Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 2 Chapter 137

Volume 2: Run It's A Demon Chapter 137 Mid Day Quicky

Although the chat about Nik's legal status was quite longer than expected, Yuuko still couldn't understand how Nik wasn't in jail already. After all, he, as a foreigner, did not have any permission in the form of doc.u.ments to maintain his stay on the grounds of the country.

And yet here he was, already employed and committing sales like there was no tomorrow.

"It's amazing! You are the owner of Asaji Sweets? Megumi loves that place."

Even though Yuuko was supposed to cook the food, she couldn't help but send a few parting gazes at the beautifully crafted dishes while Kaya kept a soft smile and finally invited Yuuko for the meal while also introducing herself and her store.

As Kaya kept watching the duo eat, Kaya admittedly felt a bit relieved. By now, Nik had only been eating food cooked by Kyouko or Mitsuko. Heck, he had even tasted a little bit of Sayako's cooking and only now did Kaya feel completely satisfied. Nik loved the food and of course, praises to his women never cost him a dime and they entered into Kaya's consciousness akin to a tidal wave.

Kaya could barely contain her exhilaration while Nik suddenly passed an empty plate to Kaya while smiling.

"Here, don't just stare around. Join us."

Although she was a bit full, Kaya still nodded and placed a few side dishes along with a serving of rice before eating. The front of the store was locked as the trio enjoyed the meal within the living room as Yuuko and Kaya kept on chatting about various things ranging from cooking to shops, from clothes to shoes. But the most they talked about was their kids Megumi, Gunta and Sakura.

As Yuuko described the inter-regional competition of the kendo clubs of various schools, Kaya nodded in understanding as Sakura's table tennis club also had this competition and there it was.

Unknown to Kaya and Nik, Yuuko herself was the captain of the Table Tennis Club back in her day and she really wanted Megumi to take up the sport. Alas, the unruly lass took up the bokken and boy did Yuuko still kept the grudge against that particular act.

"Hah~ I mean, it isn't ladylike at all!"

Yuuko complained. Unknowingly, a beer can was in her's and Kaya's hand as she nodded in understanding. Only Nik's lips twitched while he spoke up.

"Yuuko-san, Megumi is in a girl's Kendo club... so... It's ladylike? I guess."

Yuuko snapped up and glared at Nik for a moment while Kaya sighed this time around.

"I understand it well, Yuuko-san. Just three days ago, Sakura decided to join the gym. How..."

Kaya shook her head while Yuuko let her hand fall on Kaya's hand and smiled gently.


Yuuko questioned in one word while Kaya sighed deeply. The atmosphere had turned too strange too quickly. After the lunch was concluded, Kaya helped Yuuko with the dishes since Yuuko had decided to cut some more fruits after the lunch. Even though the lunch was finally finished, Kaya's hunger wasn't satisfied even now as she cast a seductive look towards Nik while her soft voice entered his consciousness.

'Master, how'

Nik smiled and sent his reassuring words to Kaya. After the dishes were washed, Yuuko went back to the shop and the duo followed. But the moment Yuuko sat behind the counter, she suddenly felt a bout of dizziness before an urge to sleep took over her.

"Master, what is going on?"

Kaya looked over at Yuuko curiously while Nik smiled and took a short breath.

"My skills have some sort of hypnosis effect, but the usual downside of using an item to create a mental loop is not present this time around."

"Hoh~" Kaya exhaled in awe before shaking her head. "I do not understand."

"Neither do I. This information is just present in here." Nik pointed at his own head before taking Kaya's hand and bringing her body closer, allowing him to take a whiff of her enthralling scent that her whole body had been exuding for a while now.

"So? What's the surprise?"

He asked but not before exchanging a few moments of his life for an ardent kiss that wreaked havoc within Kaya's mouth while his free hand grabbed a fistful of her soft and perky butt right though her pants, making her yelp in his mouth while her glazed eyes looked even more brilliant through her glasses.

"I really haven't been giving you enough attention, right?" Nik smiled a bit apologetically while waiting for Kaya to regain her bearings as she kept shooting wary glances towards Yuuko, afraid that another man and boy-killer like herself would wake up any moment.

"Well, the surprise is" Kaya pulled her top up and revealed a beautiful lacy lingerie and then removed her pants, revealing an equally lacy black panties with soft frills.

Seeing this, Nik turned a bit confused. This was hardly surprising. As if understanding Nik's confusion, Kaya gave a mischievous smile and turned her body, revealing her ripe butt with a cutout in her panties right above her anus...


To be sure, Nik took a deep breath and placed both of his hands over her butt and immediately started pinching and groping her ass-cheeks before placing his thumb over the cutout, pushing the tip into something tight, warm and squishy.

"This is certainly surprising."

Nik smiled before turning Kaya and pushing her lacy brazier down, making her nubile bosom and cherry n.i.p.p.l.es the landscape that his sight gazed over as Kaya spoke in a somewhat indignant tone.

"And for the second question, you have been paying less attention to me."

"Then we must change that."

Nik proclaimed righteously as he lowered his head and placed one of the shivering n.i.p.p.l.es and the surrounding pink flesh within his mouth, his free hands squeezing her other b.r.e.a.s.t and simultaneously wrapping around her waist, supporting her.

"Ah! Right here?! At least, let Mughhhhaannn!"

Kaya m.o.a.ned softly as Nik increased his efforts before changing the target of his sucks and latched onto her other bare, dry b.r.e.a.s.ts, moistening them and warming her body alongside while Kaya's hands couldn't help but creep up over Nik's head pulling him further, wanting more of her n.i.p.p.l.es getting played, sucked and bitten softly. With nothing covering her mouth, enamored m.o.a.ns leaked softly that steadily grew in volume until Nik found himself sealing her luscious mouth over again.

The door of the shop was locked, but that did not mean that it was soundproof. After a certain volume, Nik was forced to take her mouth while letting his fingers nimbly swipe her panties aside while penetrating her snatch, enjoying the feeling of warm flesh wrapped around his fingers before he took his soaked fingers out.

"Considering your choice of cutout... you wouldn't be satisfied with my c.o.c.k filling your p.u.s.s.y, huh?"

Nik lowered his pants while used his other hand to stroke his member gently before smacking the shaft against her beautiful, soaked slit as Kaya grinned and m.o.a.ned needily. Her hands cupping Nik's cheeks as she whispered softly.

"Master knows me the best~"

Her body felt melting over him as her hot sighs made Nik's c.o.c.k even more hard in absolute delight, making Nik flip Kaya over as she supported herself against one of the bookshelves when she felt the tip of his c.o.c.k poking against her anus. A short gasp leaked her lips as Kaya slowly regulated her breathing before loosening her clenched anal muscles, letting Nik slowly enter her backdoor while the feeling of tight hole wrapped around his member made Nik groan softly.

Meanwhile, Kaya kept on her short, yet swift breathing before Nik had completely entered her with his balls softly pecking the entrance of her crazily soaked p.u.s.s.y.

With her breathing subsided, sensational m.o.a.ns soon trickled down her tongue while Kaya's toes curled in absolute delight when her anus got wrecked by Nik. His massive c.o.c.k turning her into nothing but a ball of flesh and nerves ready to be pleasured while her fingers tried to dig into the wooden shelves. The act of gripping a fistful of her hair while using his other hand to spank her naughty ass, Kaya would have m.o.a.ned loudly if she hadn't bitten on the hem of her top.

But the sounds of flesh hitting against each other couldn't be suppressed as Kaya's wonderfully accommodating p.u.s.s.y would gape through her slit unconsciously as lewd juices fell on some of the lucky books. But the thing that surprised Nik the most was her glasses that were still over her face. Making her rolled-up eyes even more enchanting.

Finally, his hand and fingers started pleasing her clit while getting entirely soaked in return as Nik felt her hot muscles wrapping around him once more while Kaya also started asserting herself by pushing her h.i.p.s up further when Nik's c.o.c.k would lodge itself entirely within her ass. She felt good. Too good.

This feeling couldn't even be compared to yesterday when Nik used his makeshift technique to make all the girls orgasm rapidly. Although it allowed them to relieve themselves, the emotional factor wasn't present in that particular session.

Today's mid-day quicky was sensational. Her butt was m.o.a.ning in delight while her snatch was still drooling, ready to explode in a beautiful shower of holy nectar while her mouth, hair, back, h.i.p.s and even her legs felt like melting. She wanted to melt in pleasure. She wanted to be turned.

'I want to be yours...' She whispered. 'Everything of mine should be yours.' She continued. Though her entire body was already a mass of writhing flesh filled with the desire to get filled in all her holes while orgasming like crazy as she would still remain in the tender hold of her lover... her master.

Kaya's mind felt absolutely clear, her thoughts formed naturally as she pledged her devotion through her mental communication, allowing Nik to hear her thoughts.

'So, don't hesitate in filling me, master.' She cooed, 'Fill me good.'

And fill he did. With a burst of Kaya's shower, her body registered a hot flow of unholy spunk within her anus that finally sent her consciousness into a daze that couldn't suppress the crazy interior of desires as Nik's subsequent, unnamed skill exploded out once again.

A soft glow covered the duo before Nik and Kaya felt in complete coordination with each other. Somehow, they felt open... n.a.k.e.d to each other. There was an illusion that their partners could look into each other's deepest insecurities and the thought scared them. But this wasn't the first time they were feeling this.

The same thing happened yesterday, albeit, on a smaller scale and quality, too hard to be registered when there was already a mass of nerves reception of continuous orgasms.

Kaya's jaw unclenched for a moment before the hem of her top fell, and yet, no m.o.a.n leaked through her gasps.

For what arrived after the gasps was a deep, relieved, sigh.

And melt did Kaya, almost falling if not for Nik supporting her while Nik couldn't help but sigh in pure delight. This was a feeling more superior than c.u.m.m.i.n.g his balls dry.

This felt even more carnal than writhing with flesh in absolute physical pleasure.

To be able to look into a person's... truth? He didn't know what it was, but the thought was as perverted as peeping a n.a.k.e.d woman.

And finally, Nik had to change the list of top three acts that pleased him to no end.

At the top was this very feeling. He still didn't know what were the conditions of encountering this feeling, but he had felt this once with Azula and Pavka. Even though, with Virya, it was on a lower scale, similar to Mitsuko, Kurumi and Kyouko.

Then came the pleasures of s.e.x and then finally, the feeling of scamming someone.

But... he really hated tidying things up.


"So that was it."

Kaya nodded in understanding. After the strange feeling, she seemed to have known Nik a lot better and she also felt somewhat understanding towards him. Although she still labelled him as Master in their private chats, they both understood that their relationship had taken a qualitative leap.

"If I hadn't been here... Yuuko would have still ended up under you, right?"

She sighed as Nik nodded before smiling softly.

"Although the urge... is there and hard to control, I could only look for help. Right now, there is no physical effect, but if I had decided to keep all my urges within...

I would have ended up forcing myself onto Yuuko."

Kaya looked at him curiously while still marvelling at how easily Nik had used his bending ability to clear the shop of any undesired liquid and cleaned it up so nicely.

"Then why didn't you?"

Kaya asked. Although, she already knew that answer to the question.

"What good would it have done me? I plan to spend my remaining time in this world with you seven. Not to add more women to the list.

That wouldn't be fair to you guys or me."

Nik uttered softly before looking at the sleeping Yuuko and sighing.

"Well, I don't see this as a long-term solution. But, for as long as I can spoil you girls, I am willing to continue the status quo.

Either way, I don't plan to lose my control around Yuuko until I complete my second adventure.

Back then, I didn't have much time to stay with you guys. So this month at least, I must give your girls all my attention."

Hearing this, a bright smile formed over Kaya's face as she pecked on Nik's lips before standing up.

"Well, I get to meet master every afternoon. So I'm well. Either way, I should leave. I have my own shop to tend to."

"Yeah. I'll meet you tomorrow."

Since Kaya couldn't always come to Kyouko's place every dinner, she was extremely satisfied with the current arrangement and left happily.

It was also time for Yuuko to wake up while Nik opened the doors of the shop and let fresh air enter the shop.

"Hmm? I slept?"

Yuuko frowned before sitting up with a yawn and then looking towards the smiling Nik before her face turned red.

"Yuuko-san... you should rest more."

He shrugged and continued reading the book. He himself didn't want to look at her face that seemed to sparkle under the light while the embarrassed blush only served to make her look even cuter.

Truly, Nik also didn't know how the women like Kaya, Mitsuko, Kyouko and Yuuko kept themselves so young and beautiful.

After half-an-hour, he finally heard a familiar shout.

Megumi had returned.