Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 2 Chapter 163

Volume 2: Run It's A Demon Chapter 163 History Lesson


A pair of lips landed on Nik's forehead before his eyes trembled into awakening while his consciousness spun thoughts and recalled the memories of carnal dawn that Shigure and he had spent.

"Training... was successful."

Nik was absolutely sure that there was a hint of smugness within her voice, but the moment Nik moved, he felt his bones popping and his body trembling for a few seconds with the feeling of absolute, raw power flooding thought his entire body.

Of course, the sound also attracted Shigure's attention, who immediately supported Nik up while feeling the flow of his Hamon energy reaching out till his skin.

"I guess... it was really successful." Nik muttered. He felt different. Not only physically, but mentally. God, he truly wished he could slap his previous, 'soft' state. There was nothing wrong with being soft, but Nik found out, much to his frustration that the only reason he had grown so pathetic in his own thinking and thoughts was that he was s.e.x.u.a.lly frustrated.

Immensely, so.

"Morning, Shigure."

But, there was no point in bitching over the past and as a wise p.r.o.s.t.i.t.u.t.e once stated There is nothing better than the present (customer) Nik brought Shigure into his embrace and shared a short kiss. Since the duo had just woke up, they had natural substances in their mouth which might not be the best idea to share until they freshened up.

"How was your sleep?"

Nik tended to her raven hair while whispering softly as Shigure let out a soft 'hum' of approval.

"Good... but, I am still sore."

She whispered while her hands traced the muscles of his back.

"Want to go another round, Sweetheart?"

Nik smirked while Shigure lowered her eyes with crimson flashing on her cheeks as she softly shook her head.

"Lisa Lisa... woke me up. She said, she wants to teach you before we can train."

Hearing her, Nik raised an eyebrow while he inquired softly.

"So... you both are?"

"Lisa Lisa is my guardian..."

"And she isn't angry?"

Nik tilted his head in confusion, to which, Shigure smirked softly while her droopy eyes took a mischievous expression before she gave another peck on Nik's cheek and whispering.

"I haven't seen her so angry before..."

"Oh, well... she simply needs to partake in our training session."

Nik replied in a as matter of fact manner, making Shigure frown as Nik smirked this time around.

"You can get angry now... but from what I know, having a guardian's example during the session always help."

He stroked her back as the duo remained in each other's embrace for more than a few minutes as Shigure finally stood up and gave Nik a look before touching the area above her crotch.

"Feels weird... need to wash-up. You should get ready, too."

Nik nodded as Shigure bent and picked her clothes while giving Nik a view to her ravishing butt and the soft snatch that Nik wouldn't mind riding every day as she once again turned back and gave a mischievous smirk before disappeared.

After taking a moment, Nik opened his stats and took a deep breath to suppress his excitement.


Name: Nik Faran

Age: 19

Affiliation: Incubus Society (Member)

Bloodline: Carnal Demon

STR: 8--> 9

AGL: 10--> 11

VIT: 10

ENG: 11--> 16

CHM: 10

LUK: 2


A total increase of seven stat points! What concept was this?! While Nik could attribute the increase in Energy by the s.e.x.u.a.l session, he still did not know how his strength and agility increased just after a single session.

A part of him immediately theorized that this strangeness must be due to the type of energy he gained from Shigure.

Since Hamon would increase his physical stats, there could be a chance that the increase in his own energy reserves rapidly changed and increased his own strength. But Nik had no solid proof, so he simply accepted the increase in strength and performed the stretching exercise before he could forget about it and once again activated his breath of wind, and much to his surprise, the breathing technique grew easier!

'Could it be?'

Nik's thoughts immediately diverted and he tried conjuring a stream of wind infused Hamon energy and


A clear, golden gust of wind emerged from his body.

Wind Affinity!

But soon, the excitement faded. It was just an affinity, Nik reckoned and just like his other affinities, unless he invests his time and effort, there is no way he can actually show the elements true capabilities. Even now, he was still the most proficient in the water element, just like his stay in the world of elements.

Regaining his thoughts, Nik made his way into the bathroom and finally freshened up before wearing his crumbled demon-slaying uniform and leaving the room. From the limited number of open windows in his rooms, Nik had already found out that it wasn't a day time and the moment he stepped out, he already found someone waiting for him.

And honestly, Nik found his roguish heart... well, roguish little brother getting interested once again even after such a pleasant session.

Long golden hair with two locks framing her beautiful face, a tall, buxom figure with prominent assets and a pair of hazel brown eyes that didn't dare meet Nik's violet gaze with her cheeks retaining a healthy blush that made the already alluring mature beauty even s.e.xier if it was possible.

With her hot body covered in a blue kimono that reached down her calves, the lady bowed slightly while uttering softly.

"Lady Lisa is already waiting on you, Sir"

"Please, call me Nik." Not waiting for the already dazed beauty to regain her bearings, Nik instantly activated his [Pheromone Illusion] while the lady continued.

"Ehm... N-Nik. Please, follow me."

The lady nodded before standing straight, easily matching Nik's height and taking the lead.

"Miss, how should I call you?"

Nik pursued while the lady's steps faltered for a moment before turning her heels and looking down once again while stating softly.

"My name is... Shizuka Marikawa... I am Master Lisa's personal apprentice alongside my junior apprentice sister...

You can think of me as... Lady Shigure's caretaker, too."

"I see, it's my pleasure to meet you, Shizuka."

Nik replied with a smile while Shizuka instantly turned her heels, her expression unreadable, but the red creeping up to her red made her inner turmoil evident.

"L-let's hasten our pace... master has been waiting for long."

She immediately took a step forward, but this time, with an unnatural speed far quicker than ordinary human, yet, she wasn't a monster-level being when compared to Nik or Shigure, so, following Shizuka happened to be quite a pleasurable task as her buxom and curvaceous body trembled while Nik played with the Pheromones in the air.

Finally, after moving through a few corridors since the mansion was constructed at a ludicrous size Nik finally followed Shizuka into a big guest room and almost instantly, Shigure appeared behind Nik and tapped him on his shoulder before matching his gaze for a few seconds, then finally moving forward and sitting beside the brunette, who kept her gaze on Nik all this time.

"Thank you, Shizuka. Would you like to join the conversation?"

Lisa Lisa calmly inquired and Shizuka immediately shook her head while her golden locks fluttered in the air.

"No, thank you, master. I need to keep practicing."

She didn't even wait for Lisa Lisa's approval and rushed out of the room as Lisa Lisa gave Nik and Shigure an annoyed look.

Who knew that the moment these two beasts entered her mansion, they would shake every single worker and even her own disciple with continuous m.o.a.ns and the carnal sound of flesh hitting against each other for hours!

Nobody in this mansion wasn't awkward at the moment. And the most affected was definitely Shizuka, who had actually taken care of Shigure akin to an elder sister only to hear her bestial groans under the masterful play of this monster in human skin.

"Take a seat, Nik. We should have a long chat to make you aware of the situation... and the reason why I brought you two here."

But before he moved, a screen popped in front of him. It was Brian.

[Yo, I just passed the final selection. Where are you?]

Nik made his way over to the seat and replied simultaneously.

[I am at Tokyo. Just completed the first side quest.]

[Alright, try to find some stuff relating to bloodline mutation. If you can capture a strong, conscious demon, then it would be even better. We can sample its blood.

Also, I'll be trying to hunt the strongest of them all to find the source of demons in this world. Maybe... we will benefit greatly.]

Nik nodded internally while replying.

[I may be able to gather in-depth information on the Corps and will also try to get my hands on all the breathing techniques.

The corps may also have some hidden knowledge about demons.]

[I see, good luck, Nik. Within two months, that survival quest will start. So we will meet each other in Tokyo itself three days before the start of the quest.

If you can, gather your partners quickly.

One more thing, if any accident occurs and you are forced to leave, be sure to message me. I'll do the same.]

[I'll keep that in mind. And good luck, to you, too. There may be other hosts from our own system and even this... monster paradise.]


The chat was cut while Lisa Lisa finally coughed.

"Have you seen enough?"

Her icy blue eyes glared daggers at Nik while Shigure had already turned her head with her cheeks gaining a soft pink colour while her hands gripping onto the hem of her kimono.

"Maybe... but why were we brought here? Was it because of the technique I showed?"

Nik didn't give two cents to her anger and asked politely while Lisa Lisa snorted and placed her right thigh over her left leg.

"Partly. But the other reason is that... it is rare to see a multiple breath user... and the one that is able to achieve Continuous Focus Breathing is an even rarer sight."

"But that is also not the main reason. Nik, as things are, I wish to teach you what my two disciples and my little niece failed to learn.

If you do inherit my technique, your own... water blade technique will manage to breakthrough once again."

Nik frowned at her words as Lisa Lisa smiled and extended her hands before a beautiful stream of golden energy wrapped over her palm and turned into a solid golden dagger, making Shigure's eyes go wide.

"You see, forming a substance out of pure Hamon is difficult, but manageable. Forming a substance out of elemental Hamon is a genetic capability and by now, only Shigure's father and the first breath user managed to achieve the feat...

Of course, aside from you, that is.

But before you make a choice, I must correctly inform you of what Demon-Slaying Corps is all about and the truth of Muzan's demonification."

Lisa Lisa spoke as she took out a stone mask from the box placed at her side and threw the stone mask towards Nik.