Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 2 Chapter 131

Volume 2: Run It's A Demon Chapter 131 Broken Bokken

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Kendo, a sport where the speed of the blade is the determining difference between victory and defeat. Unlike real-life swordplay that is focused on keeping the user alive, the spirt focuses on finer control over the Bokken due to the unnatural speed of the wielder.

In the matches, one must remain cool-headed, the control must never be relished and the striking power of the blade alongside the arm and shoulder strength should be constantly regulated attain maximum precision and speed.

Yet, in her rage, Megumi raised her packaged bokken high, higher than usual, her complete strength fuelled by her own indignation lowered her prized precision while the grip around the hilt of the package grew tighter. Ordinarily, in the time Megumi had simply raised her bokken, she would have already struck her opponent's head using the technique men.

But not today.

The bokken descended, still wrapped within navy blue packaged as Rick and Gunta had sensibly stepped aside. So did the others, but out of fear and intimidation. The schoolboys were already intimidated by her fiery beauty that wished to raze them to the ground while the girls were especially scared when they saw her expression.

Nobody thought that Megumi was capable of making that expression, even Manabu herself, who was currently walking towards the school gates with another petite, long-haired girl in the company. The top student.

And yet, easily noticing the striking power behind that strike, Nik only commented bitterly.

'Aw, shit... this is going to sting like a bitch...'


Bokken, a flexible sword that would usually bend even struck powerfully, right now, even after being wrapped in a padded package to avoid any sort of accident broke.

Through the edge of the broken package, wooden splinters flew out while the other half the top half of the blade shot towards the road with a mind gobbling swiftness.

The scene grew into a stunned silence, students, now, even Megumi, worried for Nik for she had already broken many rules in her rage, and yet, under their held breaths, Nik's hand slowly touched the base of bokken, right above Megumi's grip and slowly shifted the broken package away from his face.

No blood smeared his face yet a searing red mark divided his face in two.

"You could have struck me after I apologised..."

His words brought many to awareness, one of them being Gunta, and the other one being a rather young 'Gal' that was already rooted in position after watching Nik and Megumi before her thoughts stirred as she came to an amazing conclusion.

"But... this kind of tough love is nice, too... I suppose."

Nik smiled and took the package from Megumi's hand as he immediately sent a wave of 'Illusion' Pheromone to divert the attention of the other students, including Gunta and Rick. Even though the range of his Pheromones had increased, his limits still touched the edges of 6 metres around him.

"Nik... you"

Before Megumi could form words among jer stutters, he grinned and immediately pulled her in for a kiss, a bruising one, his own form of tough love while Megumi squirmed within his hold, brought to reality by the roguish tongue wreaking havoc within her mouth while an equally roguish hand slowly reaching out for her butt but ultimately settled over her h.i.p.s, rather gently.

'Hey, I think we should have another talk... this time... about more serious stuff.'

Nik's voice suddenly entered her mind when her eyes widened, not due to the voice, but the fact that her tongue was scratched by him, inducing her to breathe through her nose rather heavily until their lips finally parted.

Before she could cry out another violent outburst, Nik smiled and pointed at everyone present.

'Don't worry. They cannot see what happened.'

He smiled while pulling a mind control effect to simply make them feel that the illusion was the real one where after striking Nik, Megumi stormed off while shouting and Nik simply followed after her without much reaction. This way, even though Nik cannot suppress the rumours that might emerge, he had at least maintained Megumi's dignity in front of others even when the duo knew what actually happened.

"You can talk inside me?"

Though outraged, the otherworldly skill still incited her curiosity while Nik smiled as the red mark on his face soon returned to being normal as he raised his hand pulled Megumi with him.

"As I said, unlike the previous time, you need to know why I disappeared and why the other girls didn't say anything about it."

Being a sensible girl that had a little bit of her indignation satiated after the kiss, Megumi thought a little before nodding. She wanted her questions about Nik answered, and who would be better than Nik to answer them?

Once again, the duo found themselves back at the riverbank while Nik settled down and patted the grassy seat beside him, beckoning Megumi to sit near him, making her comply while sighing.

"I feel like... all we have done is talk..."

Nik muttered. He had only taken Megumi once, at the beginning of his arrival, according to this world's time, two weeks ago while Megumi snorted at his words.

"You are the one who disappeared for almost a week."

The lack of her trusty bokken made Megumi a bit uncomfortable, but her attitude towards the situation didn't change.

Thinking for a while, Nik decided to not convey the situation to Megumi bit by bit. With his [Partner Communication], he created a mental hub while connecting the thoughts of his partners. At this moment, Kurumi, Kyouko, Mitsuko and Kaya were at the Okusan's apartment while Sayako had already left for her university.

Meanwhile, Souko simply arrived at her branch office late without presenting any excuses for she was the boss.

'Everyone, can you hear me?'

Nik's voice suddenly emerged within each and every girl's consciousness while Megumi frowned once again, looking towards Nik for an explanation when he smiled.

'Try sending your thoughts to me, Megumi.'

'Megumi? Like Megumi-chi?' Kurumi's voice erupted and immediately spread across the minds of the other girls and the whole 'mental' group chat exploded.

'Holy! I can hear you, too! Kuru!'. Souko muttered while Sayako's voice also erupted.

'Wait, our minds are linked with each other?'

Since the trio ex-housewives were already with Kurumi, they simply listened patiently. Apparently, they do act maturely when it came to non-s.e.x.u.a.l things in life.

'No, your minds are linked to mine, together and the messages you are sending stays within my own mind.

But before we exploit this new application of my technique, I want to describe my travel from the beginning.'

Nik spoke while Megumi still remained quiet.

'I am studying.' Sayako replied.

'I am writing a report.' Even Souko spoke up while Nik gave a mental shrug.

'I see... then bear with it.'

'Hey!' They both immediately spoke up when Nik channeled his memories and turned them into streams of information. Aside from the s.e.x.u.a.l scenes, Nik didn't hide anything and let them see his adventure for what it really was.

If he had simply sent the girls his memories, the would have perceived the information from Nik's point of view. He did not want that. He wished for the girls to see for what really happened through a third person's POV.

While his 'Bizzare' s.e.x.u.a.l situations really stunned them, Pavka's and Virya's situation impacted them even greater. Meanwhile, Megumi, who was going through the information first hand couldn't help but swallow a lump of saliva.


Even though Nik promised to tend to their doubts later, the girls still asked a tsunami's worth of questions about Pavka and Virya and if they can ever appear in this world. Even Mitsuko's fervent voice and Kyouko's uncharacteristically excited voice brought a frown over his face, making him realise that he truly needed to spend time with each one of them to gradually know them better.

The most strange one was Kaya. Her questions regarding why they weren't made privy to the s.e.x scenes brought the whole mental chat to a silence before another wave of questions was raised.

Of course, after answering them truthfully to keep each girl's s.e.x life private until they themselves wish to open up, Nik finally concluded the session of group chat and looked at Megumi, who clearly sported a troubled and complicated expression.

"Too much information, I guess?"

"Months of information, to be specific."

Megumi replied with a sigh as the situation became so clear and complicated at the same time.

"So? Do you still think that your previous strike was worth it?"

Nik asked curiously while Megumi nodded naturally.

"You left me out from such crucial information while the others knew it. Of course, that strike was worth it."

She snorted and turned her head when suddenly, she felt Nik's arms wrapping around her.

"Aww, don't be like that Megumi... after all, I have been... giving them more pleasure..."

Avoiding the sudden eruption of head strike towards his chin, Nik suddenly lowered his head and kissed the nape of her neck while letting his hands stroke her soft, malleable thighs as she suddenly mewled before covering her mouth with her hands.

Turning her head behind, Megumi matched Nik's evil gaze before she shuddered.

"O-Oi! Don't you dare do anything here!"

She hissed while Nik chuckled happily.

"Of course, I would... not"

His hands immediately turned up over her b.r.e.a.s.ts while sealing her lips.

"But I gotta get the price of that information."

He smiled as he enjoyed everything about Megumi. From her wonderfully soft b.r.e.a.s.ts to her ranging expression and her scent... that was absolutely delightful.