Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 2 Chapter 132

Volume 2: Run It's A Demon Chapter 132 Travel To Maiden's Shrine

"Even though you said you didn't like it one bit..."

Nik grew closer to the blushing Megumi from behind, blowing his hot breath into her ear.

"Aren't you practically glowing?"

He whispered while immediately retracting back. Megumi's house required them to travel by bus for a few minutes so he simply decided to tag along and 'adventure' into the other part of the city.

"Hey! Stop saying things like that!"

She muttered, but dared not create a scene here. Of course, she also didn't dare look behind and match Nik's gaze, allowing Nik to leer at her beautifully swaying buttocks. Megumi, meanwhile, remained both, comfortably and uncomfortably, aware of his stare as her body couldn't help but sway a bit more, causing her skirt to rise up a little.

"You know, if I didn't walk behind you, your pink glory would have already been exposed."

He muttered loud enough for Megumi to hear, but strangely, she kept her silence before lowering her head.

"Shut up, already."

'Oh? It was on purpose?'

Nik smiled and sent his words into her consciousness while Megumi's, bee-like whisper resounded within his own consciousness.

'I don't know what you are talking about.'

'You are so sweet, Megumi.'

Nik spoke into her mind, his voice soft that immediately made Megumi shiver a bit as she held the hem of her skirt before walking once again.

"So? I still don't know about your parents. What are they like?"

Nik smiled and walked up to her, his hand holding onto her hand, which she accepted without looking up, and yet, she still spoke up.

"Well, we own a book store.... It's only my mother though. My father passed away a few years in an accident."

She finally looked up while Nik grew stunned. It wasn't because of how beautiful she looked in that pose, it also wasn't because of how sad she must have been after her father's loss. Every one suffers during their life and Nik wasn't the type of person to pity someone's past.

'She owns a book store, huh...' Nik's lips twitched as he mentally added the task of apologising to an old man before he added a new idea in his task list while he nodded.

"Must have been tough..."

Shaking her head, Megumi asked back.

"What about you? Your parents?"

Nik just shrugged.

"Didn't know my father... well, my mother died of drug overdose... or maybe plain old age. Given her circ.u.mstances, I cannot really know of the true reason."

Megumi suddenly stopped when Nik smiled in return and pulled her hands.

"Don't get all sympathetic, now. I have learnt how to live without them." Nik made an 'ok' sign with his other hand and grinned.

"Sponging off of women, of course!"

"That's even more shameless."

Megumi smiled and stuck her tongue out. As they chatted about her club, Megumi suddenly grew reinvigorated as she immediately described her training process and the upcoming regional match. But soon, her expression turned sour and her shoulders slumped downwards.

"Ahh~ Bokken! My bokken~"

She sighed bitterly while Nik simply shrugged.

"Well, that's the price of acting without any thoughts."

"Hey! Your nose isn't what broke! So show some compassion!"

She muttered with her cheeks puffed up while Nik raised an eyebrow.

"Showing compassion to the weapon that struck my face... heh~ let's see..."

Nik thought for a while and noticed that they were all alone on the bus stop before he pulled Megumi in for an impromptu kiss.

Did he ever mention how soft her lips are? He loved kissing her, especially, when her b.r.e.a.s.ts rubbed against his chest.

Finally letting go of the bright red Megumi, Nik nodded.

"Yeah, getting a kiss for a broken Bokken... I can forgive that stick, alright."

Nik smiled as the duo sat on the seats present at the bus stop when suddenly, Megumi recalled the slight scar on the corner of Nik's brows that was nowhere to be seen.

"Hey, Nik. Where'd that scar go?"

She extended her hand and touched his forehead lightly with a curious expression making Nik a little bit happy inside as he replied.

"You actually remember that scar?"

"Of course, I do... your face was this close to me that day."

Megumi brought her face extremely close to Nik, as if to justify her statement.

"So? What happened to that scar?"

She asked once again.

"Got healed, I guess... quite unfortunate, really."

"Such feelings for a scar?" Megumi asked with a playful tone while Nik shot back.

"Weren't you sad about your bokken?"

"Fair enough."

Megumi muttered while leaning back and exhaling lightly.

"You really don't have to drop me home, you know."

"I know... but I need to meet with your mother."

A dreadful feeling rose within her heart as she couldn't help but gulp.


"To discuss our future, of course. I wouldn't want your mother to get lonely."


"Are you sure?"

Megumi finally sighed as the duo were already on the bus, their bodies stuck close to each other, and even then, Megumi didn't feel so embarrassed. They both had already done things more embarrassing than just getting their bodies rub against each other in the bus.

For the umpteenth time, Nik sighed and nodded gently.

"Yeah, it's just for getting a job. And as you saw, the world I travel to maybe depicted in other forms of entertainment.

So it will also serve as a research."

"You won't get close to my mother?"

She narrowed her eyes with a wild aura of over-protectiveness overflowing through her eyes as she continued looking at him with her dark pupils.


"The answer is, no. You won't have any plans for my mother... not after having so many women already!"

"Calm down, Megumi. I haven't even met your mother. Not to mention, what would you do if she one day tries to get closer to me?"

Nik asked with an amusing smirk, making Megumi gnash her teeth as she elbowed at Nik's chest while hissing.

"N.O. no!"

She spoke with a determined expression. No matter how Nik explained himself, she knew that her mother is extremely beautiful, even for her age. Although, she may not look as young and 'ripe' as Kurumi's mother, her mother, Yuuko Amano, is definitely a keeper.

Although, Megumi couldn't help but divert her thoughts on the Souma Family's skincare regiments.

Mitsuko Souma was completely unnatural for her age... a beauty that still looked like a newlywed wife. Always glowing and happy, while her own mother was already touched by a few wrinkles.

"Fine. Either way, I already promised that I won't go snooping around... not in this world, at least."

"A promise? To who?"

Megumi asked curiously.

"To myself, of course."

He smiled and let go of the upper railings and hugged Megumi tightly. They were already getting mushed, no point in letting go of this chance. Although, some of the elder ones riding the bus looked at their direction with disapproving gaze, Nik knew that internally, all the old men and women were simply lamenting their own old age.

'Hey! They are looking!'

Megumi spoke hastily while Nik's embrace only grew tighter, while he sighed hotly in her ear.

"Don't worry about them...

We are not old, right? We should get to enjoy each other's warmth whenever we are close to each other."

He whispered and she remained in her embrace for the rest of the ride. Although, after a few minutes, her own hands bypassed his underarms and reached for his back as a peaceful expression took over her face while her head nuzzling against his chest heard his calming heartbeat.

After the bus came to a stop, she finally squirmed a little as Nik also let go of her waist. From the bus stop, Megumi's house wasn't that far. Probably, 10 minutes of distance on a bicycle. Usually, Megumi and Manabu would park their bicycles near the stand.

After hopping behind Megumi, without any particular shame, he enjoyed the ride while Megumi kept cursing under her breath.

"Hey, let me enjoy the ride! You can ride me later."

Nik grinned while Megumi's curses only grew. She was strong enough to bike through the streets and finally, they reached the market where her house was built with her family shop constructed in the front of the structure.