Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 2 Chapter 162

Volume 2: Run It's A Demon Chapter 162 New World New Partner

[War Quests? Yeah, those are pretty common. In fact, they have a higher yield, but not many can complete it. I guess, those with extraordinary power can make the best use of it.

After all, our system Transmigration Paradise and other system are always at a war, so any of their hosts are required to be executed with extreme prejudice.]

Nik still couldn't sleep as he continued looking at the reply from Brian while checking out the status of his side mission.

[Side Mission 1

Climbing the Rank

Description: You have finally joined the ranks of Demon Slaying Corps. Now, all you have to do is slay some demons and increase your ranks.

Objective: Slay 2 Demon

Rewards: Rank 9, 500 SO

Status: Completed]

[Side Mission 2

Climbing the Rank

Description: You have finally joined the ranks of Demon Slaying Corps. Now, all you have to do is slay some demons and increase your ranks.

Objective: Slay 4 Demons

Rewards: Rank 8, 700 SO]

It seems like the system counted the host from the [Monster Paradise] as two demons. Although, that wasn't the thing that unnerved him. It was this strange woman named Lisa Lisa. She was definitely a Cultivator, not only did she mention it, but she was also able to subdue Shigure with her words. And right now, Nik was already within the beautiful mansion situated in Tokyo with Shigure standing on the ceiling upside down and looking at him.

"What happened?"

Nik asked softly while Shigure kept her sour gaze on him for a long time before jumping down and continuing to stare him for a long time as a soft Maiden's blush crept up her cheeks.

"We should... continue training..."

"But, Isn't Lisa Lisa going to"


Shigure cut Nik with a focused stare before turning her heels and sitting in front of Nik with her back against his front.

Nik, for a moment, let his gaze wander across Shigure's slender back before looking at his own room. Beautifully decorated walls and a faint aroma that made the experience within the room extremely pleasant. After three days of travel, the trio had finally arrived at the mansion as the break of dawn before Lisa Lisa presented Nik and Shiroge their own room while disappearing once again.

Nik still had to explore the mansion after sleeping, but it looked like, he needed to explore Shiroge before sleeping.

Not wasting his words, Nik let a bit of fire element warm his hands up before he immediately hugged Shigure from behind, unlike his usual gentle approach, because honestly, Nik was already backed up quite a lot. But he had to control himself whenever he 'trained' Shigure.

As the atmosphere within the room grew hotter, Nik felt no need to channel his [Pheromone Illusion]. With his trained eyes, Nik could observe that Shigure had some other obvious reasons to 'train' and Nik wasn't going to flounder at this moment and ruin his chance to increase the quality of their newfound relationship.

Unlike the previous moments, instead of placing his hands into her kimono, Nik gently pulled her kimono from the sides of her shoulder while revealing her plump b.r.e.a.s.ts covered by a sarashi with her upper body covered in a mesh armor.

Shigure wasn't even controlling her breathing as she was practically melting in Nik's arms while sensual n.i.p.p.l.es poked through the already fastened sarashi.

"This feels different..."

Shigure whispered while Nik refused to answer with his usual sass and softly kissed her lonely back before agreeing.

"You made it feel different."

He whispered into her ears while sitting on his knees and raising his body behind Shigure and raising her chin to finally, plant a kiss over her soft, plump lips while her violet eyes widened briefly before growing hazy as her lips parted slightly, as of inviting Nik to finally impart the full training and impart did Nik!

His mouth immediately started sucking her sweet saliva while his hands roamed freely over her imprisoned b.r.e.a.s.ts before pulling down her extremely stretchable mesh armor through her shoulders and unfastening the sarashi before the soft, pale melons finally bobbled in the open with two proud cherry toppings screaming for proper care and attention.

Those two ripe, pink n.i.p.p.l.es had been restrained for too long and now they demanded appropriate compensation!


A hot, sensual m.o.a.n escaped within Nik's mouth as he finally lifted his face from the top of Shigure's and looked at her perfectly dazed expression. Deep down, he understood fully well that she must be going through something extremely complicated if she had decided to actually accept his advances, but care he did not.

His hands squeezed the perfectly malleable and perky melons while his lips trailed down her neck and back as Shigure's scent only grew heavier, making Nik's unusual reception to female's scent buzz as he took greedy whiffs while continuing to massage her shapely bosom and pinching her succulent n.i.p.p.l.es.

"Let me... train you..."

Shigure finally whispered while struggling against Nik's grasp and turning towards him whilst letting her b.r.e.a.s.ts press against his chest and letting her hand descend over his bulging woman slayer.

"Try and breath..."

She whispered sensually while extending her head and taking Nik's lips on her own accord as she gave the surprisingly bulky and l.u.s.t-inducing rod soft, measured strokes. Alas, the passionate lady didn't even understand that Nik had never even let go of his breathing technique for even a second.


Nik chortled while grabbing her tight buttocks that were, oh, so enviably dug into by that damnable fundoshi as he measured the quality of her body. A thin waist that did not point towards any sort of weakness, full and ripe curves befitting the extraordinary face that the violet-eyes beauty sported.

Her lithe and inexperienced hands had their own flavourful strokes and her lips... oh god, no matter how much Nik sing praises of her beauty and existence, Nik felt that only by taking her himself would he do any good to her.

He wanted her, and his roguish and experienced hands made it extremely clear as he stretched her butt cheeks while the sweet pink anus twitched and exposed itself by the dual-sided pull as the lower region of fundoshi grew wet at a rapid pace.

Meanwhile, the kunoichi rapidly melted into his embrace, her hands finally moving towards the belt of his demon-slaying uniform and unbuckling his belt while unbuttoning his shirt.

How long had Shigure held herself back? A kunoichi and a weaponsmith, didn't she have lines of suitors, but, deep down, she wanted to gain the power her father had. With her mother passing away at the time of her birth, she faced what every child with a single, responsible dad would face Training.

She was trained, forged into something solid. Something that a woman should not be, according to the society. Due to her torturous training, Shigure was forced to acknowledge the difference between man and woman for she had herself seen her own father mating with needy women in their travels.

Of course, it wasn't his irresponsibility, but Shigure's decision to spy on the source of sensual, amorous m.o.a.ns. And honestly, she was never the same.

After all, she trained even harder.

The look of pure ecstasy on that woman's face that day scared her. To feel so happy for something that would last for only a little while...

The very thought deluded her until she witnessed the death of her father under Muzan's command and was finally taken under her father's senior apprentice Lisa Lisa.

Under Lisa Lisa's teaching, aside from the torturous training that put her at the level of the strongest pillar, rivaling the Earth Pillar, at such a young age, Shigure was finally forced to practice what her father couldn't teach.


A woman's bearing, elegance and every single action that a woman could take to turn the tables towards her own favor was taught to her, once again... without ever asking her own choice in the matter. Somehow, Lisa Lisa and her father weren't that different and it was the only thought that comforted her.

But after seeing Lisa Lisa once again, a suppressed emotion finally rose up, unable to bear any longer.


Never did she ask to get trained so harshly where her entire body would be swollen and aching for more than an entire week. Neither did she ever ask to be forced into various outfits and trained to take various expression at a moment's notice just to delude the opposite gender.

She wanted to rebel, and the only thing she could think of was Nik. Even though her late father never asked anything of her, Lisa Lisa did.

To always remember the code of demon slayers Never think about yourself until the demons are eradicated and right now, she was being selfish. The very thought sparked a strange fire within her belly that slowly turned her body into a mass of flesh and pleasure receptor for Nik's hands were the only thing she had never felt in her entire life.

Soon, the clothes of the duo were altogether discarded, thrown out of the bed while their n.a.k.e.d bodies laid against each other, Nik's hot rod twitching and thrumming against Shigure's smooth abdomen while the duo shared a long, passionate kiss, their hands holding onto each other while Shigure's legs gently wrapped across Nik before she straddled his waist and took the cowgirl position.

Of course, Shigure did find the amused smile on Nik's face a bit annoying as she spoke up.

"Are you still focus breathing?"

A part of her wanted Nik to fail already. But another part of her also expected another miracle for Nik was the only person after her father... and apparently, Lisa Lisa, to actually conjure element infused Hamon in a form of weapon without the use of breathing technique.

Hearing her question, Nik placed his hands on her supple waist and smiled.

"Of course, I am."

There was no reason to lie. Nik could be the only person considered to have an enhanced focus during s.e.x, unlike others, whose mind would simply fall into clutches of l.u.s.t.

The maiden named L.u.s.t served Nik, not the other way around.

Shigure matched Nik's gaze before slowly lowering her h.i.p.s and instantly, her crotch was impacted by the unnervingly humungous c.o.c.k that, much like her own body, demanded every bit of care that Nik had treated her with during the last week.

Although, Nik wanted to prepare her by loosening her up through some oral techniques, Shigure had immediately rejected the thought and now, her soft hands guided the tip of his c.o.c.k against her entrance while she finally descended in a swift motion, instantly making her gasp.

But, in reality, it was Nik who instantly pierced her snatch in one swift motions before her body could register the pain of having something so humongous entering it and his skill finally kicked in as amorous pink glow spread from his shaft and Shigure's body instantly relaxed while her snatch moistened at a breakneck pace, finally giving way to a strained groan before Shigure felt her world collapse in the nefarious inferno of carnal desires.

Alas, even for her first time, she went through a lot for Nim had already lost his source of output after breaking things off with the three village woman and all this time, aside from training, Nik kept on wallowing in his own mind and pondering on various non-descript thoughts.

But, the moment Nik felt his little buddy getting squeezed tightly by Shigure's snatch, Nik felt his own frustrated self that would grow a bit emotional getting suppressed. His thoughts grew clearer with each successive, alluring m.o.a.n and he finally hugged Shigure's back while striking her ruthlessly.

To get into bed so suddenly after Lisa Lisa's appearance, there was definitely a big elephant in the room. But since Nik had already bypassed the boundaries, he had decided to stop caring for anything else and concluded the whole relationship in a single phrase.

Shigure cannot be allowed to leave.

Possessive the thought maybe, it was the truth and that day, Shigure felt her body getting marked by Nik from every angle while her own m.o.a.ns and pleasured groans had shaken the entire mansion.

Not only Lisa Lisa... every single soul now knew that Shigure was no longer the innocent little girl they knew... and also knew that Nik was the enemy of humankind, just like Muzan.

For the session continued for hours...

This is the day, Nik found a partner in an extremely cute Kunoichi.