Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 2 Chapter 133

Volume 2: Run It's A Demon Chapter 133 Yuuko Amano

"Please, help yourself."

A splitting image of Megumi, just mature, smiled gently while placing two cups of tea on the table before looking towards the blushing Megumi, waiting for her introductions, and yet, all her courage faltered when Megumi matched her mother's gaze, making Nik smile in amus.e.m.e.nt.

"Thanks a lot, Mrs Amano. If it doesn't trouble you, can you join us for a moment?

I'm Nik Faran, a friend of Megumi and Manabu."

He wasn't a friend of Manabu. But Megumi's mother didn't need to know this. Even though Nik might be willing to spit on, or even murder his myriad fathers-in-law that would soon span across the multiverse, he wasn't willing to commit such vile in front of his mother-in-law, not in front of such a kind, at least.

"Ara~ Such a thoughts friend... but aren't you a bit older to be their friend?"

She sat down while her gaze fell on his stubble, making Nik smile a little bit in embarrassment. Although he had only arrived to the Amano Bookstore for a short period of time, strangely, Megumi's mother had a peculiar quality that made Nik feel a sense of uncomfortable restraint that he wasn't used to.

It felt like his own body was not willing to commit its usual roguish actions.

Especially her eyes. Unlike his memories on how a pair of eyes should befit a mother, Megumi's mother sported a clear and spirited look in her eyes. Something, Nik liked a lot, even if his body screamed in uncomfort.

"Ah, you see, Mrs Amano"

"Please. Just, Yuuko-san, is fine."

Yuuko Amano interjected politely before pointing out, making Nik nod.

"Yuuko... san, it's true that I don't study in their school... or study altogether, at the moment, but, I still am a friend of Megumi's.

Also, I didn't have the time to shave my beard."

While Nik had the thought of keeping his facial hair, Yuuko's comment made Nik realise.

It was time to lose the beard.

Screw no shave September.

Hearing Nik's words and the stiff smile on his face, Yuuko chuckled gently before pushing the glass of tea towards him and smiling.

"Please, make yourself comfortable, Nik-kun. And Megumi..." Unlike the gentle treatment Nik received, Yuuko's eyes seemed to have gained a mischievous quality besides the gentle one as she smirked, making Megumi blush even more.

"Don't you need to change your clothes? It will be bad if you spill your tea on the school uniform."

"Ah! Sorry about that! Nik, I'll return quickly."

While Nik's smile cracked a bit for her really wanted Megumi to stay here, he didn't speak up, vocally or mentally. It wasn't like Yuuko was going to devour him or something like that.

"It is truly strange..."

Yuuko suddenly spoke up as she looked at Megumi's departing figure with a gentle glow in her eyes.

"At how she speaks with you so familiarly, Nik-kun."

'Not that strange, actually.' Nik commented internally, but a part of him was honestly surprised. A woman like Yuuko was someone Nik would have no qualms leering at, or even putting moves and brining her to his bed. In fact, he still remembered how he wanted to claim each and every beautiful woman that would enter his vision.

Yuuko was hot, in some ways, hotter than Megumi. How her sweater stuck over her perky bosom while her yoga pants tightly gripped on her wonderful thighs that Megumi inherited, Nik, still couldn't help but feel a part of him empty and lonely when no feeling of l.u.s.t or arousal emerged from his body.

And yet, another part of him strangely wanted to pat his own back. As if, reigning on his own l.u.s.t was recognised as personal growth by his own body. At this moment, his body, or his mentality, to be precise, had been divided into two war fronts just for the sake of Yuuko's thighs.

Cursing himself internally for having such a weak will, Nik took a deep breath before he picked up the teacup and gulped down the entire content.

It didn't matter how hot a woman stumbled across him. The fact remained that while he did think of bedding every beauty, he also wanted a meaningful relationship. Although, he was broken enough to divide his feelings and channel them through seven different women while also using his bed techniques to fill the gaps, the fact remained, that he wished to grow out of his narrow thoughts.

In a span of a few hours, he got to know new sides about all the seven women. The potential of the real, meaningful relationship really ignited his curiosity.

Moreover, he may lie to the entire world to f.u.c.k a beauty, but lying to himself and breaking his own promise? Never.

At least, if his life or his loved one's lives did not hang in balance.

"Easy there, Nik-kun."

Yuuka struggled to prevent her throat to chortle another bout of chuckle. She could feel that the youth, no matter how wild he 'felt', had a hard time restraining himself. Being a natural beauty without a man at her side, Yuuko had easily learnt how to differentiate kindness from motives and leers from passing gazes.

Nik was clearly leering, something, Yuuko couldn't help but sigh about. But the moment Nik drained the hot content of the cup, his eyes never wandered towards her direction.

Not a single bit.

'Youth... ah~!'

A wave of nostalgia soaked through her body when Nik suddenly spoke out, just to diffuse the awkward atmosphere.

"Yuuko-san, the tea was great. Thank you."

Seeing the honest expression coupled with his beard, Yuuko finally couldn't restrain herself and finally smiled while picking up Megumi's cup and blowing over it, causing the rising trail of steam to distort.

"Then I am relieved... I just poured it out of the pot after all."

She placed the cup back. Her intentions had been shared as Nik's body twitched, even if it was for a moment before Nik sighed internally.

'What the hell, man... this feels worse than Old Boogey Aunt...'

Nik frowned for a moment before he tried to regain his bearings. He was clearly rattled. He did not know why, though? It was not Yuuko's beauty, he was sure. Neither was the fact that she was Megumi's mother...

Wait, mother.

Nik felt that he had almost grasped the uncomfortable feeling. But suddenly, he lost it.

And he found out, he wasn't uncomfortable... but merely, unaccustomed to this feeling.

Taking a deep breath before exhaling rather loudly, attracting the silent Yuuko's attention once again, Nik looked up and smiled towards Yuuko, stunning her briefly before he smiled.

"Yuuko-san, can I ask of you a rather bold favour?"

Regained confidence rippled within his voice as he waited for Yuuko's reply. As if feeling Nik's clarity, Yuuko's eyes flashed a stream of gentleness, making Nik a bit uncomfortable once again, but he fought past that and still waited for her reply.

"It depends, Nik-kun. If you want another cup of tea, then sure.

If you are asking me out, then it would be rather unfortunate."

Seeing that Nik remained calm even after her playful teasing a test of beautiful mother if you will, she waited for Nik's response.

"Nothing too extreme. Actually, I am looking for a job and wanted to ask you this

How would you like another pair of arms helping you out? I am even eloquent enough to advertise outside the shop."

Yuuko raised an eyebrow at the request. She did not expect that. Suddenly, the back pain that had been troubling her sleep seemed to have flared up at the mention of help and it was at this moment, Megumi emerged from her room in a cream-coloured sundress that went along with her healthy wheat skin while the fringes near the neck of the dress made her look youthful, a stark contrast of her own mother.

But all her exuberance was forced to retreat when she found the existence named Yuuko still sitting and she couldn't help but flush in embarrassment once again.

The moment she sat down, Yuuko shot a look at Nik, whose eyes didn't leave Megumi even for a moment before a sour feeling stung her heart.

'Damn that beard!'

She looked back at Megumi and finally smiled.

"Megumi-chan~ Your friend just asked me for a job. What do"

"Employee him!"

Megumi immediately snapped back, broadening Yuuko's smile while Megumi blushed even more.

"Well, you heard her Nik. But tomorrow morning, I expect you in a proper shirt and pants.

And lose the beard."

Megumi's heart stung at the last statement. But she kept her quiet, meanwhile, Nik nodded and expressed his gratitude. After talking for a few minutes with Yuuko, he left without being able to spend much time alone with Megumi. After all, kt was getting dark and even though he didn't fear the dark, he also wasn't fond of the night without the n.a.k.e.d apron.

After finalising the fact that the terms of employment would be discussed tomorrow, Nik left for his home. Something Nik possessed for the first time in his life.

And while Nik still remained a penniless f.u.c.kboi, he had already started on the path of a normal person and set up his first job interview.

Alas, Nik's n.a.k.e.d apron eluded him for everyone in the house wore full clothes.

The atrocity!

Of course, Nik was then forced to accept the sensibility of the girls in the presence of an unfamiliar man named Gunta and a somewhat known presence named Sakura, Gunta's younger sister.

Just like the former Gunta, Sakura sported a twin-tailed, blonde bleached hair with tanned skin and a healthy appetite. A beauty and a force to be reckoned with.

First, Yuuko and now, Sakura, Nik slowly felt that he shouldn't have promised himself something that would have been so hard to achieve given his circ.u.mstances.

But not to forget Gunta, in the past week, he had made conscious effort to improve. His hair had returned to its natural brunette state while the holes in his ears still longed for his trusty piercings. And the most surprising thing was his respect for women.

Not a single stray leer emerged from his pair of eyes. Something, Nik had trouble digesting.

But he didn't care much for Kaya made mental farewell to Nik and descriptively expressed how she wanted to be with him tonight and do stuff that would have rocked both of their worlds.

But, Nik could only smile bitterly. She also had to take care of her family. With most of her itches taken care of this morning, Kaya did feel a lot refreshed and didn't mind a dangerous play when her buttocks were grabbed rather forcefully right behind her son and daughter.