Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 2 Chapter 139

Volume 2: Run It's A Demon Chapter 139 The Shadows Hidden

Waking up as early as Kyouko was much harder than Nik would love to admit. Mitsuko's and Kurumi's soft snores beside him felt akin to an ancestral call that tried to lull him back to sleep. It was hard to persevere in front of a harsh entity and Nik's desire to sleep fulfilled that particular role perfectly.

But seeing Kyouko's smile early in the morning was enough to revitalize Nik's mind as he groaned softly before stretching his arms out and letting out a loud yawn as he followed Kyouko out.

'Ah, I also need to exercise.'

Nik recalled a particular quest in his mental task list Training in the Stretching Exercise compiled by Korosensei.

Until now, Nik hadn't been the kind of person to put his needs aside and train his body for a longer period of time so that condition made him forget about exercising yesterday.

Exchanging a short yet warm embrace with Kyouko followed by a number of kisses and nibbles that made her giggle, Nik finally wore his trust baggy pants and started stretching in the living room. No extraordinary condition was required to perform this tailor-made exercise.

As long as Nik had his body intact, he could perform this exercise anywhere. It only took him to stretch his tendons and limbs in such a fashion that his whole body was simultaneously strained by an incredible pressure formed out of the knots of his own body.

After his exercise, he proceeded to take an early bath before he started helping Kyouko in packing up the lunchboxes for Sayako, Souko and Kurumi while learning a bit about cooking as he watched Kyouko's masterful moves. Although, he really wanted to pinch her butt that remained exposed while her body was garbed in a skimpy, translucent, pink nighty, Nik was forced to restrain himself as playing with a cooking woman was nothing but dangerous.

Not to mention, when she was dicing up the vegetables using a sharp kitchen blade. Who knows that Kyouko might accidentally injure herself if Nik actually surprised her.

So, he simply complimented her. Showering a woman, especially his, was one of Nik's most favoured activity. Seeing Kyouko twitch while blushing softly right in the morning made Nik realise that his day would only get better.

Of course, after Kyouko was finished, she did melt under Nik's hands as he walked behind her and started his own kitchen recipe of debauched desire as his hands gently cupped her warm b.r.e.a.s.ts while his own lips kept pleasing the backside of her neck, inducing Kyouko to let her hand rest on Nik's hand as he continued playing with her bosom.

Alas, Kyouko had to get ready, too and Kurumi and her sisters were also groaning at the start of the day. Admittedly, the state of awakening was their natural nemesis, too. Only Mitsuko slept peacefully for the rest of the morning while Nik had already collected each and everything required for Souko's departure, beer cans included while Sayako happened to be a less of a baby when compared to her eldest in the morning, but baby nonetheless as she uncharacteristically latched on Nik while demanding his soothing care that was followed by Kurumi's hiss.

Since the girls would usually bath at night, Nik was the only anomaly to take a shower in the morning and after helping each of them get ready, he made his way back into the bedroom and let his lips fall on Mitsuko's forehead before leaving with Kurumi. Of course, Nik did not fail to observe the cheeky smile that touched Mitsuko's lips as he tucked her in.

The trip to the school remained uneventful, too. There were no stray cats to pet but in the relative calm, Nik could feel himself getting complete relaxed as he enjoyed the warmth of Kurumi's hand while they walked silently in each other's company.

"Say, Kurumi... would you all like to go on a movie or some sort of picnic this weekend?"

Nik suddenly asked as surprise flashed across Kurumi's eyes while she started walking a little closer to Nik as she narrowed her eyes and whispered.

"Wait... are you saying that you aren't just a s.e.x beast?"

The mocking smile on Kurumi's face made Nik roll his eyes while he pulled her in closer and whispered in kind.

"Of course, I am. But just for you guys. Now, movies or a picnic?"

Personally, Nik wanted to go watch a movie as it would be his first time and many movies were simply a work of fiction that would allow him to increase his knowledge on the records, but he still felt the need to get others' opinion too

Kurumi puckered her lips up as she started pondered on the choices before choosing the movies, making Nik kiss the adorable girl as she yelped in the sudden display of the affection, once again, much to the envious hearts of the surrounding students. After Nik dropped Kurumi at the school gates, he was once again confronted by the bowing delinquents that made other students bow with their feral expression, too, when Megumi arrived with Manabu in tow.

"Yo, Megumi."

Nik smiled and then looked at Manabu, who was obviously scowling towards him, most probably, Manabu already knew of the knowledge written in the guides that Nik scammed, making him smile wider subconsciously.

"Good morning, Manabu."

Although, Megumi was a bit embarrassed since she slept like a log during the evening, she still mustered up some of her suppressed fierce courage and stepped forward before bowing while hiding her blushing face.

"Please take care of the store from now on...

and also me."

She added in whispers before walking past Nik and entering the school gates while he nodded and sent her the invitation of going to the movies this weekend. Meanwhile, Manabu sighed and greeted Nik politely before making his way to the school.

He still wasn't over the fact that his mother was scammed to buy the guides that he had already bought when he started his cooking training.

With another uneventful journey to the shop, Nik donned the creamy apron to prevent his clothes from getting dirty and set to work. The flex-boards were placed outside and he immediately started cleaning the shop as Yuuko took the time to prepare her breakfast and eat it. Although, she felt that it was becoming harder for her, too, to continue watching Nik in such somber clothes.

If he had worn something befitting his age, Yuuko might have been able to suppress the surging emotions, but as she admitted, it was getting harder. Nik, on the other hand, didn't try to scam the ladies that came to specifically greet him. He needed to maintain a reputation that would allow him to scam them for a long-term.

As things were, he could probably try promoting some of the women encouraging novels and lure the businesswomen he had purposely let off of the hook. The margin on these novels and magazines were somewhat greater than the guides and know-hows.

Meanwhile, this time, a man also came with the auntie that looked after the front of the meat store. As a butcher, the man looked rough and sturdy, his glare locked onto Nik as the youth in front of him easily captivated his own wife. But he couldn't do anything about it but glare and prevent any physical contact.

With that being said, Nik released a slightest hint of his Pheromones to ensure that the women were perfectly ensnared by his appearance as he simply pointed out the fact to not crowd the store if they did not wish to buy anything, although, Nik felt a little embarrassed to admit that the other male in the store, the butcher, who kept trying to cower Nik, felt incredibly terrified when Nik's violet and hazy gaze fell on him.

Admittedly, Nik had used his skill to put the commoner in his place. The man could show his dominance anywhere but the Amano Bookstore.

Time passed on with Yuuko and Nik chatting about various novels aimlessly when Kaya arrived with her gentle smile still etched on her face as the lunch commenced with a cheer that was followed by a mind-numbing humping session inside the Bookstore as Yuuko had once again fallen asleep.

Just like this, Nik's routine slowly fell in place with his desires and he found himself slowly becoming a functioning living being of the society that had taken steps to earn a living while keeping a healthy attitude towards life.

In his previous homeworld, Nik had heard too many stories about debauched masters that slowly lost themselves in l.u.s.t and alcohol. Although, Nik understood that his lifestyle of taking multiple woman every day was just a debauched, at least, he hadn't remained cooped up in the house while losing himself in the pleasure of l.u.s.t.

As the sixth day had almost passed, once again, uneventful, much to Nik's peace.

Something happened on his way back to the home after he bade farewell to Megumi and Yuuko.

As usual, Nik was gently petting the stray cat who would usually wait for him near the telephone pole when his senses tingled and he immediately picked up the cat and ran backwards and hid behind the edge of the street as he calmed his breathing and observed the area carefully when he saw two particular figure slowly walking out of the shadows and moving towards each other.

Even though Nik didn't know what was going on, the two parties clearly held hatred for each other as they had already drawn blades against each other.

And from what Nik could observe, even though the duo weren't as strong as him, they were still stronger than the Machio of the Silverman Gym despite their lean figures.

'Is this the secret society that is higher than regular citizens?'

Since the strongest limit was of 7 stats, Nik held no delusions that the world he was experiencing was simple. He himself held strength to crush a human body despite being weakened. And of course, the two in front of him weren't any threat, too.

Sending a mental note to the girls for his late arrival, Nik patiently waited for their moves and find the fact if they would still kill each other in this world controlled by laws and regulations. All the while, his hands kept petting the relaxed cat.