Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 2 Chapter 159

Volume 2: Run It's A Demon Chapter 159 Mutual Benefits

The bright sun had already morphed into its slightly dull counterpart while almost diving into the other hemisphere of the planet, marking the beginning of dusk with clouds painted in orangish hue and emergence of swift and cold winds.

But within the guest house of the mysterious Shinobi Village, the situation couldn't be hotter. With a wondrous and curvaceous body wrapped in a tight kimono while the sweat flowing through her skin only making her more alluring, Shigure focused her entire damn will to continue with the breathing technique while Nik took a seat behind her, his heavy breaths already affecting her thoughts, but being a master weaponsmith and even more accomplished fighter and kunoichi, she quickly regained her bearings.

"I am going to start."

And yet, the Nik's soft whispers once again sent Shigure's heart into an even greater turmoil while her face betrayed no emotions.

His hands softly landed on Shigure's shoulders while a visible tremble erupted through her body, but once again, the symptoms of the silent kunoichi's nervousness were once again hidden as Nik pressed both of his thumbs right below the nape of her neck while leaning forward and whispering right into her ear.

"This is not the touches I mentioned previously. I am merely preparing you..."

Of course, he trailed his words with an accompaniment of a hot and heavy breath as his fingers extended forward and reached the area right above her generous bosom while the feel of the thin, mesh body armor was strangely tantalizing.

Of course, all this time, Nik kept on rotating between normal breath and full focus breath to achieve some levels of resistance in such s.e.x.u.a.l contact himself.

After a few seconds of thumbs massage, Nik finally extended his hands and traced over Shigure's entire bust before letting his arms fall to her sides and placing his hands right at the base of her bust, easily cupping her large pair of b.r.e.a.s.ts.


Finally, a soft mewl leaked through Shigure's lips which marked the end of the session that hadn't even begun as the strong kunoichi practically collapsed with her own body exuding an unnatural level of heat and warmth. Since Nik was sitting behind her, he didn't even notice the crimson flush that had deepened quite a lot while a trail of crystalline drool leaked through her lips.

"Well... I should continue on my own then."

Nik had no intention of waking her up, for he wasn't going to practice his Continuous Focus Breathing, but something entirely different.

By now, he had already mastered the basic usage of the Breath of Water and Lightning and all their forms. But to Nik, that wasn't enough. He needed trump cards and while the sudden eruption of Lightning quick moves could really pack a powerful surprise, but Nik did not feel confident with just this alone.

And with his affinity in multiple elements, he wished to first find a proper breathing technique of all the elements. For Fire and Earth, Nik did not feel much discouraged for he could gain them as many printed copies of the technique are also presented to high-level demon slayers.

But what posed a problem to him was the fact that he had no idea on how to start the breathing technique of some of his other exotic elements Gravity, Purity Lightning, Light.

Mobilising a stream of Gravity infused Hamon, Nik let the somewhat dense energy move within his body freely while observing the paths carefully before the gravity Hamon finally faded away. Recalling the pathways, Nik tried to move his own breath, but instantly, a fit of cough emerged through his throat followed by a spurt of blood.

"Not a great idea, I must admit..."

Nik wiped off the blood before sitting in a meditative position before letting a stream of water infused Hamon to move within his body freely and soon, he found out the reason for the failure of his first attempt on Breath of Gravity.

From his observations, Nik found out that the Water infused Hamon moved through a lot of favourable paths, but only one of them marked the breathing pathway of the Breath of Water and what's strange was that a small part of the pathway in which the Gravity Hamon moved also coalesced with the Water Hamon pathway.

Next, Nik formed a strand of Lightning infused Hamon and let it move freely, but strangely, the pathway of Lightning Hamon and the pathway of Water Hamon was exactly the same, it was just that the breathing technique of the Breath of Lightning took the different path within the same oath structure.

Frowning at the discovery, Nik let his Earth infused Hamon and the Fire infused Hamon run freely within his body and immediately realised that their pathway was exactly the same one as the Water Hamon and the Lightning Hamon.

'Too bad that I did not have any wind affinity...'

Nik sighed internally before infusing his Hamon with Light and Purity Lightning and marking their own pathways.

Just like the Gravity Hamon, the other two elements infused Hamon had their distinct, complex pathway while a small part of the pathway coincided with the basic elements pathway.

Seeing this, Nik finally let go of his eagerness to form his own breathing technique. He had too less of an experience and even his knowledge Bank was empty.

Finally, he once again continued his Full focus breathing technique, generating Hamon from within the energy reserves of his physical body before infusing the supplement energy within his body.

The training continued for half-an-hour before Nik heard a soft groan and finally, he stood up and looked at the droopy-eyed Shigure gazing back at him with an impassive expression.

"Eat dinner... I'll train tomorrow." She stated plainly before disappearing.

Nik shrugged at her response before making another failed attempt at cooking and eating his own ruined meal before turning to the last portion of the jerky left. After filling his stomach, Nik fell onto his bed, which by the way, still smelled like Shigure before peacefully drifting into his sweet sleep.

The next day, he was once again woken to the sight of Shigure's fundoshi and bare butt cheeks before their training session started. After a few rounds of sparring, Nik did manage to ask Shigure about the art of wall climbing, but she immediately shook her head and once again tried to strike a deal to learn how to wield the elemental Hamon.

Of course, Nik refused and after another round of exhausting training, Nik found himself making great leaps at his training to achieve Continuous Focus Breathing. Next came the best part of the training where Nik got to massage the beauty and let her squirm under his masterful hand before she once again fainted after losing her focus when Nik's finger gently poked at her erect n.i.p.p.l.es.

Just like this, the days continued where Nik also had to start eating in the public dining region. Of course, during the peaceful days of focused training, Nik found his strength increasing exponentially as his body kept getting nourished by the vitality filled Hamon. Of course, he still made almost no progress in creating his own special breathing forms.