Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 2 Chapter 136

Volume 2: Run It's A Demon Chapter 136 Best Salesman Incubus

It took Yuuko a total of fifteen minutes to eat her fill and then another few minutes to wash the dishes. She was calm, utterly so. It was morning time after all. Even if she wasn't doing the dishes right now, she would have been counting dust on her counter as she waited for the fated customer to enter the shop so that she could charm the hell out of him and make a few sales.

Until she stepped into the shop from the backdoor connected to her living room, she was calm.

Utterly so.

'What the hell?!'

When did her shop turn from a bookstore to a debauched site of fawning ladies of her market street?

Jinou-san, Shindou-san (Manabu's mother), Kaina-san, Bijin-san...

The shop was packed with ladies of various ages, shapes and sizes holding onto 'useless' tutorial and guide books regarding their own trade and waited in line as Yuuko's new employee rapidly cut receipts upon receipts before smiling and adding a 'favour' of 1% discount after earning a total of 10% on each book. And this was only the guide books... other magazines and mangas had an even better profit margin.

Speaking of Nik, Yuuko fell into a stunned state when she saw his current visage. An apron dr.a.p.ed over his perfectly sculpted body although she hadn't seen it, she could imagine the indents of muscles while the sleeves of his shirt were folded up, revealing his forearms which constantly exposed the soft writhing of his muscles as he continued writing.

Even from such a distance, the sight was clear as a sun in the noon. His decently combed hair pulled back a little, giving him an even more enchanting appearance. Yuuko's throat went dry and suddenly, she didn't feel like accusing her friends of fawning over Nik.

The calculative side of her mind knew that Nik understood that he was a handsome lad and he was using his beauty to its extreme extent, even then, she didn't know how. After all, Yuuko knew a bit or two about getting fawned upon.

While she was a bit embarrassed to admit it, Yuuko was still the most popular lady within the street aside from the younger ladies. Alas, she still couldn't use her own figure to lure in men to commit sales. She was a mother, too, before being a store owner.

It only took a few minutes and Nik had already sold more than 50 books right in front of her eyes.

After the crowd receded, Nik exhaled heavily before grinning and placing the calculator back in the drawer as he waved at Yuuko.

"Yuuko-san, you shouldn't lie, you know. How is this categorised as less sale?" Nik looked at the stunned Yuuko as he continued.

"The aunties here are so nice. You sure are popular."

He grinned while moving out from behind of the cash counter and allowed the dazed Yuuko to open the cash drawer before she sucked in a breath of cold air as she looked at the stacks of yen thrown into it. Even though the drawer was messy... a cash drawer was a special kind of existence when compared to other drawers and shelves.

The messier it is, the better.

"I must thank Megumi for bringing me such a natural salesman."

'And a hotty to the boot.' She added internally while Nik shrugged and sat on one of the stools before asking out.

"Yuuko-san, you wouldn't mind me going through some of the already unwrapped books in the display during the free time, right?"

Yuuko shook her head and replied candidly.

"No, although, it would be better if the customers do not see you reading so openly, or we might end up encouraging our book store as a library."

Nik nodded at her words, and also ended up entering check out the library in his long list of mental tasks. Finding a nice wardrobe being the most prioritised one, as of the moment.

"So? How does this market work? What are the timings and such?"

Nik continued. If he had decided to lure in women to increase the popularity of the shop, he had also devised the future plan of using the said popularity with girls to lure in men slowly. Of course, Nik would be darned to the damnation of cruel death if he actually gave any men even a teeny tiny discount.

When Yuuko heard his words, shd couldn't help but frown and feel a bit sour before she spoke up.

"Well... during the morning, it's just us, the old-timers, but the market only sees customer after evening, particularly, 5 pm.

Till then, we are usually free and most of simply chat and hang around each other. Though, the Shindou Restaurant is a bit of anomaly due to Manabu-kun's new recipes.

"Ohh, so they are Manabu's parents, huh."

Nik muttered while Yuuko smiled.

"Yeah, we have been friends for a long time and Megumi and Manabu had known each other from their childhood."

Yuuko seemed to be reminiscing as Megumi's childhood flashed in front of her eyes while Nik thought for a while before a lightbulb blinked within his mind and he immediately sent a conscious message to Kaya.

'Kaya, how's your bakery going?'

Just like Yuuko, even Kaya had her own bakery connected to the small makeshift market behind their house. It was pretty popular, too. Not only were the sweets delicious, the seller Kaya was a man-killer and she would simply sell pastries in dozens at a single purchase.

But of course, Kaya would then also encourage the male customers to work out whenever they would gain a bit of weight, and then, sell her sweets while complimenting their physique before fattening them and continuing the cycle.

But even if her work was set, the morning time was a slow period and with her responsibilities to take care of Sakura gone as she slowly grew older, Kaya found herself free for quite a lot of time.

'Eh? Master?' Kaya immediately shot on her feet while the previous expression of non-committal turned into burning enthusiasm.

'Yeah. How's your shop?'

'Same old, same old. Just waiting for my dear customers.' Kaya smiled as she leaned over her counter while asking.

'What about you master? Having fun?'

'Sold more than 50 books in fifteen minutes. Of course, I am having fun.'

'Heh~ Using your 'specialities'? Isn't that unethical?'

'So is using a vibrator right at the dinner table. Honestly, what were you even thinking?'

Nik chuckled while Kaya replied with a heavy sigh.

'You knew?'

'I could easily smell it.'

Sitting back, Kaya took a deep breath and replied.

'Well, I also want to join in the fun, you know. Mitsuko, Kyouko and others get to have you all night while I have to sleep without my bed getting warmed.'

A hot sigh escaped her lips as she laid bare her problems in front of Nik, which was somewhat understandable to him.

'Hm, that's why, I wanted to ask you to bring me a lunch box at my work. We can now meet and have fun during the slow time.

Of course, I won't force'

'I'll do it!'

Kaya immediately chirped while shooting up from her desk. She already knew the address of his shop and honestly, she was up for some alone time with Nik. The customers can wait all day for she cared little for them. Even Gunta and Sakura would return late due to their club activities, so she might as well...

Wear her special panties.

She giggled and cooed while getting ready. Although her clothes remained the same as usual, her lingerie underwent a complete transformation. Meanwhile, Nik had already cut the communication and sighed.

He truly needed some sort of treasure that would allow him and the girls to spend time together. But he wasn't overly worried. If all he did was bind the girls to some sort of space while keeping them in there for eternity just for the sake of their flesh, he might have chosen blow dolls over human beings.

Although, Nik did not have a choice when it came to Azula and the others, at least, for now.

He wouldn't want himself and the other girls to feel extremely restrained towards each other. Especially, after tasting his first sale. Deep down, Nik felt that he had taken a step forward at establishing his own routine.

After all, a routine, to him, isn't something done out of a commitment or need. It was something that can keep your mind relaxed and the moment he scammed the customers, he felt utterly at ease.

But suddenly, a thought came to his mind and he scowled.

'Ah... shit. I forgot to practice the stretching technique.'

Meanwhile, Yuuko was simply counting the notes without paying attention to the surrounding while her face practically glowed. Not that Nik would judge her. He was happy, too. The feeling of scamming was too good, just a little less than the pleasure and bliss of carnal desires getting fulfilled.

Just like that, his day continued till noontime, when it was the time of lunch. Although, there were no more sales after the initial burst of ladies, Nik would still move in and out of the shop whenever he would see a housewife drifting across the market while he would charm the hell out of here, ensuring the housewife's return after she has enough money in her hand.

And finally, a figure stepped into the shop with a smile while adjusting her round pair of glasses, her figure plump and full, easily comparable to Yuuko's while her hand carried a large cloth-wrapped box.

Kaya had finally arrived as Nik stood up and placed the book he had been reading on the stool before walking up to her and softly embracing her. While Nik may not show more intimate actions in front of Yuuko, it also didn't mean that he would leave Kaya high and dry in front of others.

She was now his own woman. She needed to be treated specially for she was one.

A short, yet happy smile formed on her face while she spoke softly.

"I hope you are hungry, Nik-kun. I brought lots of dishes."

'And I do hope you are hungry, master. I brought something even more special.'

Her gentle coo almost evoked an erection out of him as he broke the hug and looked at the stunned and somewhat dark expressioned Yuuko.

"Yuuko-san, this is Kaya-san. My friend's mother and she is also the one who takes care of me from time to time.

Last night, I told her and the family about the job."

Nim grinned and offered Kaya a stool to rest on while Yuuko nodded and forced a smile. Trying her best to not think of Nik as her own 'commodity', Yuuko exhaled shortly before smiling.

"I see, Nice to meet you, Kaya-san."

"Likewise, Yuuko-san. My son has told me a lot about your daughter. She must be a wonderful lady."

Kaya smiled softly and spoke in a clear voice while looking around at the store for a bit and then looking at Yuuko.

"We truly appreciate your help."

She stated finally as Yuuko tilted her head curiously.


Nik also sat beside Kaya and replied.

"While Kaya-san visits me from time to time, I have been staying over at the Okita Apartments near the school with Kurumi and her family."

Nik replied for himself as Kaya nodded.

"Yes, Nik has been a wonderful boy."

Kaya spoke softly with her eyes narrowed while Nik could already feel her scent overflowing and creeping up his nose.

"Now that you speak of it, Megumi did inform me that you don't have any immediate guardians." Yuuko wondered out loud before she looked at Nik with a strange expression.

"Nik... do you have proper IDs of your stay?"

Nik frowned while Kaya sighed and Yuuko's expression turned even bizarre.

Another addition to the task list was made that day scam proper Identity Proofs.