurumi nuzzled against Nik's chest while her butt rested on his lap. It was still early in the morning and the whole household had been woken up after Okusan started crying loudly.

"Yeah, see this."

Nik extended his hand outwards while Souko, Sayako and Kurumi focused on his extended thumb and index-finger while Kyouko and Mitsuko also looked towards the living room from the kitchen while bending their body backwards.


A thin strand of purple lightning erupted from the space between his thumb and index-finger, shocking the entire household!

"Whoah! That was awesome! What other stuff did you learn?"

Kurumi immediately squealed akin to a kid, a side Nik witnessed for the first time while Souko and Sayako chuckled at her reaction.

"Well... fire, water, earth, lightning... elements except for wind."

"Wow... even though I imagined that this stuff could be real... I never thought them to actually happen."

Sayako nodded while Mitsuko and Kyouko had left the kitchen while the walked over and flanked Nik from the sides before casting a questioning glance towards Nik.

"The story is a long one... is it really what you want to start your day with?"

Nik suddenly smiled as his eyes suggested thoughts that were already present in everybody's mind, yet suppressed.

Hearing his words, Souko grinned before she threw her thin articles of clothing.

"Alright! We have two and a half hours before we start getting ready! If we manage our time well"

She looked around for a moment before laughing loudly.

"Multiple orgasms guaranteed!"

A small smile flashed on everyone's faces as the family orgy erupted. Although, Nik missed Megumi and Kaya, too.

God, did he miss them!


Three blocks away, two females in different houses woke up yet again as they seemed to smell the same scent that reduced them to a mass of writhing flesh while their fingers soon reached down towards their snatches once again, meanwhile, their cold and lonely mouths couldn't help but sigh hotly.