Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 2 Chapter 142

Volume 2: Run It's A Demon Chapter 142 Art

[Life Vision Lvl 1

Description: Allows the user to visualise the life force or lingering life force from a certain distance.

Current Distance 20 metres.

1 Energy/second

Next Lvl 2 SP]

[Life Vision] was actually a blue grade skill book. A rank that comes after the dark green tier of equipments and skill books as Nik had to pay a hefty sum of 7900 SO. Brian didn't lie when he said that he would make the items costly. Although, Nik did not know how the Temporal Fiend came to such possession, he felt gratified nonetheless.

Such unique skill books not only required a lot of SO to purchase, but also luck to come across them. A heaven-defying luck that Brian seemed to have in plenty as his next two items further shook him.

[Scroll of Pardon: Unique

With the use of this scroll, the host will be pardoned of the current penalty and will be sent back to the system space.]

Even though Nik knew that this item was certainly priceless, Brian only sold this to him for a low price of 10000 SO. Not only that, the last item he gave was even more awesome than this one and also made Nik realise that why they should focus on collecting the heritages present in the myriad world.


Brian and Nik needed to evolve so that they can continue getting stronger. Although the stats and other advantages certainly made them stronger, their bloodline was their trump card.

"Are you ready?"

Breaking Nik out of his thoughts, Brian stood up and placed a few silver coins on the table as Nik followed the man quickly. By now, he was truly humbled. Brian had everything, he was stronger than Nik, wealthier and even wiser than him, but even then Brian still kept a composed behaviour even when talking to beggars. Meanwhile, Nik had also observed many commoners that would act even haughtier than a few nobles.

As the duo monsters passed through the relatively empty streets, they came to a stop in front of a shabby hut before Brian stretched his arm and opened the door of the hut while sighing softly.

"Although, we are still unaware of the power system of this world, it should not increase the average of 26."

Brian explained while sitting on the dirty floor and leaning over the wall as Nik silently listened.

"The moment we join the Demon Slayer Faction, we will separate and move on our own. The Incubus affiliation requires a quota of partners to increase the stats while we friends require the blood of Honored Challenge to fill the stats."

Brian smiled as Nik couldn't help but shrug.

"Wouldn't it be easier for you to just become my wingman. That way, I can quickly tease the wives of some really strong men and make them challenge you.

It would be a win-win situation."

Hearing his words, Brian smirked and shook his head.

"We still haven't braved many adventures together for me to become your wingman."

Nik also smiled and shrugged.

"Although, it would be extremely cool to have THE Temporal Fiend as my wingman."

"Likewise, it would be an honor for me to have the only Incubus tease some woman for the sake of luring men for me."

"See? Win-win."

"It is a win-win, but as I said, if you have what it takes to be my comrade, then we'll obviously become each other's wingman."

"Hey! Why should I be the one to prove myself?"

Nik groaned as the fiend shrugged.

"Because I am the one who has proven useful to you, not the other way around."

"Sigh... this is why I enjoy a woman's presence. They don't delve on loss or profits."

"Believe me, they do." Brian sighed as Nik looked at him with a mocking expression.

"I know, of course, they do, but at least, they are curvaceous."

Brian looked at Nik for a few moments before both of them snorted simultaneously.


A suppressed squelch echoed within the long corridors of the priest's home as puke-inducing sounds of crunching bones and tearing flesh followed. A heavy scent of blood soon spread across the entirety of the house as two figures stood outside the isolated house.

"Brian, ready to make an impression on those Demon Slayers?"

Nik asked while Brian grinned in return.

"You do know that we are technically demons, right?"

"Heh, even with our lineage, we cannot become more humans than the normal ones. Either way, our life signature is also similar to humans, unlike our dear friend enjoying his dinner."

"I suppose we also have yet to understand our own secrets." Brian concluded while Nik nodded in agreement.

"That we do." He looked at Brian and asked.

"So? How do you propose we attract and impress the two superhumans?"

Nik asked for the two supposed demon slayers were nothing short of superhumans. Their life energy signature was comparable to a miniature sun! This was enough to speak volumes about their vitality.

"Have you started reading about the record on the Legendary Kurama Warrior?"

Brian looked at Nik and asked curiously while Nik thought for a while before nodding.

"You mean Naruto?"

Brian nodded.

"Yeah, that's the one. Although that particular legend has many variations. A key quote never changed. Do you know what?"

Brian questioned Nik as he nodded naturally.

"Of course, I know. It's Naruto's most famous quote Sasuke, I am your friend!"

Nik posed similarly as he tried to voice out as accurately as he had seen it on the animation during the one month period.

Brian scowled at his words before shaking his head.

"Not this one, you dumbass! Don't speak this line with that expression again! Gives me the creep!"

Nik snorted! After all, he had practiced their poses to attract more customers into the shop. Although, till now, no men ever bought anything from the book store, Nik was satisfied as he sold hundreds of copies of Naruto.

"Art." Brian sighed.


Nik tilted his head curiously while Brian grinned and took out a hand grenade from his inventory before throwing it at the house.

"The quote that never changed in any variation is Art is an... Explosion!"

As if agreeing with his words, the house exploded in bits while a figure flew out of the explosion with a battered body! Meanwhile, the orange glow followed by splinters of wood, was definitely not a work of art.