Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 2 Chapter 160

Volume 2: Run It's A Demon Chapter 160 Improvement

It has already been a whole week since the training started and both, Nik and Shigure, made great improvements, which, in return, allowed Nik to grow even bolder in his attempts as currently seen within the guest house.

Alongside the amorous scent that would always flare Shigure's darkest of desires, Nik could be seen sitting behind the sensual kunoichi while his hands were already within her pink kimono as he pressed and massaged her b.r.e.a.s.ts through her mesh armour while his lips would occasionally kiss the back of her neck while blowing hot sighs within her ears.


Finally, after countless of such l.u.s.t arousing m.o.a.ns, Shigure lost her focus and collapsed within Nik's hands. But, after more than a week of training, she had already grown resilient enough to remain conscious. Of course, that only proved to evoke great shame and embarrassment within the self-proclaimed Weaponsmith as her crimson cheeks would take a shade deeper while her droopy gaze would refuse to meet Nik's lively ones for the remaining night as he would keep on training.

While Nik had actually already mastered the Continuous Focus Breathing for the Breath of Water, he did not announce his accomplishments and started with mastering his Breath of Lightning. After hanging out with Shigure for such a long time, Nik had also learnt more about the basic structure of the three anti-demon factions Demon-Slaying Corps, Shinobi Village and the Swordsmith Village and also came to know that Shigure was a master of Breath of Wind.

The last of elements Nik had no affinity in, but honestly, Nik still did not know if he could gain affinity from Shigure... but a part of him did believe that the affinity gaining concept of his [Talent] would remain the same.

As Shigure simply slept on Nik's bed, the latter continued his Continuous Focus Breathing for Breath of Lightning while generating Hamon that would be infused within his body.

In this world, the older a person is, the stronger his or her body would be. After all, the age of the person is directly proportional to the amount of Hamon the said entity has generated over the years that would, in return, strengthen the body to mind-boggling proportions.

But Shigure also informed that there are some geniuses in the way of Hamon that could achieve what the old generation did within a mere decade of training.

And after practicing the Continuous Focus Breathing of two different techniques, Nik also observed some difference in the generated Hamon.

The Hamon generated from the use of Breath of Water would strengthen his body as a whole, leaving no area unnoticed. But the Hamon generated from the Breath of Lightning would focus on the muscles of his limbs and the nerves spread across his body.

In layman's term, the strengthening of the Breath of Water is quite average and widespread, but the Breath of Lightning would focus on Nik's agility, speed and finally, his senses.

Unlike his breath of water, Nik had to slowly enter the mode of Continuous Focus Breathing for the breath of lightning since he still hadn't mastered the said breathing technique.

It took him around fifteen minutes to finally get the Continuous Focus Lightning Breath running within his body before he went to sleep on Shigure's bed while allowing the Hamon to acc.u.mulate silently.

The next day, as usual, a pure fundoshi greeted Nik's sight before he returned his attention to the ravishing owner of the said exotic panties.

"This is my bed..."

Shigure opened up while Nik simply shrugged and stood up.

"Good morning, to you, too, darling." Nik yawned while he barely managed to form words with his mouth opened wide as Shigure jumped in front of him with a flip while looking a bit thoughtful.

"The other kunoichis... like you." She opened up while pointing out the obvious. No matter how trained and tight-lipped the other slender kunoichis of the village are, they would still send Nik more than a few glances with hazy expression during the public lunch and dinner time.

Of course, their downright indifference for the 'fake' kunoichi was also obvious, but that did not stop them from conversing with him in a rather open-minded manner.

"Of course they do, I have a charismatic personality."

Nik shrugged and looked at the daily rations placed over the kitchen counter while Shigure pursued.

"You just... praised yourself."

Nik looked over at her with a shocked expression.

"Did I? Oh, well..."

"... smith... I will teach you smithing, you will teach me the other method..."


Refusing Shigure's daily offer once again, Nik went on to cook a makeshift breakfast. Even though his cooking skill still sucked hard, he did gain minor improvements in his culinary skill while he observed the depressed Shigure.

After living with the impassive Kunoichi, Nik had already started to deduce various symptoms that would point out to her current mood. And right now, her somewhat sharp glare and slightly slumped shoulders pointed out to her depressed state.

"You know... you aren't even able to completely focus on your breathing when stimulated, how are you ever going to master my own personal technique?"

Nik wondered out loud while Shigure did grow a bit indignant as she finally mouthed.

"It is hard... and before discrediting me... you should prove that you aren't affected by... stimulus."

"I am not." Nik nodded candidly, for he had truly grown comfortable with his own s.e.x drive while maintaining his Continuous Focus Breathing of Breath of Water.

"Bragging and praising yourself is different..."

Shigure muttered while looking over at the monstrosity cooked under Nik's craftsmanship while a small smirk finally touched her lips.

"That looks delicious..." She muttered with a somewhat strange tone that Nik realised as Shigure's own version of sarcasm.

"How kind of you... but, can I ask you something?"

Nik spoke up as Shigure looked at him curiously.


"What's with this village? Although, the ladies are super nice and the males cannot care less about my actions...

It feels like I am detained within the village, and the same is for you. They don't allow us into the village center, they do not allow us to leave the boundary of the village...

And the strangest of all is the fact that no shinobi has disappeared after our arrival."

Shigure looked a little thoughtful at Nik's words before pointing out.

"All of the members of the village are trained and smart... they have realised the same thing...

If there is a demon... then, it has probably taken the shape of one of the shinobis...

Or... there is a traitor..."

Nik's brows twitched while a deep sigh escaped his lips.

"Tell me one thing honestly, Shigure... you once explained to me about the pillars... those elite demon slayers...

When compared to you, how strong are they?"


Shigure replied in one word while Nik nodded. With a living example of a pillar, the top most demon slayers of the organisation present in front of him, Nik also had a comprehensive idea about his own strength.

"What about the Village Leader?"

Nik continued before a frown finally touched her lightning-shaped brows as she shook her head.

"Uncle... he is a Cultivator of Shinobi... every Cultivator is mysterious and has lived long enough to outclass any present pillar..."

'Sakonji is really awesome, huh... but... I cannot stay here forever...'

Nik had to gain as many partners as he could before the time of 20 days apocalypse so that he has enough confidence for his survival. If not...

Then he would have to leave earlier than planned.

And deep down, he had another speculation within his mind.


If Nik, as a demon slayer, was tasked with hunting the demons, then what is there to stop other hosts to join the side of demons and hunt down their enemies?

Just like the reports from the Kasugai crow pointed out, there was no sign of demon activity. That only meant that the attacker would be a human.

But the shinobis didn't easily believe this thought for they were protecting humanity from the demons. So, they only concluded that the Demon is either extremely smart or too strong.

"Shigure... aren't you bored while staying here all the time?"

Nik asked with a happy smile, to which, she shook her head and muttered.

"It doesn't matter to me..."

"I see... how about you help me get the permission to scout the area at night and I will let you observe... my technique?"

Nik threw the bait and the adorable Shigure instantly gobbled it up and without even answering, disappeared from his sight, leaving Nik alone with his world-class breakfast and only returned with a victorious smirk after a few minutes.

"Show me."

She immediately stated while Nik nodded and sat cross-legged before conjuring waves around his body after deactivating his breathing technique, making Shigure's eyes go wide.

"Even better..."

She muttered while Nik looked at her curiously.

"You have seen this before?"

He questioned her with a surprised expression while she nodded and traced the thin sword slung across her back and spoke softly.

"My father... created winds..."

"Then..." Nik frowned while understanding Nik's confusion, Shigure finally uttered.

"He was... attacked by Muzan... and the six former upper moons..."

Of course, Nik did not know about the upper moons, but he did know about Muzan, the most famous personality within this world, the creator of demons aka the big dog of this world.

"Former.. you mean..."

Nik continued softly while Shigure nodded.

"Five Upper moons were killed... before they were replaced by Muzan once again..."

"And you know this because?"

Nik pursued while Shigure flinched for a moment before sitting in front of him and sighing softly.

"I was hidden... I watched... everything..."

"Must've been hard..."

Nik muttered before looking at Shigure and continuing softly.

"I don't know if it will work... but if you teach me the breath of wind, I might be able to create wind myself."

Shigure's body trembled for a moment while a look of excitement flashed across her face as she readily nodded and immediately started imparting the breath of wind. Either way, many higher-ranked demon slayers have the copies of the basic Elemental breathing technique, so it wasn't something important to Shigure.

But if she could see the wind getting formed right in front of her...

That would be even better.