Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 2 Chapter 153

Volume 2: Run It's A Demon Chapter 153 Officials

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[Why would I spoil something that you will definitely learn about in due time.]

Brain's reply came in a moment, while the contents made Nik frown.

[If I knew Hamon can increase my stats, of course, I would have trained harder.]

The moment Nik sent the message, he realised his own mistake and Brian's next words also pointed out the realisation he came to.

[Bruh, if you are asking me now, your stats must have increased recently. Tell me, after training for months in Hamon, you only increased stats by what? A single point? Maybe, two.

But that is it.

System points can easily achieve the same effect at better efficiency.]

Nik nodded reading this and took a deep breath before stating.

[I'm selected.]

[Well, that's one of us. If you find anything interested, keep me updated?]


Nik accepted candidly. Meanwhile, the twins finally opened up and stated.

"Being safe and sound is better than anything."

Even if they said that, there were only three other demon slayers aside from Nik and Tanjiro. The mysterious girl with a side ponytail, deep purple eyes and a fluttering butterfly dancing around her.

A golden-haired boy with a bruised face, terrified expression while he kept muttering we'll die over and over again and lastly, the youth with mohawk hairdo that had the annoyed expression as if his beloved was snatched.

"From now on, you five are the demon slayers."

"Whatever! Just give me the sword!" The youth immediately snapped, but only got ignored while the others also didn't care much about his interruption.

"First, you must pay for your uniform and get your bodies measured and your ranks engraved."

The black-haired boy continued, "There are ten ranks in total. From Rank 1 to Rank 10, 10 being the lowest and 1 being the highest."

"What about the blade?!" The youth with his face filled with nasty scars screamed as the black-haired twin replied calmly.

"Today, you will each chose a chunk of Scarlet Crimson Ore. Then, your blade will be forged within 10-15 days.

And also, from now on, a Kasugai Crow will follow you so that the headquarters can communicate with you."

At his words, five crows flew down and landed on the shoulders of each demon slayer. Well, four crows and one sparrow, that landed on the golden-haired boy's shoulder.


A shrill caw from one of the crows attracted everybody's attention as the annoyed youth flung the poor baby away, finally attaining Nik's ire, as the youth made his way towards the little girl.

Extending his hands towards the girl's head to grab her by the hair and teach the arrogant kid a few things, the mohawk youth found his wrist grabbed inches away from the girl's head as he looked up and found a smiling youth.

"Now, now, child abuse is really unsightly, you know... especially against a female child."

A flash of surprise flew past the spiralling eyes of the twins while the youth screamed.

"Let me go! I just want my blade and leave!"

"Alright, sure." Nik let go of his hands and finally pointed at the table set right next to the group.

"But, if you calm down, you will come to understand that a sword is not pooped out. Just select one of the rocks, and leave with a happy smile."

Nik flashed a grin, making Tanjiro chuckle at his words while the girl and the golden-haired boy looked way too busy in their own world to even look in their direction.

Finally, the black-haired youth took a deep breath, his voice turned colder by a notch, making the mohawk, scar-faced youth flinch lightly.

"Are you done? If so, please select one of the ores and keep your Kasugai crows around you, else, you will be marked as a traitor."

At this moment, the crow perched on Nik's shoulder produced a deep, middle-aged man's voice and spoke in the human tongue.

"That's right, and believe me, you don't want that."

As if agreeing to Nik's crow's words, the crow flung away by the youth returned to his shoulder and produced an audible snort.

"Wait, you can talk?"

Nik asked in amazement while the crow nodded.

"Our existence will be discussed after the ore is selected."

Nik immediately shook his head.

"There is nothing to discuss." Nik stated firmly and looked at the white-haired girl with kind eyes.

"Miss, can I ask you to exchange this boy crow for a girl crow?"

Nik's voice held an unending disdain when he pointed at his own Kasugai crow, meanwhile, the girl shook her head with an impassive face and replied in her usual, monotone voice.

"Kasugai crows cannot be replaced before their existence ends.

Please select your ores."

She stated once again while Nik's brows twitched and the moment his and the crow's gaze met, he could see the crow's own disdain towards Nik.

'Alright, you are no pet. Just a toxic middle-aged loser stuck in a body of one.'

Nik snorted internally before they all selected their ores and left for their own homes. Meanwhile, the twins waited until there was no one left in the area before a youth with long black hair and dull eyes stepped in and nodded at the duo.

"Let's move."

He stated simply and the twins followed the youth away. After a few minutes, another youth in black uniform packed away the ores and left the area.



As Nik and Tanjiro made their way towards the mist village, Tanjiro immediately held his head and sighed loudly.

"I forgot to ask the demons on how we can turn them back into humans!"

Hearing him, Nik sighed. This has always been Tanjiro's motivation for becoming a demon slayer. To turn Nezuko back into a human being. Although, Nik thought that it was impossible.

With how strangely Nezuko's life force flashed, he couldn't help but regard Nezuko as a completely different existence. Neither human or a demon.

"Don't mind, we will definitely find a lot more demons from now on."

Nik smiled while looking up at the sky, where two conspicuous crows tailed them and sighed.

"Either way, we should feel glad that we are safe."

Nik smiled and continued, "And of course, we need to party after we return."

"That, we do."

Tanjiro smiled happily while looking at the setting sun with determination flaring in his eyes.

'I did it! I am a demon slayer, now!

I'll definitely cure her!'

Tanjiro clenched his fist as Nik looked at his own system window with a tired sigh.

[Side Mission 1

Climbing the Rank

Description: You have finally joined the ranks of Demon Slaying Corps. Now, all you have to do is slay some demons and increase your ranks.

Objective: Slay 2 Demon

Rewards: Rank 9, 500 SO]


Nik thought internally.