Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 2 Chapter 130

Volume 2: Run It's A Demon Chapter 130 Record

Previously, Nik did not have enough experience to measure the growth of a civilisation. But after experiencing a total of three worlds and three different civilisations, Nik could determine various factors that affect the growth of civilisation.

The world where he was born in, is the most civilised out of the three, although, it only surpasses his current homeworld by a margin, the world of elements is far outstripped when compared to his previous homeworld.

But unlike the world of elements and the previous homeworld, this particular one had grown far and beyond in the department of entertainment. While both the worlds had major wars ongoing, this particular homeworld had no wars taking place on its surface, at least, openly.

Nik still hadn't lived here long enough to properly determine the political implications of various events, but one thing was for sure he had far surpassed the strongest human that can ever emerge from this world.

His stats couldn't help but agree with him.


Name: Nik Faran

Age: 19

Affiliation: Incubus Society (Member)

Bloodline: Carnal Demon

STR: 7

AGL: 10 (7)

VIT: 10 (7)

ENG: 11 (7)

CHM: 10 (7)

LUK: 2

Stat Points 0


3 Elemental Unit=1 System Energy (ENG)


The world itself suppressed Nik for he had already surpassed the maximum strength allowed by the world's will. But instead of frustration, Nik only felt happy.

The limitations meant that he had reached the maximum output of strength an individual in this world is capable of wielding and a part of him sighed in relief when he thought of the various benefits of [Partner-up].

He can finally guarantee the safety of his girls.

Still in his blue t-shirt and black pyjamas that spoke lazy, Nik walked through the empty streets. Right now, the school had already started and many employees rushed for their jobs, meanwhile, housewives at this time would usually start cleaning their houses and other chores as the shops on street would finally have their shutters pushed up to welcome the daily business.

It was peaceful. Nik thought in silence. Smiling and nodding at various aunties that would feel a little bit stunned after watching him walk past them, Nik continued towards a special location in mind.

The Silverman Gym.

Although, Nik happened to be a sore believer of gender-equality and didn't feel the least bit ashamed if his women supported him, a part of him still wanted to explore this world and actually get a routine.

Outside from their daily schedule of mingling during breakfasts and dinners, everyone, including Kyouko, had their own schedule. Kurumi had her own cram classes while Sayako and would spend her time in the library, actually studying this time around. Mitsuko and Kyouko both had their daily routine of exercising and daily shopping while meeting up with Kaya and hanging out.

Yes, in just a short span of four days, the trio Milfs actually got together every day to practice cooking and whatnot.

Souko, on the other hand, had her job while from what Nik recalled, Megumi had her own club training.

They all had a life outside of their personal ones that would keep their relationship healthy and Nik also wanted a life outside of his own personal relationsh.i.p.s and the mind-numbingly dangerous adventures of the system.

And he could only come up with the Silverman Gym in his mind to consult with.

Of course, he didn't wish to be a trainer. He wanted something simpler. The job of trainers would require him to keep a daily notebook for the intake and the exercises performed and rotate the exercises while introducing special exercise that targeted specific muscles that would not be affected otherwise.

No thanks, he would rather f.u.c.k.

As he made his way towards the Silverman Gym, he crossed by a bookstore, making him recall the issue of records that might help him in his future endeavours.

Stopping right in front of the bookstore, Nik thought for a while as he looked at multiple magazines featuring outside the shop to attract the customers when he suddenly had an idea. But he needed to confirm a few things before he could actually go through with his plans.

Opening the door, a melodious jingle spread across the shop as an old man raised his eyebrows when his gaze fell on the youth.

'This dress-up... another one of those?'

The old man sighed internally. While his shop ran due to many 'perverts' that would buy the works of fiction, he couldn't help but lament at the future of the world.

And as the old man expected, the black-haired youth stumbled across a few non-fiction books before he found himself standing in front of the manga section with excitement written on his violet eyes.

'Violet? A foreigner?'

The old man thought silently while Nik couldn't help but control his emotions or he might just end up laughing loudly.

In his hands was a book titled Naruto. As simple as the name might sound, according to Brian, the multiverse that housed the record where the youth named Naruto resides is quite popular amongst other hosts as a special source of energy can be obtained after travelling to that particular world.

Thinking for a while, Nik placed the book down. Common sense dictates that he must buy the book before removing the plastic wrapping. But he did not have money.

Still, it was not an issue.

He had decided his career path.

He would become a book salesman and earn a few bucks to read the books he sold.

Looking at the old man, Nik smiled gently, his violet eyes glowing violently as he spoke up.

"Good morning, old man. You look tired...

Want a hand in managing your shop?"


"Even Kurumi is absent today..."

Megumi frowned and narrowed her eyes as she gazed at the empty seat that housed the school bella while she suddenly felt a thought emerging within her consciousness.

"Is he back?"

The moment she thought of it, the idea couldn't be suppressed anymore. Anger would immediately flood within her mind when she recalled how bad her past week went. Although she wasn't an academic student, her prowess in Kendo was unquestionable. After all, she was scheduled to become the next club president.

But that... BASTARD! She couldn't focus on her training at all!

Not only did Kurumi refuse to answer anything about him, but she also found out that Nik didn't even tag along with Kurumi to drop her off and pick her up.

If she didn't know better, she would have thought that Nik was simply a criminal who tried to act civilised after having his way with girls. Of course, the fact that Kurumi had already rejected all the advances of the students after Nik's sudden disappearance made Megumi feel that there was a chance that Nik might return.

After the school bell rang, the students got up and she went ahead of Maa-kun, who she casually referred to as his full name Manabu. Though there was now not a single chance of feeling the same way for Manabu, Megumi still remained friends with him.

After all, it was just a crush, nothing serious.

But the moment she reached the school gates, she found all the male students gathering in the corner with a rather ugly expression while the eyes of the schoolgirls were sparkling like jewels.

Most surprisingly, Rick and Gunta weren't fighting and standing in front of the school gates with a reverent expression.

'Could it be?!'

Megumi thought for a moment before her body moved without listening to her mind, a familiar scent soon touched her nostrils.

'Definitely him!'

Megumi's hand immediately traced her packaged bokken and she practically ran towards the school gates. Her expression best described as malevolent, something, that Rick shivered at the sight of and immediately nudged Gunta to look at her direction, before the former delinquent shivered, too.

As expected, past the group of envious males and mindless bimbos stood a lazy figure. Her jaws clenched as fury took over her sanity.

"Get ready!"

She still shouted to warn her 'enemy', as he looked back with a brief surprise flashing across his eyes before he stood still and let the bokken strike over his head.