Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 2 Chapter 164

Volume 2: Run It's A Demon Chapter 164 A Family Squabble

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"This mask?"

Nik looked at Lisa Lisa curiously while the latter took a deep breath and replied.

"It's going to be a long story if I go into the details... and honestly, as of now, the historical events hold no meaning except for a few cents of sentiment for the old and the foolish.

Nik, we do not the origin of the mask, but this mask, once placed over the face while pouring the blood of a human being immediately stabs inside the head from the edges. Place it on the ground and use your blood."

She spoke as Nik did what he was asked. Placing the stone mask down, Nik bit his thumb and let his blood drop on the mask, meanwhile, the moment Nik exposed his blood, Shigure and Lisa Lisa, who were 'experienced' women, had a sudden urge to give in to their carnal desires.

Of course, the sudden eruption of the emotion stunned the duo while Nik observed the mask carefully and the moment his blood traced the surface of the mask, six grotesque, curve spikes emerged from the thin edges of the mask and clutched in the air.

And if Nik had the mask on his face, the spikes would have buried into his head... probably killing him.

But, Nik still picked the mask for it kept flashing purple. A higher grade item!

"This is... exotic." Nik commented softly, breaking the two ladies out of their reverie as the usually calm Lisa Lisa was also sweaty and flushed for obvious reasons.

"Y-yeah. Now, hear me well. This is something all my disciples know... including Shigure. The Hamon we practice emerged from this very mask.

Long story short... there was a mad doctor who started using the mask on people. After the mask pierces the brain, it releases certain limitations of the body which changes the life-force of a human body... do you get what I am trying to say?"

The brunette averted her eyes while her hands played with the ends of her brown locks while muttering softly. Shigure didn't look much different, except for the audible breathing as if she was having troubles breathing properly.

Although Nik was extremely observant to their changes, right now wasn't the time... he would take Shigure later in the night... maybe Lisa Lisa, too. If he played his cards right...

'Gah! Focus!' He chided himself internally and nodded his head in approval as he replied.

"Yeah... they most possibly turned into demons."

"Close, but, no." Lisa Lisa coughed softly, "We call them creatures. They are physically enhanced beings and have a similar desire in blood, just like the demons... but Muzan, the first demon is different.

He isn't born due to this mask. As I said, the doctor that used this mask created a bunch of creatures, and then used their blood on humans... a family, to be specific.

Ubuyashiki Family.

The founder of the Demon-Slaying Corps."

Although the news definitely stunned him, Nik remained silent, hinting Lisa Lisa to continue.

"Honestly, it didn't take long to find out that the impure humans that the doctor had formed were defective products since every single member of the family died after reaching the age of 20.

Except for Muzan Ubuyashiki.

Pressed against the wall, the doctor couldn't endure it any longer and decided to use the mask on the youth named Muzan...

And the rest is history.

How the remains of the cursed family decided to eradicate the last 'creature' named Muzan.

They were the first one to unlock Hamon and teach it to other warriors..."

"What about the doctor?"

Nik asked out with a frown.

"Dead." Lisa Lisa replied and shook her head, "The moment Muzan woke up and realised the doctor's actions, he killed him... alas, the doctor's logs fell into his hands while the remnants of the Family also made a startling discovery."

"The demons, as in, Muzan cannot appear during the day but they also soon found out that Muzan did not need the mask to create more of his kind.

Soon, ordinary demons and Cursed Demons flocked the state until the Demon-Slaying Corps emerged from the shadows to put an end to the demon's era.

And that is it. The whole demons and demon-slaying fiasco is actually a big drama between a late doctor and two sides of the same family."

Nik took a deep breath while unceremoniously laying back on the floor as he looked at the ceiling.

"To bring the whole nation in between the family matters...

That is f.u.c.k.i.e.d up..."

"Not necessarily..." Shigure opened up this time and moved forward before sitting beside Nik and stating softly.

"Only Muzan belongs to the Ubuyashiki Family... the rest of the demons do not, and yet, they are extremely satisfied with being demons and devouring humans...

This is not a family affair." As she spoke, Shigure also gave a disapproving look towards Lisa Lisa, which was instantly shrugged as Nik sat up and eyed the brunette.

"As you said... this does not matter anymore. The past, the process... nothing does. This fight has already turned into a war for survival."

Lisa Lisa nodded with an approving smile, for the first time, and took out another box, opening it to show a beautiful blue spider lily encased within.

"It was simply a shortened history to form a base for what I am about to tell you.

As you said, this is already a war of survival, and this particular flower determines our chances."

"What do you mean?" Nik asked out while being completely oblivious of his hand already taken in by Shigure's while she leaned into him slightly as her violet, glimmering gaze would provoke anger and spite from Lisa Lisa.

"Ehm, what I mean is, in the remains of doctor's logs, after every few pages, there was a mention of Blue Spider Lily... its uses are unknown, but it should be helpful in overcoming the weaknesses of the demons... and by the looks of it, this flower is the key ingredient.

And dare I say... it is the only flower encountered after hundreds of years, passed within my family while remaining alive by the use of Hamon."

Lisa Lisa closed the box before a wry smile appeared on her face.

"And there you have it. To keep this flower alive in the future, I need a successor. Now, I can only try and train you."

"Why not destroy the flower?"

Nik questioned while Lisa Lisa shrugged.

"There is no need to. I believe that we must have some ch.i.p.s in our hands instead of burning the bridge."

Nik grimaced at her words.

It was a huge risk... but Nik agreed with Lisa Lisa's thought process.

"Alright, let's clear the atmosphere. Since it is already midnight, we will start tomorrow morning. Shizuka will also assist you in training."

Of course, both, Shigure and Lisa Lisa grimaced when they saw the slight twinkle in Nik's gaze when the brunette mentioned Shizuka, the busty blonde as Shigure immediately tightened her grip around his palm.

"Alright, leave already... I need to take care of a few things..."

Lisa Lisa whispered before disappearing. The sudden eruption of l.u.s.t was barely contained after the blood was completely absorbed within the mask.

"Oh, right. Hand me the mask."

Lisa Lisa turned her heels after taking the mask and left the room hastily while chiding herself internally fir intentionally swaying her butt rather seductively while leaving, meanwhile, Shigure kept a constant stare at Nik, who matched her gaze and smiled brilliantly.


He questioned with a wink as Shigure nodded with a soft blush on her cheeks.

The night was young, and Nik didn't particularly care for Muzan or the higher-ups of the corps. Tonight, he will just enjoy himself while indulging in Shigure and simultaneously, ruin the sleep for other residents of the mansion.