Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 2 Chapter 148

Volume 2: Run It's A Demon Chapter 148 Monster Paradise?


Sakonji's palm immediately struck Nik's abdomen as a pained cough leaked through his mouth before he fell on his knees while gasping loudly.

"You have grasped Hamon, that is definitely astonishing. But you still need to slowly practice your breathing technique. Do not be hasty."

Sakonji stated calmly while he smacked Tanjiro's stomach in a similar fashion that caused the boy to slam on his knees and wheeze just like Nik.

"And you... why would you drill your Hamon energy within your own tendons right off the bat?"


Tanjiro wheezed out while Nik almost felt like fainting. The breathing technique that Nik and Tanjiro were put through was comparable to extreme torture. Even though it has only been a month since they started, Nik felt like his body would crumble apart and he knew why.

The breathing exercise was supposed to help Nik in grasping Hamon and learning the methods to control the Hamon and achieve superhuman feats. Throughout the month, Sakonji had described the various uses that also allowed the breath users to retain the look of their youth, just like Sakonji.

But, the main problem was that the breathing technique was targeted to the human body. And Nik wasn't a human anymore.

Grasping Hamon was easy. He simply needed to let his own system energy to interact with the strings of Hamon that would be generated within his body and soon, he could easily create and form a stream of Hamon energy.

[1 ENG= 8 Units of Hamon]

Being the type of energy that can easily be produced by a human body, unlike the elemental energy, Nik now boasted a reserve of Hamon that was at least capable of rivaling Jojo's.

But this wasn't the issue.

Once again, Nik started swinging his sword as he activated the breathing technique. The Hamon energy within his body rippled into action and soon started to seep within his organs, muscles and even bloodstream. For a few minutes, Nik could breathe easily, albeit, the act of breathing itself required immense focus.

But after completing the better half of the breathing technique, the blood that flowed throughout his body seemed to stop while his Hamon energy was slowly receding. Once again, just like many previous unsuccessful attempts, Nik furrowed his brows and immediately allowed streams of his system energy to flow within the body while Nik utilised his affinity with the water element to guide the Hamon energy itself to match the breathing technique.

Usually, the breathing technique guides the streams of Hamon energy, but Nik attempted the opposite and continued using his own affinity to guide Hamon energy according to the breathing technique as he felt a surge of wild power almost bursting through his body.

Taking a shallow burst of breaths to regain his composure while not interrupting the technique, Nik finally led the energy towards his abdomen, the next important step where several of his attempts failed.

To complete the structural change of Hamon energy, a cycle must be completed. Although it has already been a month, Nim still hadn't been able to complete the cycle and always remained stuck in the last phase of the cycle.

After days of experiments, Nik finally decided to do something crazy

Before the cycle could be completed, under Sakonji's eager gaze, Nik suddenly converted his neutral energy into that of water elemental energy and the Hamon energy within the grasp of the energy immediately went berserk. Yet, before Sakonji could stop the flow of Hamon once again, he felt a familiar feeling within Nik... too familiar.

'My Hamon...'

An incredulous expression remained hidden behind Sakonji's mask, meanwhile, using the Hamon sent by Sakonji that would usually help him stop the berserk of Hamon, Nik allowed his elemental energy itself to gain a bit of life force attribute before Nik used brute force to assimilate the elemental energy within his Hamon.

"Shit! He is going to explode!!"

Sakonji's throat betrayed his fears as the wheezing Tanjiro's eyes immediately shot in surprise and panic and he immediately tried to reach Nik.

"St-op! You"

Nobody saw the look of despair flash across Tanjiro's eyes as he distinctively smelled the scent of death on Nik before a golden aura erupted from Nik's body that immediately morphed into unending waves of wild waves that formed a burst of wind, sending Sakonji, Tanjiro and the surrounding rocks flying back.

[1 ENG= 5 Elemental Hamon Units]

Nik opened his eyes and a smile touched his lips before a dazzling spurt of blood leaked through his lips and he finally fainted.


"You were too adventurous, Nik-san!" Tanjiro muttered with indignation as he served the food while Sakonji nodded without finding anything strange about the situation.

There he stood, garbed in an apron while a white cloth covered his head as the concerned expression was no different from a caring parent who served the food to the eldest of the family while showering the child with nothing but disconcerting worries.

The eldest being the half-masked Sakonji who ate at a constant pace and the child being the pale-faced Nik that left Tanjiro with an obvious role.

Sighing, Nik started eating. Hamon being directly related to his own vitality and life force, required a lot of nutrients to be cultivated slowly and steadily. This meant that the older a demon slayer was and the greater the control over Hamon is formed, the stronger the said demon slayer is.

Of course, Nik could bypass this condition by directly increasing his Energy stat, but even that would require a session with someone who had already achieved great heights in Hamon. Not to mention, this method only worked once for each girl and the subsequent sessions would only reduce the efficiency of harvesting the energy.

It was definitely a good thing that Nik simply did not l.u.s.t after flesh due to the energy he gained. He l.u.s.ted after the flesh to satiate his own desires. And of course, his carnal desires would remain endless.

"Don't worry. Greater the risk, greater the rewards, right?" Nik had a small smile on his face as the intake of food did lift his mood a little higher as he continued.

"And this way, you are going to lag behind. And if you lag behind once, you'll always remain one step behind me."

Nik drank a mouthful of tea and looked at Sakonji with a hearty grin.

"Can I take a break tomorrow, Master? I wanna hang out in the village and enjoy a bit before continuing the last part of the training."

Sakonji also sipped on his tea while nodding.

"Break, you can get... but..."

He, for the first time, seemed a bit hesitant. After all, he had received too many complaints regarding Nik's existence itself. Of course, the letters did not state many sensitive matters directly, but even Sakonji knew what the villagers meant, the male section, of course.

Keep Nik away from the women of the village... especially the housewives. Although, it would have been fine if Nik had shown a little interest in youthful girls, but Nik's nefarious existence only sought out ripe, married ladies in the prime of their life.

But as Sakonji hesitated, the trio within the hut felt soft trembles that affected the whole hut for a moment. Although, Tanjiro and Sakonji did not put this sudden low magnitude earthquake to their hearts, Nik's eyes had already gone dazed as he felt his mind buzzing.

Almost instantly, he saw Brian's message that described their situation the demon slayers faction's situation accurately.

[Nik... get ready to use your pardon if you feel your life getting threatened. Although, I really wanted to make this trip easier for you, now, I don't think that is possible.

We are screwed.

So learn as much as you can... and get partners as quickly as you can to mitigate your losses.

These kinds of missions... to strong, they are a fortune. But to us, it is a disaster.]

And as Brian proclaimed, even though the fiend's strength had already reached the mind-numbing level of 30 points, the situation was still a disaster as the Quests had actually evolved.

[Main Quest


Description: Survive the impending apocalypse and resist the hordes of demons to uphold your mantle as an aspiring demon slayer.

ETA: 8 Months

Survival Time: 20 Days

Note: Complete this mission to unlock the subsequent mission.

Rewards: 48000 SO, 6 SP

Penalty: 20 Days, All 20 Stats reduction.]

Nik closed his eyes for a moment and sighed. Without wasting any time, he slowly recalled about Marika, Gunyo and Jaini the three caring housewives that were not bound by their marital obligations and let Nik explore their mouth to the fullest before slowly suppressing his urges and the need to take them in his own fold.

He may sound extremely selfish and pathetic, but given the situation, he also knew that getting emotional would only cause his own demise. Though he had a physical relationship with the three village housewives, Nik, never committed himself to them the way he committed his warmth to the seven ladies waiting for him.

He needed to survive, and the last thing he would want to do is stretch himself thin and try to protect everyone.

As Sakonji still remained hesitant, Nik smiled warmly, although, Tanjiro once again smelled something entirely different.


"Master, forget what I said... I want to continue training."

Nik sighed softly and continued eating. Mentally, he had also decided to not return to the village to even bid his farewell. No matter how Nik justified himself within, he also knew himself.

If he returned, he would do anything to take the three women with him... even if it meant going against the village. No matter if Nik justified himself to have not committed himself to them, he knew that all of it was a lie.

A sham to make his heart a wee bit lighter and guilt-free.

At this moment, he felt dirty, no doubt. But he still had to disregard his own emotions. He needed to focus on what's going to come and finally step up the ladder to fill his ranks.

"Are you sure?"

Sakonji asked lightly while Nik's face steadily looked healthier as he nodded.

"Yeah, I'll complete your training in one month"

Nik smiled gently while Tanjiro's eyes only grew more concerned. But at this moment, Tanjiro felt something within his heart and he immediately looked at Nezuko, who was still sleeping soundly. It has already been a few months but Nezuko still hadn't awoken yet.

'But... what is this feeling?'

Tanjiro muttered within his heart.


"You wanted to serve me, right?"

Sensually cruel, light pink pupils fell on a distinct body with horrendous features. Green skin, multiple eyes opening and closing all over the body, but a single smile betrayed the hint of calmness within the kneeling figure.

Although the woman looked nothing but astounding peerless face, soft skin and a curvaceous body held loosely by a black kimono with pink flowers imprinted, the green-skinned figure dared not underestimate the lady for she stood at the top of the food chain. Literally.

"Yes." The green-skinned monster affirmed to the beautiful woman's word with a raspy whisper as he continued.

"I also happen to have a way to allow you to consume those three beings."

The green-skinned monster pointed towards the three muscular figures that seemed to be carved out of a thick wall, meanwhile, hearing the monster's words, the lady's eyes grew brighter. Meanwhile, in front of the green-skinned monster's eyes, a green window popped up.

[World Interference complete.

Mission Completed.

Description: Change the course of world origin through interfering with the path of the champions of the current era.

Status: Complete.


Commencing transfer.

Bypassed the loop of Transmigration Paradise.

Returning to Monstrous Paradise...


Immediately, the man formed of green flesh vanished right in front of the woman's stunned gaze, but his place was occupied by an old parchment. Gazing at the contents, the lady took a deep breath before she tore the parchment into many bits and pieces before gazing at the three figures with a brilliant glow in her eyes as she licked her full, red lips, seductively.

"It's time... the ancients pave the path for the future generation...

Only that dastardly flower remains... before I have it all."

A vicious grin appeared on her face as her body slowly decomposed into a gory ball of flesh that soon encompassed the whole pillar that held the three distinct muscular figures.


"Nik-san, are you alright?"

Tanjiro finally couldn't keep it in. Sakonji never slept within the hut and would always patrol around the village. In fact, during their stay with Sakonji, never did they see him take a nap.

"Of course, I am. Why do you ask?"

Nik smiled and asked out. Even though his body was still aching, he didn't want to ignore this youth of a mother that had been taking care of food for both him and Sakonji.

"It's... you just felt so sad... you really wanted that break, didn't you?"

A mild chuckle escaped his lips and Nik shook his head.

"No, I never needed that break... I desired it. Sometimes, my need will conflict with my desires and I end up confused." As Nik stated softly, he felt his own thoughts getting cleared up.

Even though Nik wasn't completely correct, but he just went along the situation and gave up on a village to secure his own future. As pragmatic as it sounded, Nik felt guilty, but soon, he found out that even the guilt was short-lived.

Looking at Tanjiro, Nik grinned and raised his hand, just like the moment when Sakonji had shown the true use of Hamon to the duo, Nik's hand was immediately covered in spiralling waves.

"Go to sleep already. You want to become strong enough to do this, right?"

Concern disappeared out of the self-titled mother's eyes and the youth named Tanjiro appeared once again as his crimson eyes burnt in fervor.

"Yeah! I want to do that! I am so excited! But I will sleep regardless of it!"

He practically shouted before laying back and covering himself with a blanket.

Meaning, Nik also laid back and closed his eyes. History has been witness to the fact that sleep was a great remedy to clear out the complicated emotions swirling within one's heart. So, Nik simply snored away his guilt and woke the next day once again for his training.