Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 2 Chapter 141

Volume 2: Run It's A Demon Chapter 141 Alluring Blood

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"Out of all the humans I have tasted... your family's taste is the worst..."

The mountain remained covered in a blanket of beautiful snow that formed an ethereal landscape that surrounded a lone hut at the top of the hill. Yet, the heavy scent of blood permeating through the area entailed another story.

A man with beautiful features, pale white skin and a cold, cruel, pink pupils threw the butchered infant to the side. He calmly regarded the shivering girl, a beautiful one at that before a gentle smile appeared on his face.

"But I do wonder... what will happen if the Kamado lineage birthed a demon.

Say, little lady, wouldn't you like to find it out?"

Seeing her terrified appearance, the man chuckled in amus.e.m.e.nt.

"Maybe, you might just overcome the weaknesses of us demons."

The girl opened her mouth wide! She wished to scream in anguish, pain and hatred. Her mother and siblings... even her year-old brother laid dead, their eyes lifeless yet tearing her heart into many bits and pieces that she wished to puke.

But nothing came up, not a single sound.

The pressure was simply too heavy as the man immediately slashed her shoulders before his hand pierced her stomach. She could feel something entering her body. A strange, horrendous presence, but she was unable to fight against it as she soon lost her consciousness.

Taking out his hand, the man licked his fingers before a flash of surprise passed through his pupils.

"Ohh~ This is definitely interesting. Your blood tastes like shit when you are a human... but an absolute delicacy when turned, huh..."

The man smiled softly and gently cupped the beautiful girl's cheeks as he warmly spoke out.

"Of course, now, you do not need the memories of your human self anymore.

Eat and grow well, I really wish to see what terror a Kamado Demon can create."


Once again, a group of people surrounded Nik as they waited for the pressure around him to disappear.

In front of him, a small panel suddenly popped out.

[Do you wish to learn the language?

Price 80 SO.

Form your identity

Low-Class Citizen 10 SO

Noble Lord 100 SO]

Nik shrugged and paid a total of 90 SO as the information regarding his identity and language was sent to his consciousness. Meanwhile, Brian looked around the surrounding forest curiously without opening his mouth, from the corner of his eyes, Nik could see Brian's body getting tensed ever so slightly.

[This is our party chat. Now, listen. The moment the pressure around us subsides, get ready to retreat towards my left.

Understood? My left.]

Nik frowned subtly and sent back.

[Why? The last time, nothing happened.]

[It doesn't mean that this time would be the same. And remember, when it comes to choosing the factions, leave it to me. If we chose different factions, the result would be counterproductive.]

Nik frowned but still agreed.


As the pressure vanished, Brian and Nik took to their left, much to the group's surprise while there was another small group that immediately shot backwards.

No words were spoken with anyone as Brian's and the other party's actions had already formed a feeling of distrust within the group.

Meanwhile, a quest window popped in front of Nik as they stopped after five minutes.

[Main Quest 1


Description Join the Demons or the demon slayers to unlock the subsequent missions.

Time Limit: 1 Month

Reward: 500 SO, 1SP

Penalty: Death]

As Nik looked at the screen, he found out how different it was from his previous adventure as he looked at Brian, who was still looking around with a cautious gaze.

"This isn't like what we experienced in the world of elements. Instead of simply choosing a faction, we must join it. This increases the difficulty relatively."

Brian spoke after a few moments as his expression eased up slightly.

"We both know that you do not have the experience in travelling the other worlds, so I'll be teaching you a few important stuff along the way and also impart you a few skills that you would be needing."

Brian smiled and continued, "Of course, it would cost you your System Origin, but I can assure you that it will be worth it."

Before Nik could speak up, Brian once again spoke up and pointed out.

"Remember, Nik, whenever we have to choose between humans and non-humans, always select on the beings that you feel are more intelligent than the other ones.

You should know that each travel is designed in such a manner that the system earns a profit out of every situation. So, to assure our profits, too, we must always look for various inheritances of the words we travel to."

Nik opened his mouth but stayed silent after thinking for a bit.

"Now, before we select any faction, the first thing we must do is interact with a local being of the world. Whoever it may be.

And in this world, the locals probably comprise of ordinary humans, Demon Slayers and the Demons."

"And with that." Brian grinned, "I will give you your first skill book."


Raishan Village

Two figures in foreign clothes could be seen entering the village. Unlike the usual features of the citizens, the duo had sharper features and their burly bodies were well sculpted.

"That's why, Ceasar! We don't need to find Muzan! We already have the flower!"

The brunette spoke with irritation laced into his tone while the blonde one out of them simply snorted and shot back.

"Muzan's existence is a threat. If he actually gets to the flower and become invulnerable to the sun, there is no way we can defeat him anymore.

And Jojo! How long do you plan to waste your time? You are born with Hamon, at least practice the breathing technique to reach your full potential!"

The brunette named Jojo simply turned his head and heaved a deep sigh before proclaiming loudly.

"Ah! No use! Ceasar is no fun at all!"

As Ceasar opened his mouth to speak, they both suddenly frowned before returning normal.


Jojo inquired in a whisper.

Meanwhile, the blonde nodded darkly.

"Yeah, this village is infested with a demon."


Meanwhile, in a dark dungeon, a pale woman in a pitch-black kimono calmly regarded a wall with three muscular figures carved out.

Looking at the stone mask in her hands, the woman spoke softly.

"I was turned into the bloodthirsty demon due to doctor's thirst for power... he lives, and so do you three.

If I, Muzan, do not cut you all and drink your blood... then I am not the strongest demon known to humankind."

The lady's pink pupils flashed violently before she gripped the stone mask and crushed it with a look of hatred flashing through her expression, marring her perfect face.


"Can you see that from [Life Vision]?"

Brian asked while picking the jug of booze as Nik nodded, his violet eyes flashing gently before a look of exhaustion appeared on his face.

"Yes, two strong humans appeared... probably for that demon. We finally move?"

Brian grinned and nodded.

In a few days, Brian had imparted things more than important information, but it cost Nik a lot. He barely had chump change left as most of his System Origin was used to but the three skills.

And just like Brian said, they were worth every single penny.