Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 2 Chapter 165

Volume 2: Run It's A Demon Chapter 165 Complete Breathing Technique

"Aren't you tired?" Nik whispered softly while lovingly embracing the lithe and gorgeous woman Shigure happened to be while her energetic m.o.a.ns had naturally subsided into a softer, meeker version while Nik's h.i.p.s continued ploughing Shigure's ravishing snatch.

Her insides stuck against his shaft as tightly as her first time while her innard was already molded into the shape of Nik's c.o.c.k, her jaws had already lost their strength after orgasming for the umpteenth time but even then, her h.i.p.s bucked once more while a delighted squeal emerged from Shigure, her boneless arms wrapped around his neck while she gave Nik a pitiful look, inducing him to take her cherry lips and deliver the pleasure to the warm mouth that was able to accommodate his entire shaft without even making a sound.

She deserved rewards and tender care, after all, Shigure was the type of woman who would do every nasty thing during the night while not even expressing her own desires most of the time.

Of course, this did not mean that Nik kept on pounding Shigure for the whole night. No.

Nik would rotate between cuddles and ferocious ploughing for he knew that it wasn't easy for Shigure to continue such an exercise. While, the lady remained tight-lipped about her sudden change, Nik felt like the answer may be quite simple.

And as he speculated, before Shigure finally fainted into one last blissful state of 'filled' unconsciousness, she whispered answers to Nik's doubts.


That's it.

His physical display of might during the sensual session and the fact that he was comparable to her father in her eyes, she simply decided to take the initiative.

While Shigure maybe a bit clumsy in the matters of man and woman even after all her accomplishments, it wasn't hard to notice the ginormous bulge in Nik's pants as he would keep touching her in the name of 'training'.

At first, it was definitely training, recalled the almost unconscious Shigure, but how did the roguish youth convert her own thoughts through molding her body was a mystery to her.

"Sleep well, Shigure."

Nik softly pecked her forehead before cleaning her up. There was no way Nik would leave Shigure in the mess the fluids of their session had created. While water bending her sweat and other fluids leaking through her snatch away, Nik laid her on the bed and adjusted her head over the pillow before giving one last glance over her entire body as he covered her with a blanket.

And no, Nik did not miss out Shigure's recurring mischievous grin. Evidently, there was a livelier side to the kunoichi that Nik had yet to explore.

But one thing at a time. He has already explored her past and her oh, so, heavenly body he would surely form a bond greater than just the use of her snatch and moving onto another.

Speaking of 'another', the moment Nik stepped out, he was once again given a visual treat that Shizuka was in a cream-coloured kimono sporting the imprint of a curving pink flower.

"Good morning, Shizuka."

Shizuka was definitely older than him, that Nik knew, but older did not mean that Nik would stop.

With a glint in his eyes, Nik continued while his silent pheromone leaked and under Nik's slowly trained and development control, formed a dome of pleasure around Shizuka herself, instead of letting his prized Pheromones spread out. This way, less of his bio-chemical aphrodisiac would be used and he could also train his skill simultaneously.

"G-good morning, Nik." Shizuka stuttered, but her eyes couldn't help but drift past Nik's shoulder as she bore witness to the destruction within the room, to which, in the stark opposite, Shigure laid with her eyes closed and a bright smile on her face.

"I apologise... for the room. I'll clean it after the training."

Nik shrugged and spoke candidly. As silent as Shigure was normally, in her aroused state, her voice stood in opposition to no-one as the whole mansion stood witness as Shigure's loud, heart-scratching m.o.a.ns shook the entire mansion.

And the activity that could elicit such a reaction was clear to every single one of the residents.

"No, i-it's fine... You should focus on training..."

Shizuka smiled softly and shook her head as her golden locks and... well, Nik finally ascertained that Shizuka easily rivaled Kyouko when it came to bust as the shake of her head swayed her prominent bust rather seductively.

"Master is waiting for us at the dining hall. Let's go."

She spoke with a flush on her face, yet strangely, the more Shizuka came into contact with his Pheromones, the more confident she grew as her gait slowly turned steady with a fortunate addition of seductive swinging of her buttocks while from within her innocent hazel eyes, a certain presence slowly grew.

In a few moments, under the meek stares of the other servants in the mansion, Shizuka led Nik to the dining hall before turning her heels abruptly and placing her palm over Nik's head.

"Be sure to train well, Nik. This sister likes hardworking boys."

She muttered openly, with no effort to hide her voice and by now, Nik had already understood that... the more unstable the situation would grow for Shizuka, the calmer and bolder she would become.

And, Lisa Lisa's next statement affirmed his doubts as the brunette raised an eyebrow before commenting.

"Did you drink booze early in the morning?"

With an indignant look, Shizuka spun around and... once again, Nik's gaze focused on her swaying assets... she really needed a sarashi to keep her curves in control.

"How could I, Master? It's just that I feel good even without alcohol...

And don't you know how bad of a drinker I am? If I had gulped even a single drop, I would be embracing little Shigure after...

Well, you brought the stud, master. I don't need to explain."

Admittedly, both, Nik and Lisa Lisa sweatdropped while a charming smile formed over Shizuka's luscious lips as she let her index-finger trace across Nik's chest rather unceremoniously while she whispered softly.

"You got it, right? Work hard... by now, we all know you have the stamina. So you cannot make excuses."

"Well..." Nik opened up and stepping forward by an inch, he continued, "A certain lady loves hard workers... so slacking was never an option."

And as Nik proclaimed, he once again controlled the slowly dwindling amount of pheromones that covered Shizuka and dispersed them over across the room.

And as expected, within a few moments, her face morphed into an object of pure embarrassment as pearly teardrops formed in the corner of her eyes and she immediately let out a loud and shrill Apology before racing out of the room, leaving the long number of dishes and another beautiful lady awaiting his attention.

Nik admitted, although only a day had passed that, too, barely he was already in love with this place.

Taking a seat in front of Lisa Lisa, Nik smiled politely and greeted her.

"Good morning, Miss Lisa Lisa."

'Of course, the morning is good for you...'. Lisa Lisa rolled her eyes internally while she kept a calm front and nodded in return.

In between the duo, there was a long line of delicious food as the scent itself aroused hunger from the untended stomach Nik had been compromising with all this time.

"The first thing I'll teach you will be how to make the best use of the nutrients you ingest."

Not playing around the bushes, Lisa Lisa blew over a spoonful of hot soup and sipped on it before a soft sigh of contentment escaped her lips.

"It as already established that you are capable of breathing in multiple forms." Before Nik could refute, her icy blue eyes bore into him as she passed another bowl of soup to Nik, "And before you deny, may I indulge in my thoughts a bit longer and state that I can also feel the Wind Hamon from you?"

A wry smiled escaped from Nik as he similarly drank a spoonful of soup and the wonderful taste exploded in his mouth while his stomach felt a warmth spreading throughout its surface.

"Now, before you drink your next spoon, try this breathing technique alongside the Elemental Breathing Technique you are most comfortable in...

As in extension, got it?"

Right at the dining table, Lisa Lisa imparted a set of breathing technique that seemed to be the extension of the Breath of Water.

But, during a few rounds of practice to integrate the set of breathing with his Breath of Water, Nik's curiosity took over and he tried the technique with the breath of lightning and breath of wind, and much to his surprise, this technique seemed to be completing the two techniques, too.

"Don't get too surprised. To learn my methods, you first needed to complete your breathing techniques."

Lisa Lisa explained while Nik frowned.

"Complete? Are you saying master taught me an incomplete version?"

"Yes, that is what I mean. The last piece of the breath is similar in all the breathing techniques and their variation.

We, the Cultivators, call it the Breath of Assimilation. And no, anybody who has not achieved the most basic condition of becoming a pillar the Continuous Focus Breathing can never even dream of even learning this last piece of the puzzle."

Taking another sip of the soup, Lisa Lisa gave Nik a look and muttered softly.

"Now, keep your breath, including the final part, activated for the entire time and then drink the soup."

Nik nodded and did what he was asked and the moment he gulped down the delicious content, almost immediately, he 'felt' the warmth disappearing within him and a mind-boggling amount of Hamon erupted from within him. It was almost the third of his own reserves!

Meanwhile, sensing the change of Hamon within Nik, Lisa Lisa sighed...

Although she had tried to underestimate Nik's talents... she shouldn't have even tried to keep such thoughts as she had already seen quite strange things in the past few days than she could claim to see in her entire life, of course, there was one such entity that was quite bizarre...

Thinking of a certain dark-haired youth, Lisa Lisa sighed in annoyance before looking at Nik, whose oh, so, magnetic ehm, plain violet eyes were gazing at her for an answer... yes, Lisa Lisa consoled herself and played Nik's charm down.

"Well, with your Breathing Technique finally completed you should be able to make the best use of the food while you stay here.

Mind you, such lavish meals will only be a pipe dream when you go and hunt outside. But...

If you keep doing well..."

Lisa Lisa trailed her voice with an uncharacteristic smugness lacing her voice only to see Nik filling his mouth with food upon food!

His casual gaze passed through Lisa Lisa, before he stopped in his tracks and passed a plated to her before continuing.

'Alright... hell training it is...'

Lisa Lisa commented internally while eating rather elegantly as dark thoughts brewed within her consciousness.