Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 2 Chapter 166

Volume 2: Run It's A Demon Chapter 166 Eye Candy

'Holy...' Nik looked at his current state in awe.


Name: Nik Faran

Age: 19

Affiliation: Incubus Society (Member)

Bloodline: Carnal Demon

STR: 9

AGL: 11

VIT: 10--> 11

ENG: 16

CHM: 10

LUK: 2


A single meal!

That's it! All did it take was a single meal for his Vitality to increase by a point after all this time!

But somehow, this also made sense. This particular world was an evolutionary one, this meant that the base power system of this world should have the capability of increasing the stats of a denizen at a breakneck pace if a required amount and quality of energy is utilised.

A few moments passed with Nik feeling the gentle streams of Hamon seeping within his body before he came to a stop.

Anything, when taken in large amount, is always disastrous.

With a deep breath, Nik let the remaining pure force of energy fade into the surrounding, but not before trying to integrate Hamon into his [Pheromone Illusion], which turned the formless energy into a super active aphrodisiac.

'It's getting too hot, here...'

Lisa though internally while her gaze did drift south of Nik's face before she swallowed a lump of saliva while the memories of last night started to resurface within her consciousness that sent waves of twitches to her own lower half.

In the silent dining room, as Lisa recalled how useless her own fingers turned out to be when her m.o.a.ns couldn't even compete with Shigure's a strange thought, she admitted but from her birth, she had been a competitive person, Nik, on the other hand, couldn't help but try and control a string of Hamon infused [Pheromone Illusion] and bind it around Lisa Lisa's body as the lovely beauty was already sweating.

'He must have done it good... for the silent Shigure to groan so loudly... and so passionately to make my toes curl...'

As Lisa's thoughts started to drift, she felt her vision change and found her own body getting filled, her snatch stretched widely as something hot filled her... pumped her... meanwhile, her arms clung onto something powerful and sturdy. Her nails dug in and her mouth kept on getting ravaged by something's, but the squelching sound of her wet p.u.s.s.y getting...


Lisa immediately snapped and returned to reality with a furious blush on her face as she immediately focused her gaze on Nik, who matched her gaze with a look of genuine curiosity.

Nik was really curious if the use of Hamon could increase the efficiency of his [Mind Control] and [Illusion] for he had used the both of them to create a scene based on Lisa Lisa's past experiences while replacing the filth with his own body and measurements.

"Are you alright?"

Nik passed her a hand towel placed in front of him and questioned with a smile.

Of course, she wasn't alright. Lisa almost cursed in anxiety, after all, her own undergarments were already ruined... even after pleasing herself for the entire night to curb the excitement that overflowed through her body due to Shigure's strained groans... Lisa found her body twitching softly as she had orgasmed inside the dining room, in front of Nik... while thinking of Nik... apparently.

'Were the measurements real?... or is it just the creation of my own imagination?'

Lisa questioned internally, but soon, regained her bearings and stood up, albeit, a little stiffly.

"Let's go... I have to teach you the uses of Hamon."

She muttered and spun towards the exit that led to the backyard while once again cursing herself as she unconscious twisted her buttocks seductively, meanwhile, Nik's shameless gaze bore into her perfect hourglass figure, causing her cheeks to once again gain a crimson hue indignantly.

The backyard was nothing short of a small garden with exotic flora and a beautiful, crystalline pool in the middle with a rocky bed surrounding it.

Looking towards the pool, Lisa Lisa crossed her arms underneath her ample bosom, accentuating her soft bunnies.

"Even though Hamon is nothing but our own life energy, it still has an attribute of ripple, making the said energy also known as Ripple Energy.

And, this Ripple effect can allow us, the Hamon users, to find footing on various surfaces.

Like the surface of the pond. Any proficient Hamon user can perfectly use his breathing forms over the water. If the said user is a breath of water user, then the situation is even more beneficial for him."

As if to prove her words, Lisa Lisa stepped into the pond with visible ripples expanding outwards on the otherwise calm surface of the pond as she looked at Nik with a small smirk.

Smugness, if you will, making Nik speechless. She was supposed to teach him... and she is even taking pride in that?


'Maybe... my illusion did have some effect on her?'

He thought before mobilising a stream of pure Hamon around the surface of his feet, something that could be analysed with rational thinking, and finally stepped onto the pool


and diving within.

Immediately, Nik swam back up and pulled himself out of the water before sending an annoyed glare towards Lisa Lisa.

"Can you at least teach me seriously?"

Nik grunted while unbuttoning his black shirt, immediately making Lisa Lisa yelp uncharacteristically.

"What are you doing?"

She immediately questioned with barely concealed anxiousness, finally eliciting an amused smile from the indignant student, who hastened his own hands and immediately threw the shirt away before standing up while massaging his left shoulder.

"I am stripping, of course. Don't you see, I am soaked?"

Nik smiled while unbuckling his pants.

Oh, the best part was that the pants did not have any zippers, and he also happened to be the type of person to avoid undergarments if they were not necessary.

In essence, he was suited-up in his birthday suit beneath his uniform and the moment Lisa Lisa's gaze fell on the start of a very tame, and well-trimmed bush right between his v-cut, Lisa Lisa snapped.

"Pull up! Keep your pants pulled up!!!!"


Nik shrugged and kept his pants on while looking up and matching Lisa's icy blue eyes with his own malevolent violet ones.

Of course, the dirty smirk on his face made Lisa Lisa realise that...

Nik was already onto her.


It took half-an-hour for the situation to calm down, but still...

'His body...'

Lisa Lisa's eyes drifted across Nik's soaked back, tracing and measuring each of his clear cut muscles while lowering her gaze towards his tight waist without a hint of fat and two dimples right above his h.i.p.s.

A strained sigh escaped her lips as Nik wobbled while trying to maintain his balance over the pond's surface as erratic ripples exploded with his footing as the center.

"Try to finesse your control over Hamon before practicing balance."

Eying an eye candy was a different thing. Lisa Lisa still needed to guide Nik accordingly, but her clenched thighs as she remained seated spoke an entirely different story.

Her toes were curled as her thoughts drifted towards the same vision over and over again. That feeling of something plunged deep into her, scratching the places that were never even touched... felt too real.

'Ah... he looks so cute when waving at me...' Lisa Lisa thought dazedly when her eyes snapped wide and she immediately stood.

'Shit! He was looking at me... did he catch me taking a look?'

Lisa walked forward as Nik questioned.

"Can you demonstrate the technique once again?"

He asked out while trying to keep his balance, making Lisa sigh as she stepped over to the pool and uniform ripples extended from the base of her foot.

"Thank you." Nik nodded and once again focused on his training. He was all too aware of the lascivious gaze sent towards him while he trained, but at this moment, training was his priority.

After all, Nik had already teased the mature beauty quite a bit and even took liberties to... ehm, give her a ride mentally.

Not willing to waste even a single moment that might support his strength, Nik continued to hone his control over his Hamon energy as Lisa Lisa sighed and retreated before taking a seat once again.

Since she had nothing to do, she might as well look at him... and of course, guide him alongside filling her dry eyes.

Unintentionally, Lisa Lisa had taken a step towards a very... ehm path.