Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 2 Chapter 134

Volume 2: Run It's A Demon Chapter 134 The God Of Highschool

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After Kaya's reluctant farewell, the Night finally ascended to the main event. Clothes were flung away as many types of plastic equipment featured this time around which were expertly used by Nik to guarantee the maximum pleasure. Of course, even when the girls wanted some of their answers questioned, they simply did not have the energy or thoughts to spare to such meaningless questions. As Mitsuko and others promised, after learning his adventure, the girls tried their best not to mention some sensitive stuff.

For example, Ozai's and Zhao's murder. Of course, Nik never showed them the full image of the gory scene that Ozai's crowning had turned into, but they did their best not to let his actions of other worlds bound by different laws affect their lives in this world.

In here, Nik, although horny and gifted, never committed cruel acts. Even punishing Gunta did not entail him any physical harm.

When the night came to an end, Souko and Sayako left for their own room, albeit, limpingly while Kyouko, Mitsuko and Kurumi stuck to him and Nik gladly accepted them before drifting into his dreams. Although Kurumi herself was a digger, Nik didn't feel the least bit uncomfortable. Honestly, aside from the sleep in his system space, Nik didn't know when he slept so peacefully.

The next morning, the group woke up, Kyouko being the first one, as usual, and Sayako being the last. Due to her projects, she had decided to stick back in the house while Kurumi quickly got ready while Souko kept making a ruckus while finding her stuff, making Mitsuko sigh, as she finally got out from the bed and helped her little baby to find her stuff. Of course, many beer cans found their seats within Souko's handbag, but she managed a grin and a passionate kiss with Nik before taking off.

Last night, the whole family was already informed about him taking a job, so they weren't that surprised when Nik rummaged through Kyouko's late husband's clothes, which made him, and the others point out that he really needed a wardrobe for his own. Wearing a decent cream shirt and black pants before combing his hair, Nik smiled and embraced each one of them before leaving with Kurumi for his new job.

Of course, beardless this time around. His chin and jaws were slick clean!


"Wow... yesterday, you looked like a father, and today, a daddy... this transformation...

Men's beard is really quite a... how should I put it..."

Kurumi muttered while holding hands with Nik as they continued walking.


Nik asked with a raised eyebrow while Kurumi shook her head and sighed.

"No... maybe? But it is definitely mysterious. How a person can look so different with a little bit of hair over his jaws."

"Well, yeah. I didn't have any way to shave in that world... this reminds me, I need to bring a lot of stuff from her when I travel next time."

He muttered as Kurumi's grip grew a bit tighter for a moment.

"Don't worry too much, I have almost a month to spend time with you guys..."

Nik smiled as they both grew a little closer while walking, meanwhile, Kurumi nodded simply before exhaling lightly.

"Yeah. But that bookstore you were talking about...

Why chose a bookstore?"

Kurumi finally asked the question that had been plaguing her mind pre and post-s.e.x.u.a.l session.

"First, to earn something. Second, to get a routine for myself. Third, the shop owner is my... mother-in-law... a future one.

And fourth, I need to read as much as I can... popular stuff during this month. Fiction, to be specific."

Kurumi frowned while hearing this. She already knew that the shop owner was Yuuko oba-san, but the last point seemed to be something Nik was truly focused on.

"Fiction... huh..."

Kurumi muttered before regaining her playful mood as she tilted her head upwards and looked at Nik with mischievous expression clear in her eyes.

"Nik... haven't you been taking care of your second mother-in-law... my mother?

What are your plans for Megumi's mother?"

Although her suggestive tone spoke volumes about her intentions, Nik still smiled gently and nudged her shoulder with his and grinned.

"Nothing bad, of course. But honestly, if I hadn't Megumi earlier than Yuuko-san, then I would have definitely gone for her."

"Oh?" Kurumi raised her eyebrows in surprise before smiling.

"Who knew, our little beast knows the meaning of restraint."

Nik shrugged at her words and replied.

"Well, I am not snooping around every household to get down with girls, mothers and wives.

So, in my defense, I have kept myself in restraint for a long time."

"Speaking of girls... what's with Pavka and Virya."

Kurumi finally asked with curiosity burning in her eyes as she continued.

"Do you swing that way?"

She looked at Nik's violet eyes intently while Nik thought for a while before answering.

"I like girls, who... well, they are already millennia old."

"That doesn't answer the question." She continued pressing forwards before grinning.

"Well, let me ask you something else. What about cute girls who are considered minor in the eyes of this world's law... but legal in the eyes of other world's law?"

Nik was stumped for a bit while Kurumi grinned. What she played was actually a pro-gamer move before Nik sighed and looked towards Kurumi with a smile and shrugged for a reply.

"Well, if such a situation appears in front of me... I'll have to make sure that the said girl is properly protected from anyone but me."

"Woah... that is shameless."

"Shameless is my middle name."

Nik shot back.

"No, it's not." Kurumi shrugged as they could see the structure of the school as Nik nodded.

"Metaphorically... it is."

With that, the continued bickering but still laughed without the care for the envious glares of the students. By now, Nik was extremely popular in their school. Not only did he manage to take Rick under his wing, but Nik had also subdued Gunta, too. With two strongest delinquents under his name, Nik's name was bound to rise. What's more, there were rumours that Nik was dating not one, but two Bellas of the school.

God, did they wish to smite the demon!

"Well, off you go."

Nik finally let go of Kurumi's hand as she nodded and grinned.

"Alright, work well, my darling."

She spoke the last statement rather loudly and the wink sent any and every student, whether boy or girl, an obvious message.

They both were taken, so back the f.u.c.k off!

Of course, Kurumi looked behind Nik with an amusing smile as she tiptoed and pecked Nik's lips while a cold voice erupted within Nik's mind.

"I see... you look rather childish with your beard gone."

It was Megumi, meanwhile, Kurumi sent a smile towards Megumi and skipped away happily. While both of the girls had consented on allowing Nik to share himself, this didn't mean that they couldn't jab at each other every now and then. And honestly, Kurumi always loved to get a rise out of Megumi.

"Hello, Manabu."

Nik sighed internally and turned his heels, facing Manabu and Megumi. While Megumi snorted rather visibly, Nik's smile didn't change at all and he greeted the bespectacled boy that had been keeping Megumi a company.

"Ah, Nik. Hello. Did you come here to drop Souma-san?"

He looked up from his book and smiled happily. After Megumi's obvious reduction of 'ero accidents', Manabu finally had the time to study well. He had already planned for his future university and really needed to rack up his scores.

"Yeah. Good to see you, too, Megumi." Looking at the maroon packaged Bokken, he grinned slightly and asked.

"A new one?"

He pointed at the tall package slung across her shoulder. Although Megumi had lots to speak after being riled up with Kurumi, shd suddenly grinned evilly and recalled that Nik will simply be waiting for her at her own home.

After all, he now works for her mother. With her mood growing brighter, she shook her head with a smile.

"I still need to buy a new one. This one was borrowed from a Senpai at the club. She lives near the shop." Without missing a beat, she then turned to Manabu and grinned.

"You know, Maa-kun, Nik is now a shopboy under Mom."

"For real?"

Manabu blurted and looked towards Nik, who shrugged.

"Well, nice to meet you guys. I'll see you later."

He smiled while sending his words to Megumi.

'Work hard, Megumi... how about a reward when you come back home?'

He grinned at the visible reaction and left before getting stopped once again. Devils! Can't an Incubus go off to his job without any interruption? In front of him, a hulking mass of muscle and a dwarfing figure bowed in front of him.

"Good to see you in such a great shape, Master."

Who else could it he except Rick and Gunta. Before Nik could reply, Rick raised his head and looked at other boys and girls.

"Hey! How dare you walk without bowing?! Huh!"

Hearing his words, even Gunta looked up and hissed at other students maliciously.

"Want me to beat you up?"

Well, even though Gunta had taken the appearance of a diligent student, he was still a delinquent from the heart. Not dating to match Gunta's gaze, the other students nodded meekly and bowed lightly before skittering off the school.

'Hoh~ This feels nice...'

Nik simply smiled at the duo.

"Thanks, guys, work hard!"

He patted both of their backs and left the school area while Rick already had tears in his eyes.

"M-Master! He knew that we are trying to change and appreciated our efforts! Did you see it, Gunta?"

Rick looked towards his tear stricken comrade as he nodded.

"Master can still look through my heart in a single glance. Yesterday, at the dinner table, he did not even mention the past and made me feel like family...


Rick nodded in understanding while the other students only sent disgusted glares to their directions.

They hadn't changed at all! In fact, they had only grown more tyrannical!

And with the two of them joining hands, there were no other delinquents except these two. It felt like they were trying to monopolies the entry into the world of delinquents!