Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 2 Chapter 140

Volume 2: Run It's A Demon Chapter 140 Departure And Promises

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What happened next came as quite a surprise to Nik as the duo, dark-robed figures sheathed their swords as they proceeded to shake each other's hand. All the previous malice was thrown out of the window, making Nik frown. If it had been a straightforward fight, Nik could have observed the fighting techniques and the power system of this word, but such information was destined to remain covered in a foggy veil.

A part of him wanted to subdue the two figures that were whispering something to each other, but Nik's appearance would also implicate Mitsuko and others. And while he wasn't the kind to understand schemes and politics, the manner of showing malice and then turning cordial was definitely not a simple act.

Though he was physically strong, Nik did not wish to expose his existence since with the introduction of technology, Nik was still defenceless against heavy-duty guns and whatnot that world is inventing.

"Who's there?"

Suddenly, one of the figures turned back and immediately unsheathed his sword before the other one chuckled.

"Kekeke, it's not like you to get scared of a p.u.s.s.y cat, Kai. Or... is it that after so many years of marriage, you really are afraid of p.u.s.s.y..."

Before the other man could completely mock him, Kai turned back and glared at him threateningly as the man chuckled, "... cats. What did you think I was going to say? Your wive's"

Seeing the blade of the sword extend towards his neck, the man raised his hands in defeat.

"Well then, we should start the preparations."

The man spoke as Kai nodded candidly.

"Yeah, this kind of opportunity... we need to grasp it."

"Even if it means going against the Family?"

The man questioned with an amused tone as Kai also smiled mockingly when he heard of the Family.

"Against the myriad world, Family is merely but an ant. Let's go already."

Kai spoke before looking at the white-furred, black-spotted cat once again as he departed.

Meanwhile, Nik had already used the second route to simply travel to the house on his foot instead of any vehicle.

The next month was simply the most relaxing period of Nik's life. He went on dates with the girls individually and even in groups while he continued selling the books and earning Yuuko's favour. Speaking of Yuuko, she did look quite uncomfortable when Nik asked for a week-long holiday, but Megumi was also present with Nik and consoled the distraught employer by a lot of means, but, in the end, Nik still had to use his skills to make Yuuko agree, of course, his salary would still be given out accordingly.

The most uncomfortable out of his fold was Megumi. To her, Nik had already grown akin to a family member and while they both did do a lot of stuff behind Yuuko's back, Nik still respected Megumi's wish to have s.e.x only after her graduation. It wasn't that far away, too. Meanwhile, his relationship with others Rick, Gunta, Sakura and Machio, remained pleasant.

Whenever he came by the Silverman Gym to get some advice on dating site, Machio would have all the answers ready and he was a pleasant guy to talk, too. Honestly, if Nik felt neutral when he left for the adventure previous time around, now he felt completely bitter.

Even though he didn't have many friends, he was slowly building bonds. This time, Megumi had also asked for Yuuko's permission to have a sleepover at Kurumi's place and while the group did not engage in one last session, they did enjoy each other's company.

"You guys sure that you don't want to do it?"

Nik asked with a bitter face. Even though they denied his advances, he still wanted to have one last session before leaving. After all, he didn't know if he would be once again lucky enough to survive.

"No!" Kyouko shook her head and replied with a sour tone.

"If you want it, then come back in one piece!"

The girls expressed their agreement, but Megumi still had a small blush on her face. After all... seeing so many beautiful girls n.a.k.e.d really impacted her deeply.

Everyone within Nik's fold was present as they shared one last meal together before they waited for the time of his departure in each other's arms.

"Well... I do promise to f.u.c.k your brains out when I return... except Megumi."

Megumi simply shrugged while slight tears touched her eyelids, meanwhile, Souko grinned and replied.

"Then we must get ready as soon as possible. Who knows, you might return tomorrow?"

Her words broke the emotional girls out of their reverie as they once again remembered that the one who would be away from them was Nik, not the other way around.

"Yeah! Remain prepared, I'll return in a jiffy."

He smiled when his body started to fade away before he threw a look towards Mitsuko.

"Rest well, Mitsuko..."

Oh and, Nik suddenly recalled he still hadn't apologised to the old man for suddenly not going to his original job as he defected over to Yuuko.


Nik appeared in his trusty personal space as he changed out of his regular pants and shirts. Since he still hadn't received his monthly income, his dream of personal wardrobe still eluded him.

Wearing his tunic and baggy pants, Nik teleported out of the personal space and waited for Brian's arrival at the designated location.

By now, he was as ready for the second adventure as he could get. After all, he started training in the stretching exercise daily and there were obvious effects at the end of the month. It didn't take long for the particular area of the market street to get filled as many were apparently scheduled to travel in various worlds. Nik still didn't know if all of these hosts would arrive at the same world as his, but judging by the quality of the equipments on some of them, Nik was forced to become humble once again.

"Yo, you look rather pleasant."

Brian smiled and tapped Nik's shoulder as he looked back and smiled.

"I am supposed to be pleasant to the female kind... although, some males might also feel pleasant."

"I see you are sassy enough, this is a good start then."

Brian smiled and continued.

"Since we are the only one in the guild and of the same Rank to the boot, we don't have to form parties as we would be able to travel to the same world."

"So... this means that we don't need to share our world root, right?"

Brian nodded and continued.

"And if one of us completes the quest, it would mean that you are also outside the scope of execution."


Nik grinned as he took a deep breath.

"Don't be so tensed, buddy. If we want to survive, we need to calm down when faced with tough situations."

Brian smiled and continued.

"And if you have someone important that awaits your arrival, then your calm should never fade away."

Nik didn't reply but asked out.

"Say... did you ever visit a world with its records present in your world?"

Brian nodded.

"Yeah, twice. Let me ask you something... did you practice that stretching exercise?"

Hearing Brian's words, Nik frowned and looked at him.

"You, too?"

Brian nodded and continued.

"Honestly, I wouldn't have shared such a great guide if you weren't my Vice-chairman. So, keep up with that exercise...

Even I perform it till now, no matter how strong I get."

Nik nodded when his vision turned a bit dizzy as Brian smiled brightly.

"It looks like our world is already selected."


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