Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 2 Chapter 167

Volume 2: Run It's A Demon Chapter 167 Break

Slowly, Nik's routine finally took shape in the form of rest and training with a major proportion of his day spent with Shigure and Shizuka, for Lisa Lisa had already left the mansion after the first three days to find more clues about the 12 Moon Demons that operated directly under Muzan's command.

After Lisa Lisa's departure, Shizuka took over his training to develop his control over Hamon and Shigure finally took the chance to impart the forms of Breath of Wind and also started sparring with him based solely on the use of Breath of Wind, allowing Nik to acc.u.mulate proficiency in the technique.

The process was a slow one and no major accomplishments were achieved, after all, only three days had passed and honestly, Nik wasn't a training maniac. The point to be noted would be that Nik felt his own physique enhancing after utilising the Breath of Water to feed on Hamon enriched meals.

Evidently, a breakthrough in his stats was nearing once again, but even with the feeling of daily improvement, Nik did not lose sight of his priorities.

Yes, the moment Lisa Lisa went out, Nik took the chance to explore the mansion and after manipulating Shizuka's thoughts a bit, he finally learnt the information about the pillars of the Demon-Slaying Corps.

Just like the twelve moon demons under Muzan, the Demon-Slaying corps had its own group of elites that held the ability to fight and repel the weaker of the twelve demons individually and even face-off with the stronger ones if the conditions are suitable.

Of course, the demon-slaying corps still had true powerhouses within the scant few cultivators under the name of the organisation.

Surprisingly, Shizuka's junior also happened to be a pillar that formed a new branch of breathing technique The Breath of Steel.

And that led Nik to finally uncover the path to overcome his hurdles and reach his desired objective Custom Breathing Techniques!

And Shizuka's casual nod of approval filled Nik with excitement as he could only imagine the various forms under the plausible breath of Gravity, Purity Lightning and Light!

Of course, Shizuka's subsequent remark of creating a completely new breathing form being matter of luck more than hard work did little to dampen his excitement as Nik gave his all to attain a better control over his Hamon Energy and of course, during his free time, Nik once again started training in Gravity Bending to slowly familiarise with the art of manipulating the gravity itself.

And then, when the sun finally settled and left the open sky under the light of the cold, lonely moon, Nik finally accommodated Shigure's nuzzling head over his laps, her untied raven hair spreading over the fall while Shizuka would more than often peek at the couple's show of public affection before placing another piece of the roasted dish.

"Here, say, aaah~"

Nik smirked while matching Shigure's indignant gaze who refused to open her mouth no matter what.

"I promised to... feed you..."

She muttered while Nik ate the treat and once again brought the side dish towards himself and shrugging.

"That's not fair. You have been taking care for me... in various ways" As Shizuka's blush only grew, Nik continued before leaning down and pecking on Shigure's sweet nose while smiling warmly.

"You should know that I love to spoil my princesses."

A small smile touched Shigure's lips as her arms dangled forth and brushed Nik's hair away before nodding with a touch of crimson on her cheeks as she whispered.

"Then... come with me... tomorrow..."

"Sure thing." Nik didn't even ask the location. He, for once, even with all the beauties in the mansion, wished to leave and take a short break before returning to his routine.

"Gah! Bring me some wine!!!"

Shizuka shouted when witnessing the sight and glared at the servant bringing the stream of dishes before a single bottle was brought forward by one of the prepared servants.

No cups were used as Shizuka uncovered the jade jar and immediately drank the contents directly from the source before glaring indignantly at Nik and Shigure.

"And you both! Enough with the sweetness, already! What the hell?!

You want to f.u.c.k like animals and coo like love birds?! Not on my watch!!!!"

Her face remained flush with unidentified reasons was it the alcohol? The embarrassment? Or anger and jealousy?

While Shigure's most basic instincts of a woman rang glaring alarms, Nik kept stroking the top of Shigure's head and nodded.

"Yeah, I like doing both." His candid reply took every witness by surprise while his subsequent words floored everyone except Shigure.

"Of course, if you don't like being a bystander, you can join us."

He shrugged while Shigure remained somewhat impassive. In three days of an active relationship, Shigure found that Nik was a determined, caring and an extremely loving person, though, his lecherous nature knew no bounds, the fact he fully established through various shameful positions her perfectly trained body could perform.

How could she miss the slight acts of teasing Shizuka even after three days?

And even though polygamy was as basic as breathing in this era, Shigure already knew that Nik wasn't a denizen of this world after he explains the situation to her and the proof of the fact in the form of the translucent screen that failed to enter the vision of others except for herself and Nik.

And then, there was also the comforting thought of openly communicating through the mind while their engaging sessions.

While myriad thoughts swirled within Shigure's head, Shizuka slammed her palm on the table and stood up with a deep flush.

"You are a goddamn bully! You handsome bastard!!"

And with a spin of her absolutely luscious and ridiculous body, Shizuka rushed out of the traditional style dining hall while leaving the cold sweating servants present dishes upon dishes worth thousands of silver coins in the outside world.

"Honestly... she should just jump in."

Nik shrugged as Shigure finally accepted Nik's feeding project and slowly chewed on the delicious meal while pondering.

"How many... did you say..."

She asked once again while Nik looked down and matched Shigure's violet gaze.

"If I can, then 10. But the situation is grim." And indeed, Nik had already discussed everything about the interference of the other system hosts, potential enemy hosts and the survival mission that sounded nothing but ominous.

"I see... then Aunt Lisa... should not have trained Shizuka and Saeko..."


Nik whispered as Shigure looked at him with a questioning glance.

"You have... an extremely evil smile on your face."


And Shigure grew impassive once again.


The next day, the completely refreshed couple finally set out under the apologetic stare of the beauty named Shizuka. Like usual, Shigure seemed to have an unending wardrobe of purple kimono while a red ribbon held her long raven hair in place with two thick locks of hair framing the side of her face.

Nik, on the other hand, changed out of his demon-slaying uniform. Since he wasn't on any hunt, he decided to take a moment and garb in the local culture of the world with a long blue yukata covering his l.u.s.t-inducing frame.

"Do you have a particular place in mind?"

Nik asked softly while extending his hands towards Shigure with his palm opened, inviting her hand into his as the deadly lady nodded and looked at a particular direction before the duo started walking.

Meanwhile, Shizuka sighed, but her depressed state didn't last long for she had too much to finish in an extremely short time. Although Nik's arrival was a welcomed surprise, Shizuka felt an urgent need to accomplish her task...

If she could...

Then let's say, aside from that flower, this particular discovery would be a force to be reckoned with and Lisa Lisa's standing would finally rival the leader's and stop him from pursuing his maniacal goal of eradicating his own ancestor at the cost of innocent lives that had already sacrificed my loved ones in their life.